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Topic: Reincarnation

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, JarEl

TR: Douglas



This is Melchizedek. It is I who have been commissioned by the Creator Son to head this mission of teacher volunteers to you the mortals of Urantia. I greet you in His name and the name of our Universal Father. These wonderful greetings of peace, truth, and beauty to your beings.

Be patient with us, as this one finds our presence somewhat disturbing. If you will focus your energies and direct your love towards this transmitter, calm his being with your attention.

Dear ones, my stay with you will be brief this day, but I come in regards to the request of your teacher, our beloved and noble JarEl. Indeed he has referred to me those requests that have come to him in regards transcripts from another region of the teaching mission. I will address this briefly at this time.


Dear hearts, my beloved students, you desire to understand the concerns of reincarnation. I say to you that this understanding, this concept may be above that of your spiritual development at this time. You have been given the best of tools, the most adequate tools, in the text of the Urantia book. The papers numbered for your understanding one zero seven(107) through one one two(112), commonly referred to by Urantia readers as the adjuster papers, will do much to add to your understanding of this concept, this belief system of reincarnation. This belief system does have some history of value. But for you who are struggling for identification it will not increase your knowledge and belief system at this time. Repersonalization, as it has been given to you through the text, will enlighten you more and increase your understanding. Reincarnation comes from the identity factors. Repersonalization comes from personality. Personality is rooted in the First Source and Center. One may have many identities, but only personality has eternal value.

So, dear hearts, I direct you to review the text to familiarize yourself once again with the personality factors of the First Source and Center, and allow that understanding, allow those concepts given from the Father, to be your guide in reexamining the adjuster papers.

If, dear students, you will make a concerted effort to do this thing that I direct you as Mission Head, you will find that you will be blessed with additional things in higher spiritual development, higher spiritual consciousness. These two will increase your knowledge and understanding of what you have termed reincarnation. Your clue and key lies in Repersonalization, beginning at the [[Mansion Worlds|mansion level] and continuing through to paradise. How many times will your personality be united with your adjuster, repersonalized, or reincarnated in identity on the morantial levels ? Your teacher JarEl has wisely informed you that you indeed have all that you need for your embarkation on this grand adventure, starting with this mission and the text.

Dear ones, it is now and always has been the intention of the revelators that you use the text to bring you to this higher state of consciousness that allows for your spiritual growth and development to reach that state where you will receive without asking the higher consciousness and the knowledge that is on that level. It has been the intent of the revelators that the Urantia book will be your guide to that development.

Continue, dear hearts, to seek, seek in earnest, seek in truth, avoid the curiosity. I can tell you that those areas of curiosity will be a part of you at that time that you arise to that level. All will be explained to you that is necessary for your final embrace on paradise. All that is of no value should not cloud or occupy that mind that is spirit seeking.

I thank you dear ones for your patience, your seeking. I thank you for your love of the Father, His Son, and this mission. I thank you, and I am most appreciative of your participation in this mission from the beginning to this day. I look forward to your participation in earnest in the future. I commend your great teacher JarEl for his ability to relate to you those outlined lessons that are necessary for your growth in this mission. I commend you, dear students, for your partaking of this knowledge and the growth that you have aquired. I greet you and look forward to once again being in your presence in this reflective form. Thank you and refer any questions to your teacher.

Peace, my peace, love, my love, blessings coming from the Father be upon each and everyone of you present this day. Enjoy, partake, bathe, in the energies of love that many celestials present offer to you this day. I leave with you my profound wishes for peace, harmony, love, and your enlightenment. Shalom.

Group: Shalom, farewell Machiventa.

Hal: Farewell. We are sorry you cannot accept questions, as we have further concerns on this subject. Thank you for the honor of your presence today, Farewell

JarEl: Greetings dear hearts.

Group: Greetings JarEl.

JarEl; The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us, The love of God enfolds us, as we gather together. Wherever we are, dear hearts, whether it be here in this setting or in the quietness of your stillness, in your vehicles of transportation, in your employment as you toil to earn a living , as you greet your fellows, as you nurture your little ones, where ever you might be the Father is indeed a part of that presence. I greet you as always with love and respect. Peace be unto you

What a wonderful experience to have with us this day the Melchizedek who has with him great experience on this mortal level, and on the level of paradise, having been incarnated as a representative of the Father through the Son many times. Having carried the torch, the light of understanding of the oneness of the Father to humanity. Again having been given the torch as the standard bearer of Michael’s mission to you, the mortals of Urantia, who in the not to distant future will be the lights of Nebadon. It is indeed a profound experience for you to have his presence . To share his wisdom, to receive his direction. I am honored as your teacher for this wondrous event this day.

