1995-09-11-Gift of Mind and Intelligence

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Topic: Gift of Mind and Intelligence

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Welcome. I am wishing to share with you a little about a gift that you have received from our Father that will continuously be helpful through your mortal sojourn here on this world.

Many gifts has our Father bestowed upon His mortal children. We have the Spirit which houses the body, which would be useless without the mind. Yes, the mind, your intellect, is a wonderful gift that Father has bestowed upon you to assist you in balancing the various aspects of your mortal life. The intellect is like an anchor that keeps your ship from just floating about the ocean with no direction.

Yes, the mind, without this wonderful gift from our Divine Minister, the Infinite Spirit, nothing would be of any use, for it is the mind that houses your Indwelling Father Fragment, so to speak. It is the mind that integrates the material with the spiritual. It is the mind and intellect that deters you from non-survival. It is in this place of intellect where the Father gets acquainted with His child.

When I speak of intellect I do not measure this with college degrees. When I speak of intellect I speak of the capacity one has to receive, to stand with eyes open to receive information and filter out non-truth, while keeping what one would believe as truth.

It has been said some forms of spirituality can lead to fanatical mysticism. In my opinion I believe this occurs when one does not receive spirituality through the intellect, but possibly only through the heart. You see, when mortals forget the intellect God bestowed upon them, their imaginings become their reality.

There is much more meaning in the phrase, `common sense’, than you may possibly realize. Without intellectual pondering upon spiritual realities the mind may become off balance, realities may be distorted and animalistic tendencies come to life. Yes, to be spiritual, to be close to Father is good. To utilize the mind Father and the Infinite Spirit endowed you with is even better.

When you think about the Master, when you study about His life, you find that He was filled with this common sense. When He received some information, this information would filter itself through the intellect and from there it would perhaps branch off to His divine self, and yet, branch off again to His human self. I say, it all began at the place where His intelligence joins with His Indwelling Spirit. The Master relied upon this heavenly gift of mind and intelligence to discern Father’s will. He utilized His intelligence to decide universe decisions.

This place where the intellect joins with the spiritual is where you will best be able to discern Father’s light upon your path. Your intelligence is extremely important in your endeavors to re-spark the Kingdom. I also say, your intelligence is like a shield against fear. Your intelligence tells you Father is all the power that ever was and ever will be, thus your shield deters fear and trusts our Paradise Father.

I must also admonish you not to come too far over on the side of intellect. This creates an imbalance with your spirituality causing terrible episodes of doubt and confusion. An intellectual person may reason there is no God. “I cannot see Him, therefore, He does not exist”. This intellectual person has become imbalanced.

A balanced person with spirituality and intellect might say, “I cannot see God either, but I can feel His presence. I can see His magnificent work in the world. I can view the world as a whole”. This person is open to endless possibilities. This person is more balanced. So you see, your intelligence can be an ally or an enemy. This is why the balance is very important. To maintain good spiritual growth there must be an intellectual influence. Any questions?


R.: Father Abraham, if we commingle faith along with spirituality and our intellect and make it a three way possibility would that suffice, would that provide balance?

ABRAHAM: Yes. As a tree branches off, faith is a branch. Many things in this mortal life will come from intellect being perhaps the roots of a tree, into the trunk acting as a spiritual filter, and from there branching off into different aspects of spiritual education. As you progress to the morontial worlds, spirituality, your relationship with Father, will be first. Your spiritual life will be more established and the intellectual will go second. Yes indeed, faith is extremely important in balancing and maintaining a human and divine life. Does this help? (Yes it does and I thank you.) You’re welcome.

C.: Abraham, is it for us to calm the mind and listen to the Father's will and then follow it, or are you saying what we should do is reason what His will is with our intellect and follow our reasoning?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Say you, C., were to perceive you received some divine inspiration and yet it was very strange, perhaps harmful in some way, would you not filter this through your intellect? Would you not take this information to the point where your intellect and Indwelling Adjuster meet? My point in this lesson tonight is to help you to maintain a level platform on which to build your spiritual growth. And I say, to go off balance too far towards the spiritual or toward the intellect, is to interfere with the Father's blueprints. Let me say this, the mind, the intellect, is a gift from our Father and our Divine Minister. If you seek His will it is not a problem to confirm Father’s ideas with your intellect. Do you see it, your intelligence, is from our Father. Yes, it all ties together. Does this make sense? (Yes, very much.)

CA: Abraham, seeing the enlightenment that is coming to a lot of intellectual people in all different capacities in medicine and in technology and many areas on the earth now. It seems to be growing very, very quickly, the amount of knowledge that is coming to us in many different areas. I have wondered often if this is just their intellectual progress or if there is spiritual enlightenment that is helping them to gain this knowledge so quickly that is becoming very beneficial to us?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Spiritual enlightenment is for everyone. The intellectual groups are finding this intelligence comes from somewhere and without attempting to locate the source of this intelligence is to live an almost meaningless life. Yes, the spirit moves with them also. Does this answer? (Yes, thank you.) One more question.

J. Okay, I’ll ask one. There are a lot of Christians, people who claim to be Christians, as you know Abraham, each professing something a little different and sometimes at great odds with each other. I don’t know how specific I should get, but I’ll try this. I think of people who associate with, for example, the Christian Coalition and believe with all their heart that they are bringing the teachings of Jesus and the morals that He taught to the political arena to uplift our country, and yet, other Christian’s don't feel that way at all. They perceive the Christian Coalition as being fanatical and even destructive in some ways. How is it that all of us people on this planet that want to profess our love for Jesus see Him so differently and see His ideal as being so different? Are we even worshiping, so to speak, the same Man? Any comment you have on that I would appreciate. It gets a little confusing!

ABRAHAM: A very intelligent question. There are so many different sources of religion, each with their own dogma, doctrine and creed. All mortals wish to be totally devoted to their beliefs and religious organizations. But I say, right now as far as groups go, I do not recommend mixing church and government. Government is one group. Religious groups are too varied. Wars have been fought over the many beliefs. But I say, the Master is not relying on religion written on paper in books. The Master, His religion, is living and becoming more of a reality everyday.

The Master, I believe, would perhaps advise to respect these different organizations, not to lure one group to believe as you and focus upon the positive aspect of each religion. I say, not too long from now those that are awakening within this era will out number those in organized religion and the scales will begin to balance out. It is a heartache for the angels to witness mortals fight amongst themselves over their beliefs. Also do the angels know that mortals are basically goodhearted and are all desiring what they think Father would want.

It is our hope in this Mission that mortals will realize they all live on the same world and experience the same sorrows and the same joys and learn to respect each others diversities, and above all, cease to be so judgmental. Does this help? (Very much. Thank you.) You’re welcome.


I thank you all for allowing me to be with you this evening. It is an honor to serve with you who are both spiritual and intellectually balanced. Until next week, shalom.