1997-01-26-Positive Attitudes

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Topic: Positive Attitudes

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, my fellow students and my dear friends. This is one among you, Elyon. Once again I welcome this opportunity to commune with you, to share lessons and observations.



In recent lessons I have offered I have touched on subjects of faith, subjects of taking inventory of your accomplishments and successes. These are an attempt on my part to focus your awareness on the many positive and good aspects you all have to build upon, to work with in your lives. The glass seen as all the way half full is an attitude when adopted that will change your outlook from one of reaction to one of positive action. This affirmation is what I wish to ask you to share among your fellows. This positive outlook will mean more to most individuals than all the words you might choose to say. It is simply a reflection of the Master's directive to be of good cheer.

I hope that you all are cognizant of the many beneficial and positive forces at work in your lives, that you attempt to increase your awareness of the bounty that is all around you, and that you then, therefore, go out among your brothers and sisters and spread this good cheer. You all in this room have so very much to be thankful for, much of this you have earned through your diligence and your dedication. Nevertheless, it is freely bestowed upon you, as all things are a gift. When you encounter those around you, seek always an opportunity to direct or redirect the thought patterns towards the positive attributes of the situation, for as in your discussion earlier, the affirmation of positive attributes or desired positive attributes is a powerful force in the coming about of these conditions. You are all familiar with the phrase, "that which the son desires and the Father wills is." (118:6.5) You have an active role to play in this regard; your desires and your wills are powerful forces to be directed, and upon reflection I'm sure you all can recall times in your lives when you have witnessed the effect of this powerful direction.

You all are as beacons in the dark; those around you will be attracted as moths to the flame to the light, to the positive attitude and nature you present. If you do nothing else in your life but simply lift the spirits of the downtrodden, comfort the afflicted, then you have indeed done the will of the Father. It is a constant challenge to the human mind to return to the positive nature of all things, as so much around you seems to have negative impact or adverse effect. But it is indeed true that every situation contains positive attributes which can be gleaned and when focused on, will supply imminent growth.

I wish I could convey to you, I wish you could see, the bright light energy emanating from each of you when you are engaged in pursuit of the will of the Father and the aid and assistance of helping those around you. It is then that you are truly at your most reflective of the Father's love and energy.

I am interested in any observations or comments you would share at this time.


Support, Stillness

Jonathan: I struggle with letting something bother me. Overall I am a fairly positive guy, but I need a good trick for getting out of that downward spiral instead of being of good cheer. How can I catch myself at that instant and realize that I can view this differently?

Elyon: I would offer reflection on words spoken earlier here today. When in doubt, when in need, it is always a good policy to return to the safe haven of the stillness and to actively petition for guidance as well as that your particular burden be shared. We all know well the saying to turn over your problems to Michael. I would encourage that this is always beneficial in that it opens up the channel of communication between the Creator and yourself. He is always there for all of us to help shoulder our burdens as well as to provide insight on how we may more comfortably shoulder our burdens. Never hesitate to take him up on his offer to be of assistance to you. Michael and the Father are always there, although at times it may be difficult to pull yourself away, as it were, from your muck and mire to retreat to the Father. I encourage you to pursue this avenue on a more frequent basis with your troubles and with your joys and happiness.

Jonathan: I need to focus on, then, seeking the stillness right then and there, not wait till the next morning or my slotted time for quiet. When I'm in a negative space I don't tend to pursue meditation because it's like bringing dirt into the house. But you're saying go for it.

Elyon: I encourage anyone at any time to bring their dirty problems into the arena of Michael and the Father and the stillness. There is no mess that cannot be eradicated through this communion.

Perhaps all of you might benefit from attaching in your own mind a red flag to situations of this nature. The next time or subsequent times when you find yourself spiraling downward, as you mentioned, attach a mental red flag to this condition, make note of this condition, and attempt to make a habit out of seeing this red flag and realizing that the proper course when one sees a red flag is to seek communion, is to bring your condition, your problems, your discomfort, to the Father, to Michael for assistance in sharing the burden as well as determining the proper course of action to be taken. So, each of you might benefit from learning when you are in a red flag condition, when you are emotionally spiraling downward and seek to catch yourself at as early a stage in this as possible and redirect and rechannel this energy through your stillness and through your communion.

Jonathan: The Urantia Book tells us that Jesus would spend an entire night in communion. I've wondered at that, how much bliss can one take? Or how heavy could his problems have been? Yet from what I hear you say, he went through all sorts of things in his worshipful times. I'll try that when I hit a conflict to give it thirty seconds at the minimum to tune in and look for help.

Elyon: As you well know, any attempt on your part at any time in any condition is welcomed and worked with by those forces available to help you at any time. This communion we speak of is a definite two-way street in that you are able to share your burdens and in a sense unload your baggage to be shared by Michael and the Father. At the same time you are also presenting yourself available for direction as to how best to proceed further. This double duty really serves to lighten the soul and prepare you for the next steps ahead. It is the rest between marathons, the refreshment between arduous activities.


Tom: In reference to preaching the gospel, in the transcripts from August 21st last year, the Master admonished us to live each moment to the full and become the embodiment of the gospel, so you don't have to preach. Yet Gabriel has said we are commissioned to preach the gospel. Then Nebadonia had a beautiful insight when she said that, in the admonition to love your brother as yourself, is the admonition to love yourself. I realize all the teachings you give us provide a broader base to preach this gospel. Could you drop another little pearl on us on how we can be effective in understanding this gospel? Just something to work on this week.

