1995-09-25-Human Worries

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Topic: Human Worries

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to be with you tonight. How did your study on mind and its relationship to spirituality progress? I realize this area of study is extremely wide in variety and it at times appears to be too much. I fully recognize your susceptibility to be overwhelmed by not only the spiritual factors, but also the scientific and philosophical factors. Yes, we will start on a smaller scale than what many of you have discussed.



The human mind is filled with many varying degrees of worry, fear, and the stresses of daily living. It takes a certain toll on your physical well-being. If your mind is plagued with worries, it is difficult for your Indwelling Spirit to assist you in your struggles.

One thing in particular I have witnessed and that is the human reaction of impatience for conclusions. Many times we are in anxiety over results and desire immediate conclusion to our daily struggles. Yes, it is most desired by mortals to do as Father would have them do. Mortals very much desire to do that thing quickly and move on. This impatience creates a mental agony that creates an outgoing radio wave, so to speak, a radio wave of negativity and the fear of looking bad, looking as though they are less than what their mortal counterparts perceive them to be. Yes, this worry is outstanding from many others.

The image of oneself is desired to be good, without flaws. And when human flaws are obvious mortals tend to withdraw or to cover-up. This is a worry that takes a lot of energy from the body and mind. This is an unrealistic image to portray to your fellows. It is known by the majority of your planet, no one person is absolutely perfect, but perfection is absolutely desired by all. To be released of the worry of having to hide any imperfections would be to free humankind to proclaim, WE ARE ONE FAMILY WITH ONE FATHER. To be free from worry is to say, “yes, I trust in my Paradise Father who knows me more so than I know myself and He leads me Paradiseward.”

It is my lesson tonight to take one branch of our tree in the areas of the mind and our spiritual growth, and help to make this branch stronger by pruning off the smaller branches that are tangled and affect this branches growth. Yes, this branch shall be called, “human worries.” Worrying many times can’t be helped. It is part of who and what mortals are. At times this worry is seemingly just a habit for an idle mind, and at other times, this worry can be linked to fear and not trusting in the Paradise Parents.

To truly believe, yes, you are a child of God. Yes, you are here in this world for a purpose and you truly believe there is a God within you. To proclaim this is to be free from worry, anxiety and certain stresses on the physical. Your physicians are quite aware that constant worry and anxiety cause much of your health problems of today. The physicians just are not qualified to help reveal each individuals God within. I say to you, it is the individuals responsibility to discover their Father and trust in His ability to guide and care for them.

It is known as infants are cared for, they revere their parent as a sum of their total existence. Parents provide love, nourishment, shelter. This infant is familiar with this parents face, scent, physical emotions, and moods. This infant knows nothing else. This infant is reliant upon this parent for everything. As this infant grows into a small child it realize the hardships they must face in life. They look to their parent, “where are you now, they ask?” “Why can’t you stop my pain?” The good parent responds, “you must learn this my child. I cannot do this for you. I can only advise you on how I would do this. I can even go with you, but you must take this responsibility on for you own.”

This is like our spiritual infancy. God has provided us with the necessities to get started on our spiritual pathway. And at times on this spiritual pathway we come to a rough spot, we ask, “our Father, where are you now”? “Father can you not just lift me over this rough spot and I will be on my way?” The good Father responds, “you are my child which I love deeply. I am unable to lift you, for my love tells me you must learn to traverse this path. I can only show you how I would go about it. I can even go with you.” Yes, it is because of our Father’s deep and abiding love for us that we traverse these many lessons.

I say, if Father was to have your full trust, you would find yourselves rejoicing in His watch-care over you. You would find there really is not much to worry about. Said Jesus, ``My yoke is easy and my burden is light.’’ This remains true to this day. Jesus trusted in His Father’s abilities and He worried not, for Jesus knew in His heart He most desired to do the will of His Father in Heaven and His mind was free from worry and anxiety. Jesus knew He did not have to worry about discerning Father’s will, that Father’s will just happens. It is nothing we can make happen or even be aware it is happening. We can only trust in our Father’s abilities and know Father’s will is happening. It is my desire to receive only a few questions?



W.: I would like to ask about tithing. Could you address your views about tithing?

ABRAHAM: It is in your text and your brother’s and sister’s may be able to direct you to the correct pages, but I can say tithing to a specific organization, person, or cause needs to come directly from the heart. If it, tithing, is a task that appears to be easy and without a lot of thought going into it, then I say feel free, if this tithing is in the best interest of the receivers and not given out of seeking self-glorification or possibly the thought of what one may appear to be if they do not tithe. Yes, the apostles took care of one another to further the growth of the kingdom. I would say if your donation would further the growth of the kingdom in any small way, then please feel free to give. Does this help? (Yes, thank you.) You're welcome. One more question.


H.: Abraham, is there anything I might do to be a more effective servant to the Father? I am having a hard time putting it into words. I have been trying to make myself clear as possible to be a clearer conduit to be a healing servant from the Father.

ABRAHAM: It is my opinion you do well. Many obstacles have you overcome and you are very much trained in the area of compassion. You have been very effective. What makes you think otherwise?

H.: Sometimes I am just unsure of what I am hearing. You know...are they my own thoughts or thoughts that I should just go with. Should I just let that go and go with whatever comes in? I just feel like sometimes I could be more effective. I feel like I am kind of just muddling through in not any clear direction. I guess that is part of the learning process. I’m not sure.

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. I would advise or suggest you take your spirit inspirations and weigh them with your intellect and attempt to foresee the outcome of your divine intuitions before exercising them. Yes, the intellect is extremely important in assisting your fellows. Yes, intuitions are many times right and very helpful. I say to filter them through your intellectual understanding and attempt to foresee the outcome of actions taken. If you foresee a fruitful ending to your actions, and then I say, this is good. I say to you, H., you do well, as do the rest of my friends and students in this circle of light.


I wish to address more of your questions next week. Until then I ask you to keep a check on your level of worry and ask yourself, “do I believe my Father is really the Father of all fathers? Do I believe He is capable of creating superuniverses?” If your answer is yes, then I ask you to trust Him with your human worries. Until next week, shalom.