I wish at this time to welcome you, dear hearts, back to this setting those who have been away due to other circumstances, Greetings to you. And to the new presence, well.. new presence to this meeting, as there are those present who are familiar with the one identified as Bill. We will not elaborate on this only to say in our welcome of his presence here today that there is indeed a task, there is indeed a job to be performed , and performed in the near future. I would ask that you seek the stillness, that you seek the counsel of the Father and you will know that which is meant for you to do in your growth, in your path towards your understanding of the Father. I welcome all of you to this setting today. Welcome.

Group: Thank you Jarel. Welcome.

JarEl: There is much that you ask that you are concerned with. I would ask that you delay your concerns to partake and participate in sharing your love, your energies, your experiences in this mission with one another. I would ask that you share with me, your teacher, your growth, your concerns for growth, your experiences of growth this day. There is on the horizon new enlightened beings, mortals, who are developing to that level of understanding that they may influence the course of events on Urantia.

You, dear hearts, are participants of this era when you will see the influence of truth. Take on a new and everlasting role in the affairs of Urantia. Truth seeker is what you are, what you were when you came to this mission, when you came to the text. Can you not agree that you have found in the text and your associations in this mission the truth that you sought. Can you not agree that because of this acceptance, understanding of the truth that you have indeed proved your stead. You have indeed improved your mortal existence. Then, dear ones, it goes with out saying that the same truth will effect your brothers and sisters, your fellows on Urantia, and bring to them that same improvement of consciousness, of spirituality, of discernment of the Fathers will. Here we have this day bright souls yearning to know and experience the joy, the wonder, the enlightenment of the presence of the Father.

You, dear ones, gathered here this day have been blessed indeed to have experienced this great energy of the Melchizedek in addition to that spirit, that circuitry of energy that prevails each time you come together in the name of the Father and for the purposes of fellowship. You have in the past experienced examples of this energy of love that permeates this room. You have felt the tingling warmth that this energy gives to your physical body. You have felt the clarity of thought, the peacefulness of mind that this energy gives to your mortal minds. It is indeed the fabric of the universe. It is indeed that that you need to give strength, to lift you up . To melt away the cares of human existence and place in their stead commitment, joy, strength to proceed forward on your path.

Dear students how often have we encouraged you to read the text. It is important. You are seeing now how important it is. It supplies your foundation, your base for further growth. All answers are there in the text. Your spiritual development . Your seeking of the stillness allows the answers there to be given. We have told you often, the mission is one part, the text is another. The two together will enlighten you. Will increase your spiritual content. Will increase your soul. Understand this dear ones, if you will understand this small concept you will have greater understanding of everything, that is of value. Not everything that is of concern. Understand this one thing, and understanding of everything else will be yours. understand the text and understand the mission.

I will, at this time, receive your greetings and any questions that I may shed enlightenment upon.

Group: Greetings JarEl. We thank you tremendously for having arranged for Melchizedek to be here.

JarEl: It was not my arrangement. However it was as a result of my request in your behalf. However I did not expect such a speedy responses.,

Hal: Can we pursue that subject any further with you. We apparently have some homework to do rereading papers number 107 thru 112. However it still does not answer our question as to whether we should send these Finnish transcript to other groups. We are still in doubts. It has other things that we question. We will see after we read further into reincarnation but that was only one part of it. We would . like to know more about some other things such as the new source of energy and the replacement of our sun. Whether you want to speak to it now or wait until we have done more homework as Machiventa requested.

Stella: We don’t want to send out anything that is contrary to the U Book.

Hal: Yes. We have been holding our corrections to the papers until we know more. We will do our homework but if you could add anything to it we would appreciate it.

Jarel: Well dear hearts, I am permitted to make a brief comment to this issue. First I want to say that Machiventa did answer all of your concerns in regards to this new transcript.

Hal: I didn’t catch them all.

Donna: Maybe when we read our transcript we may be able to read between the lines and think about it.

Jarel:- In addition all of the answers to your concern lies within the text. Dear hearts, you are forgetting that the text is the foundation for all the answers that concerns your human existence, here is the basics. You must have a working knowledge of the basics in order to incorporate and understand these other beliefs systems and knowledge higher than your present human level. Again I relate to you the fact that curiosity about many, many issues of human existence is present and will always be present. There is much material printed and speculated on that will come to you many times. But without the thorough knowledge of the basics of the text you will not know how to approach this material and subtract that that has no value. I would say that if the Melchizedek did not address the issue of a new sun that it would have no value, but this is my thought as your teacher.

Hal. Thank you. However we would hesitate to send anything that would reflect unfavorably on the teaching mission .

JarEl; This transcript is not from the teaching mission. hence it should not be judged on the basis of the teaching mission. As we have said there will be much written material coming that will report to have higher knowledge and will report to be of a celestial origin. You students will be given the best of celestial information in the text. Even this mission does not presume to expand on those areas within the text that are not earned knowledge by you. This mission will not expand upon those areas where spiritual growth is not a direct product.