Elyon: As you are on the inside so you are on the outside. As you assimilate the teachings, as you grow to love yourself, as you grow to benefit from your spiritual growth, so you exude these qualities in your life, you shine forth from your efforts at growth. It is, as has been suggested, not as important to talk the talk as it is to walk the walk. On the other hand it is true that if you can walk the walk, you are also empowered to talk the talk. Therefore, these several instances you sighted all harmoniously tie together in that the first stages are of personal growth, are of internalization of the truths. The next stages are of shining forth of its own accord these wonderful qualities. Finally, once having learned and internalized the process, it is then a natural progressive part of the process to reach out to others in ways that may be helpful to them.

As you mentioned, love is the desire to do good to others. It is the natural course of your learning, your desire to share, to do good to others. This is the evolutionary process. At times the sequence of these events happens almost simultaneously so as to make the lines between growing, learning, and teaching very vague, but these phases are always there with you. You will always transcend through these phases. At times you will seem to transcend through these very rapidly, and other times you will take greater amounts of time at any one of these phases. But the cycle is not completely complete until all the phases have been transcended in the cycle.

Is this helpful to you?

Tom: Yes.

Elyon: It is important to realize that the admonition to spread the truths among those around you is not a mandate. We are not in the position of giving mandates. The desire for you to spread that which has been helpful to you to others is a spontaneous feeling and desire on your part, not to be mandated by any external force outside of yourself. But we offer encouragement and empowerment to proceed forth with this desire of your own.

Tom: Thank you.


Were you or Jessona with me last night during break at the bar when the individual came in who was not alright in the head? Did I blow an assignment? I felt an urge to offer healing, yet there was something about his countenance that made me back off.

Elyon: Rest assured that on the one hand there is always something there. On the other hand, by opting not to immerse yourself in any given situation, you have not blown it, as you said. You may simply at any time not gain access to the growth potential involved in that situation. This is simply freewill choice in action. It is not a strike against you in any regard, the choice you make at any time. It is simply another direction taken. However, realize, you and everyone in this room, that no situation will present itself to you that does not have something there, as you said, potential to be activated, to be accessed upon your freewill choice. You are, in a sense, bombarded with potentials around you at all times. Sometimes you are even cognizant of these latent potentials, but always they are there for your challenge. It is not helpful, however, to be engaged in any activity of feeling as though one has missed the boat or struck out. Rather, take this energy and seek out the next growth opportunity to be presented to you, and maybe next time run with the ball.

Tom: I have in mind that you set up tests for us during the day, but actually.... (Tape flipped)

Elyon: You give me too much credit. Life bombards you with potentials and opportunities. These are the gifts from the Father. I am simply hovering around at times in observation and also ready to assist when petitioned to do so.

Tom: I'll be asking. Thank you.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): I am another one among you. I am Lantarnek. Having come to this planet to uplift it, our project entails encouraging humankind to make changes that will bring planetary growth. You know that uplifting does not mean changing its orbit around the sun but rather transformation of the consciousness and spirit awareness of mankind. But this we cannot do. Your personal transformation in partnership with God incrementally uplifts this world. If all were to uplift themselves, this world would still be short of the upliftment we seek to establish here. One more step is necessary. I would illustrate this step this way: You know the phrase, "The eyes are the window to the soul." It has been rightly interpreted in the understanding that you can perceive the soul of another. But I would like to magnify this phrase, for looking through the eyes to the soul of another is like looking the wrong way through binoculars. It is the smaller end of the tube. Let us reconsider the word "to". It is "to" the soul that the eyes are windows. In relation to religious legalism, the Master said it is not what goes in that defiles but what comes out, referring to the orientation of the personality, not contamination from your environment. Since we require your growth individually to lift this planet, the completing step is for you to express your souls mutually, conjointly with one another, establishing the family. This superimposition of individual growth is the planetary upliftment we seek. Stillness is closing the curtains on your windows and perceiving within. So I encourage each of you to grow as you do so well. But I also encourage you to share, to spread the results of this growth, to talk the talk, for it is in the enriching of one another that this planet will blossom.

That is all.

Elyon (Mark): My friends, by way of inspiration I will share one more thought with you before I take my leave today.

If you could but picture the seemingly endless support crew that you have access to, if you could but picture the magnitude of how far you could go in your spiritual ascent, it would be as though your horizons were just expanded, your limits were just lifted. Indeed, you, through your efforts and with the help of myself and those myriad of beings accompanying me, indeed, Michael and the Father, you have a limitless path before you. How high do you want to get? What are your limitations? What are your priorities? The sky is the limit. Everyone in this room has the tools to elevate them-selves to a spiritual plateau your mind cannot even fathom. It is there at your feet. It is up to you to command your feet to step forward. I simply share this as inspiration that, as much as you have and as much as you are thankful for, there is many-fold that awaiting you at your beckoning call, at your simple freewill choice to take it. It is offered to you; you will indeed take it all in your existence. It is simply at what rate you traverse down the path. I and those around me are there for you to aid you in whatever ways we can. It is however entirely up to you.

We walk a fine line between pushing and pulling. Every once in a while I get the urge to do a little pulling. I would wave the carrot in front of you, and I will joyfully work with whatever level of commitment you offer me to work with. Perhaps reflect on this in the next week; toy with this in your mind as well as spread the beautiful light that you are to those around you.


I thank you for your attention. I will be with you throughout the week and at our appointed time next week. My love to you all.