1994-12-29-Art Of TR'ing

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Topic: Art of TR'ing

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Helonia, Verona, Meelese, Lansia, Olin

TR: Lucille, Hal, Douglas



Verona: (t/r Doug) Here is the opportunity for you, dear hearts, to come to the aid and fill in the spaces. Each of you has proven your capability in transmitting and receiving. We are very conscious of this leap of faith that you have taken. This should be proof enough to your mortal minds that you are indeed capable. We commend your efforts over this past year. [You have had] much phenomenal growth and expansion of your understanding and expansion of your spiritual development.

Your teacher commends you and I add to his commendation, my praise and thanks and my joy at your tremendous development. You are indeed budding bright beautiful flowers that each of you has become. It has been a learning and joyous experience for me to work with you. I look forward to the coming year wherein much concentrated effort on all of our parts will take place.

So dear companions, relax and partake of this mutual fellowship in this practice session. Calm your hearts, relax in spirit, enjoy this occasion that we can come together focused on Michael, his love, and his wish, keeping thoughts in our hearts and minds of the desire for true service. Now you all feel much calmness.

Peace to you my companions in this great work of the mission. My words this day are for you to rely, in the absence of JarEl, upon the stillness, the presence of the Father and the guidance of your personal teachers. For two of you present your personal teachers await more communication, more concentration upon them, to come more fully on line with you.

A reminder for all that the culmination of this mission group is on the horizon wherein your reliance from that point on will be upon the relationship that you have established and will establish with your personal teachers. Please be conscious of this and let this fact guide you in your future meditations in seeking of the stillness. Be of stout and gladdened hearts at the development that you have achieved. We smile with pride at you of the Arcadia teaching group. It is this pride that helps us to go forward in truth, in the continuation of the teaching mission. I thank you and this one hearing and receiving my words this day. Continue in this session as others are eager to add to this gathering. Peace be upon you. My love be with you. Farewell.

Hal: Farewell Verona.

Meelese; (t/r Doug) I am Meelese. I now greet you and add to you greeting of joy and love and peace. Tidings of comfort to you who are struggling to receive our messages. Farewell

(New teacher ) (t/Doug) To each of you great love, respect for your accomplishments. Indeed agondonters. Indeed faithful. Peace and success to you of Arcadia.

Lucille: I feel a great energy.

Doug t/r; Please try each one......

Lucille: All the teachers are here they are standing beside each one. This one is given great peace..........

Hal: Yes I notice a great peace and calmness present. Each teacher is anxious to make contact if given that chance. They are all here basking in that love, that peace, anxious to relay their messages. The love of the Father is deep and abiding forever. absorb it...and enjoy it........

Verona (t/r Doug) You can speak the words It is but another effort, try....

Lansia: It is I Lansia. We have been in dialogue with this one for some time now. This evening and the concepts by which I am perceived is quite different from the transmission performed as the vehicle for the teacher Jarel. This subtle influence is indeed the habit and flavor that one must begin to acquire, this contact is prolonged for that desired. It must be called for on this level of receptivity. It is like skating or riding a bike. Once the technique is acquired it is easy. However you must try again and again in order to acquire your balance. The stillness is a space of listening. It is a space, a void of thought and certain anxiety arises. However this is exactly the beginning point for the contact. Be patient. Stay in the faith. Hang out with the anxiety. It will dissipate. This anxiety will not be experienced. These practice session are exactly the vehicle by which we are to share our technique for contact. If one prefers a dialogue you devise a set of ways to assure me of her awareness of my presence. You may want to share your technique to help. Now dear ones, the hardest part is to start. Know that we are anxious to make contact and are willing to participate at any level. There are no wrong , or perfect circumstance by which we are invited into participation. This is enfoldment and enlightenment and consciousness and it is as a glowing in cooperation with your Thought Adjuster to our realm. Thank you for this opportunity to address you. Bless you and peace be with you. Farewell.

Hal: Farewell and thank you.........

Olin: (Hal t/r) Good evening again this is Olin . It is indeed exciting and a pleasure to watch the efforts being made, and the love being expressed with the desires. Each one has their mode of communication. Each one is having many thoughts, many ideas entering their mind. They need to say those thoughts, those ideas regardless of where they are from. For this next month each one should practice speaking whatever comes into their mind. Speaking it out loud. Whether it is your own ideas or your teachers is not important. It is an idea that needs expressing. It comes from the Father.

Donna as t/r: As we look at the landscape as we drive in our cars at night time during this Christmas season we see all those beautiful lights . We can visually see how beautiful it is. The ideas comes that the lights we see are similar to the lights that the celestial beings can see when they are viewing us, perhaps there is light within each of us as we strive to have communication with God the Father. Maybe that is something like they see.

Olin: Yes, we do see the lights radiating from each one. It has a deep glow to it, maybe not the colors of the Christmas lights, but a rich spiritual glow. That expresses the view we have very well. We are anxiously waiting for the whole planet to light up like a Christmas tree. As each one does their part this will come about very soon. Dear ones. We have had a wonderful session this evening. Each one has made progress in their own way. Practice and work on it, expressing your thoughts and ideas regardless of where they are. When JarEl returns in February we will surprise him with our efforts and ability to transmit. It is a wonderful experience a wonderful feeling. We on this side have a tremendous feeling of joy and love. For us it is also a new experience for us to contact mortals so it is exciting for us as well as for you.


Dear ones, it has been a wonderful session this evening. I will take leave of you at this time leaving my love to each of you and may that love spread to everyone you meet. Farewell. Adios.

After some discussion it was decide to continue with Thursday at 7:00 PM for practice sessions [[Category: [Helonia]]