Hal: That is probably the key there. If it does not produce spiritual growth there is no value in it. Thank you.

JarEl; I will remind you again that the purpose of the text, the purpose of your mortal experience on Urantia is to aquire those experiences that leads you to the Father. Your eternal ascension career culminates in the presence of the Father. Every other aspect of your ascension career is adding to that end result.

Hal: Thank you again. we will take it from there .

JarEl: I would inquire how it is that our new members are developing in stillness practice. In understanding of the text. In experiencing the fellowship of this setting. Would you address this, dear ones.

Janice: Greetings Jarel.

Jarel: Greetings dear one

Janice: I was waiting for that.. I must say that today has been profound for me. This is the first time that I think I have experienced the stillness. I am thankful to be here in this magnificent setting. I am thankful to the Father. I am thankful to all of you. I am still there. I haven’t come out of it yet.

Jarel: Bless you dear heart. Bless you for your faith. Bless you for the standing that you have as an agondonter. You, my dear one, are an example to your fellows here. That you come to this setting, not knowing from the different belief system, yet you have allowed that indwelling spirit to guide you and to increase your faith to participate. Not to accept wholeheartedly, but to believe on that portion that you can believe upon. This, dear one, is what we try to relate to all that here in the mission, you have a safety, you have a security that you can grow. You have an environment that is conducive to your spiritual growth. Use it, experience it. Visit with others. Share with them your love, your knowledge, and bring back to this setting that that you have received. I commend you, dear one, and ask that you continue to read the text to experience with this one who has declared himself your mentor and desires your growth. Share together and develope..... We shall continue.

Janice: Thank you. However I am not so sure about how to go about sharing with others outside of this setting. I am not sure about how it would be accepted. I wonder if I should be concerned about that. I don’t know how.

Hal: “Join the club”

Janice: Should I just let my light shine and go forth.

JarEl: See how wisdom overtakes you. The shining of light is indeed the way. Live the example Christ Michael has given. Live the love that you share amongst us. Be that example. Others will be attracted to you. Love, dear ones, is the magnet that attracts others to your person. You have indeed a common denominator, the commonality of love of the Father. You have also those noble thought adjusters, the fragments and gifts from the First Source and Center whose, if you will remember, sole purpose is to increase your knowledge, your spirituality of the Father's presence in your mortal lives. Reach out in gestures of Kindness. The smile. The joyous countenance will attract others to desire to know that that you are privileged to know.

Janice: I feel I know so little.

Hal: If you ever get over that feeling let us know.

JarEl. That is shared not only by your fellows, but also by we, the teaching staff of Machiventa Melchizedek. We teachers are in awe of the knowledge that we do not possess. Yet we are appreciative of the profound knowledge that has come to us through sharing with you, the mortals of Urantia. You, dear hearts, are the bread of our lives. The experience we have in dealing with you, the interacting with you is very immense...... Pardon us a moment

It is overwhelming sometimes with this one to express concepts of gratitude. As it is with you, dear ones, have you not noticed that when the concepts of gratitude come to your being that you become so emotional.

Group; Yes we all notice it.

JarEl; Indeed. It is difficult, as the revelators have expressed, to relate these higher concepts in the language of mortals. These concepts are coupled with great spiritual emotionalism. With great spiritual luminosity. That interprets as emotions to you, as with ‘ this one’.

Are there further questions

Stella: I have a question that could maybe be elaborated on in the future. Are these people in the teaching mission . .... will they be instrumental in forming a spiritual retreat or centers, and where would they be, and will we have help from the other side ?

JarEl; There is much help from the other side. we have much knowledge concerning the Melchizedek Schools in the future. As we related last meeting, much knowledge is shared throughout the mission, it is not embodied in one location. The gardener must water all of the plants of the garden. Each plant must be tilled. So look to the transcripts for these additional revelations.

Stella: Thank you JarEl.

JarEl:......... I trust that each of you are enjoying this quiet stillness..... I trust that each of you will take away that that you need to grow, to share, to experience further the light of luminosity that bears witness to the presence of the Father in your lives..... Come to prayer..... Come and partake of His presence..... Increase your spiritual growth through the stillness.


As always I leave you with love. I marvel at the love that you have for each other and for humanity as a whole. It is through bright spiritual beings such as yourself that Michael will bring Urantia to Light and Life.

It is indeed with your aid through this mission and that knowledge that you gain from this experience that the world will be able to rise to that consciousness that will allow them to experience the text. The text will, and indeed needs to be shared more with your fellows. The revelators encouraged study groups. Think about this, the purpose of the study groups. This will help you to appreciate the mission.

I leave you this day with my peace and greetings from these gathered about you. Who are shoulder to shoulder with you in sharing this great and profound experience. Peace, dear ones, be upon ‘you dear ones’.

Group: Farewell Jarel.