1995-11-06-Flexibility of Mind

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Topic: Flexibility of Mind

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Good evening and welcome. I am most honored to be here. I thank you all for coming. It is my desire to see you all benefit from these meetings and the teachings. Has anyone seen improvement in their intuitive skills? You will find the five steps will need to be rehearsed for a time. Upon improving skills of intuition the need for rehearsing will cease. Intuitiveness will become quite natural. On the mansion worlds when lessons on intuition are taught they are usually followed by a lesson in flexibility of mind. This is my lesson tonight.


Flexibility, Mind

In a world where free will reigns it is taught that if a soul does not see to his own needs no one else will. It has become a common standard to look after ones own best interests. It has become so imbalanced that time has regressed in areas of this world where they preach and believe that only the strong will survive. Much selfishness has been bred into these generations of mortals. Most of these mortals live in a world of fear, and therefore, always hold up their shields of defense. This has become a world where a brother cannot trust a brother, where a sister cannot rely on another sister. Over the last few decades in the midst of confusion a rigidity/rigidness has become dominant in the minds of mortals. There is not much flexibility between fellow mortals.

This world has become a severe judge of character defects, always on the lookout for their fellows mistakes. Seldom to we find a mortal with a true understanding of his fellows shortcomings, fears and ignorance. This worldly inflexibility has caused humankind to become much too harsh with one another. Some have said to their fellows, 'this is the right way.' Unbeknownst to them their fellows indeed have their own mind, their own experiential path. One can claim, 'I am flexible,' and yet, criticize their fellow brothers and sisters. This is not flexibility. This is not having the understanding for your fellows that your Father in Heaven has for you.

I can remember many nagging struggles when I walked the Earth. My mind was set. Things were to be done a certain way and I was determined to complete it in that manner. It was through my association with Melchizedek that I learned of his flexibility in problem solving. I learned of his ability to pour himself as though he was liquid into a situation and smoothly iron out many problems that those with anxiety and rigidness could not.

On the mansion worlds they teach a specific exercise I will share with you. Upon entering a difficult situation visualize yourself as fluid. Fluid is free moving, is penetrable and light. When you visualize yourself as weightless and free-flowing and flexible it is almost like doing the stillness without actually taking time to find a quiet place away from the business. To imagine yourself as flexible is to have immediate contact with the Indwelling Father Fragment. When you are flexible you say, 'may God's will be done. I can accept Gods will. My flexibility enables me to more readily accept and understand Father's overall vision.'

For example, those that are ill find themselves in a state of resistance and are more likely to be closed off from Adjuster contact. If those that are ill can perform the exercise on being fluid and flexible it is much more easy to accept that the human body is not yet quite perfect and know that many struggle with illness. Those that can remain flexible are more likely to let an illness take its course and release the illness. Those that can remain flexible are less likely to be overwhelmed by anxiety and fear. Mortals fear the unknown. If you are a mortal who is flexible then you are willing to accept Father's will and be empowered to follow His will.

Many mortals experience difficulties in everyday life. There seems to be many tasks to complete. It seems as though there is not enough hours in a day. I would suggest to you upon rising in the morning declare yourself fluid and request that Father pour you where He may. In all your struggles it is more likely to be a little more peaceful if you are to remain in the will of Father, which is to be accepting of His plan, which is to be flexible. In the midst of your struggle upon making a conscious choice to remain flexible, look at your problem, take small steps toward solving this difficulty, complete each step before moving on, and if possible, allow yourself enough time so that you do not have the added burden of a deadline.

Those that move like fluid throughout their days are becoming keenly in-tune with intuitiveness. You see, those that are flexible are almost prepared for anything and are assisted by their intuitive abilities. When I speak of being fluid and flexible I mean not being passive or conforming to the will of others. I mean not conforming to certain social standards. I mean moving through this life with your material body as though you were already in spirit form.

In a world with time limits and deadlines and qualitative standards it is difficult to remain light. I do say that humor is a wonderful way to remain flexible and accepting and understanding life's everyday difficulties. To make a conscious decision to remain lighthearted is a wonderful antidote to a world with so many limitations. This week I ask you to move through your week as pure spirit beings to be able to be poured into any situation and be able to see the whole picture. Attempt to be light-hearted and unafraid of humor during all your seemingly important difficulties. A few questions?



C.: In the newsletter from Florida there is a lot of stuff about beware--great changes are coming, earthquakes and so on. It is kind of hard to put it to be afraid, to watch out for something, or is somebody getting over-anxious? Could you help us there?

ABRAHAM: It is true that since my time here on the Earth there has been always someone that would proclaim doom and disaster. I do not fully understand why. Earth changes are perhaps like watching a horror film. You are thrilled and excited because of the fear, so it is with predictions of Earth disasters. Many fear the powerfulness of the Earth and all would certainly like to be prepared when a disaster would take place. We would like to inform you when these disasters might take place, but we do not know.

C.: That is kind of what that newsletter is doing. It seems like it says beware, here comes one, a get ready kind of atmosphere. I am wondering why there was so many messages in there tilted that way?

ABRAHAM: My friend and co-worker Ham has stated most changes will be purely spiritual. Earthly disasters have come and gone, but human life has been sustained on the spiritual truths. I say if you live in an area where hurricanes are inevitable, then by all means, build your house underground. This is really all I can comment. Another question?

ED.: About fifteen years ago I read a book that talked about similar changes. And in that book it said that if a person wanted to survive that he would have to learn to be in communication with his higher self. At that time I started changing my attitude about this kind of disaster and have realized the more that I can interpret the will of God the more I will be able to do the appropriate thing, no matter what happened. I feel that this is still true and that in reality there is nothing to be feared. Is that right?

ABRAHAM: Exactly. Earth disaster or no disasters it is the spiritual lessons that will sustain you in all things. Very good. Another question?


JN.: You spoke of humankind's hostility. In my school it seems to me that many of the students are very hostile to each other in words and actions. I was wondering if there is anything I could do or say to possibly influence them?

ABRAHAM: It is in my understanding that you already have. But I say to you, your attempting to assist your brothers and sister into a more peaceful light is to take place on a small scale, one person at a time. This works like ripples in a pond. If you can reach one person by setting an example of your own kindness then you have done your job. By remaining steadfast and loyal to your inner beliefs do you show outwardly the same example that the Master set for His followers, apostles.

Again I say, this hostility is mostly misunderstanding. If people could truly relate honestly and openly they would all understand that they are all children of God and equal with one another. While this hostility seems negative to you, it is perhaps in reality a positive learning experience. You recognize this hostility and are willing to help. Others will also know the difference between hostility and flexibility because they have experienced it firsthand. Yes. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?


If there are no more questions I should like to offer my humblest gratitude to each of you and send you forth into this week with my love and confidence. Until next week, shalom.