1996-12-16-Michael, The Purifier

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Topic: Michael, The Purifier

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you each this evening. I am happy to be here with you. I am aware that you, each one, should have experienced this week contact with the Master and His Spirit of Truth. You could deny my statement, and yet if you would review your week, you would find my words to be true. Most of you have experienced a bit of unsettledness within yourselves as of late, and I would say, that is most likely when you encountered the Spirit of Truth. To find yourselves at confusion at times gives you the opportunity to be open and inquisitive. Perhaps this week the Master did shed some light on your obvious fears and confusions. The Master has showed you His heart and He also shows you your heart. Michael is highly skilled at revealing ones areas of confusion without casting bad feelings. He is able to assist you as a coworker and not as an employer. Michael is like a best friend who would reveal to you only truth. I would take this moment to pause and allow Michael a few words.


Healing, Light

Greetings my children. I am joy-filled to share my message with you. It is my great honor to serve with you. It is my great honor to also serve you. Part of my joy comes from your willingness to follow me. I would make it known to you that there is nothing that you cannot lay before me. I know you, your thoughts, your desires, your shortcomings and there is nothing to be hidden. I would not pry into your affairs where I am unwelcome. I would however teach you without the burden of judgment or guilt. I would welcome you to see my heart, see who I am, partake of my knowledge, co-create your eternal path to our Paradise Father. If you would grant me the privilege to see your heart I would shed a most beautiful light upon it. I would assist you in looking at your fears and discover the spiritual method to overcoming them. I would ask you to bring me your fears. Allow me to make the path more illuminated so you may see how best to solve and understand all things. Come to me! I am the Purifier! Allow me to know you and show you how to take your steps on this mortal planet practically through spirituality. To understand my Spirit of Truth one must be willing to embrace truth, be it positive or negative. Fear not. I have gone before you and I will also go with you. Carry on.

I am ABRAHAM. On behalf of my students and myself, I would like to express our gratitude to you, our Brother/Father. We are in understanding of the importance of truth and I shall make it my duty to further enlighten your mortal children on the benefits that come from knowing you. Michael has said He is the Purifier. Those that are willing to allow Him to shed light on those places of darkness will be benefited. I must say that Michael's light is not always shining upon comforting places, no. I would dare to say that His light may reveal things that are dark, unappealing. Those that are willing to go through these dark places with the Purifier find themselves in His wonderful comforting presence, a place without fear, feelings of unworthiness. It does require effort on your part to brave these rough waters with Michael. It is not easy to advance in spirituality. It is a labor that will bring you comfort and peace that you have not known before. Michael is able to reveal to you your spirit poisons, and in the revealing, begins the healing. It is said, to have a friend one must be a friend. To have a brother one must also be a brother or sister. To have a Father one must show themselves to be a learning child. Your relationship with Michael is of much importance, and as we continue our spiritual lessons, you will find this to be more true. Are there questions?


Presence, Spirit of Truth

CALVIN: Abraham, we are also grateful for your kindness in presenting these lessons to us. I find them very helpful and I can see in all the principles and things you have taught us now you are bringing us to an awareness of our connection with our Brother/Creator. As Dirk, Faye and I were talking outside, that seems to be the crux of our whole existence in this Mission, as well as on this world. Sometimes it feels like He is so far away and yet we can look back and see how He was there. How can we be more aware in that present time of His presence instead of having to look back and find that He was there? Does that make any sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes. When one thinks of the Master they envision feelings of joy and comfort, but I would say to you that Michael is the teacher of hard truths, and this does not always produce joy and comfort. Michael is understanding of this mortal life and is able to lead you in the most successful route to our Paradise Father. To know Michael is to feel joy and comfort, yes, but I would say that to allow Him to reveal to you your areas of needed work, is to experience much deeper levels of joy and comfort. Does this not lead us all to thank Father and be worshipful for His loving watchcare? Michael has earned His sovereignty over Nebadon through His bestowals and it is known that He could have easily accepted sovereignty over Nebadon without participating in His seventh and final bestowal. Without question He was certainly qualified and yet He chose to remain within the will of His Father and experience the mortal life. Michael was not ignorant of what He was getting into, no. He was aware of the hardships of mortal life. He chose to accept this challenge and move through mortal life victoriously. It is the Master's experience that grants you each strength to endure, to carry on, to take advantage of your experience in mortal living. Another question?

CALVIN: Is it a wise thing to call our baby by its name life-long instead of two names maybe? Should we wait until later to figure that out? We were hoping that maybe you would --if the baby already has a name before birth--name him.

ABRAHAM: The name has not yet been granted. Sorry. Your heartfelt decision in naming your baby is the best that you can do for him. Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, I'm going down to visit my family for the holidays and I'm unsettled. The unsettledness that you were talking about strikes with me and my experience this week. My whole family, my mother and my sister, are reading the Urantia Book and they just recently got their spiritual names. My uncle and my aunt, everyone is involved. It is a time for joy in my family, but it is also a time for confusion. I was wondering if you had some words of guidance other than to rely on Michael and ask for His help throughout the day, like I have been trying to do. I guess I'm just asking for some personal guidance. I feel like I don't know if I am doing a "good job." I want to be and I don't want to stir things up. So that is my question.

ABRAHAM: Understood. In the learning of spirituality there are no shortcuts, nothing can you skip over. Each experience is valuable and required. The experience of you and your family is an important lesson that you will all receive together. It cannot be passed. Your understanding of spirituality may differ from those you love, and yet I would recommend that you all give over all authority to the Father in Heaven. And remember that you are each learners in a vast ocean of spiritual knowledge, not anyone is higher on the spiritual ladder than another, no. Each one is at different levels in their learning and each one must be treated as an equal. This season is always intense and stress causing, but I would remind you each that this holiday, not being Christ's actual birthday, is a wonderful time to focus on your gratitude for your salvation from the fetters of time and poisons of the spirit, salvation from ignorance, a grateful attitude towards the hand of Father in your hand showing you the way to Him. Does this answer? (Yes.) If there are no pressing questions...

RACHEL: I'd just like to make a comment Father Abraham. I want to thank Christ Michael for being here with us, know that He knows how much we love Him and appreciate Him and that you are certainly appreciated right along with Him. I know that He did tell us before in a message that I took for one of His birthday's that it didn't matter that His birthday was celebrated here on Urantia on the wrong date as long as He was remembered and that He certainly enjoyed all of the celebrations and the beautiful lights in the trees and all that took place in His behalf. That's all.


ABRAHAM: Certainly, yes, and the appreciation is known and returned. I would request that you attempt not to flee from your overpowering negative thoughts, but look at them as if Christ Himself was showing them to you. My love goes with you each. Until next week, shalom.