1997-02-17-Gain Everything Through Submission

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Topic: Gain Everything Through Submission

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you each here this evening. It is once again my supreme pleasure to meet with you.



I assisted you during the week on this particular lesson, and I have noted there were many surprises to behold. In learning to give yourself completely to Father, there are always unexpected circumstances that don't appear to fit in with your spiritual education. This is part of Father's intriguing, mysterious, personality. In Father's attempts to be close to you, you are at times almost overlooking Him. My question to you this evening would be: Were you living out your personal mission statement for earthly living this week, or would you say you were living out Father's definition of a Mission Statement for earthly living? Perhaps a combination, perhaps there was a bit of a struggle and some stumbling? This is to be expected in learning to be submissive to Father's will while gathering reserves for spiritual strength and energy to carry on.

It was said by the Master, "He who would save his life selfishly would indeed loose it, and he who would give his life for my sake will surely save it." This is the core of our lesson on submission to Father and His universal meanings. I ask you what have you without Father? What have you to gain by subtracting your spiritual understanding from earthly living? What is missed by a life not lived in recognition of spiritual attainment? Do you see that our phrase, "he who gives his life for my sake shall surely save his life," means the child who is willing to forsake selfish designs, and look to Father for understanding of spiritual meanings, will have everything to gain by Father's broad overview?

Do you see that your willingness to trust and commune with Father in His presence perfection is to gain entrance to the door of the cosmic mind and comprehension of all things? Your willingness to step aside gains you passage into Father's understanding. Your commitment to set aside personal desires for certain outcomes opens you to Father's level of cosmic understanding of universal meanings. Do you see how in the letting go there is everything to be gained? In this lesson on submission we find it is certainly wise to re-commit daily to the doing of Father's will and draw upon our spiritual strength to be prepared for Michael's hard truths. In the exercising of spiritual muscles we find there can be some injury, some pain, but it is in the pain that we are made stronger. Do you see now how almost everything has value concerning our spiritual education?


This week I would ask you to be aware of that spiritual training, and in that present moment awareness, know that it is helping you to attain those spiritual muscles that will carry you onward in the forward struggle. I say in your present moment awareness note the small voice within that is helping to guide you and forget not that in your spiritual conditioning rest is important in between sets. Are there questions?


CALVIN: If there is not proper rest do those moments lean more towards the delusionary realms?

ABRAHAM: Sometimes. When there is insufficient amounts of rest the ability to deal with the actual exercising is inevitably more exhausting. The chances of the spirit poisons invading your lessons are quite high. The drive to learn these morontial lessons need not be constant. Even the Master retreated to the hills for rest and time for communion and comfort from Father. The rest is almost as important as the lesson itself, for without the rest the lesson is not fully understood. Another question?


MIRIAM: I was wondering if the direction I was taking in my work on my lesson the beginning of the week was the right direction to go regarding ego?

ABRAHAM: In this direction, I would have to say somewhat. The direction of the ego is always filled with various branches that are also necessary to look at. Do you understand the hard truths that Michael may unfold before your eyes is only to assist you in higher spiritual attainment, not a message to chastise you in any way. Are you without self-loathing? Are you without self-pity? Are you without self-punishment for being a learning child? Do you see that in being overcome by the spiritual poisons it is difficult to allow the good Teacher to teach. Does this help?


MIRIAM: Yes it does. Thank you. Could you answer a question about tonight's lesson, and you mentioned it last week as well? Could you say a little bit about presence perfection of the Father?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. "Be you perfect even as I am perfect," was Father's request to His mortal children. In striving to be like Father we are learning of His perfection and it is this perfection that leads us closer to Him. In your commitment to live in the moment, His presence perfection is easily noticed, and more accurately understood. We strive to be God-like, and God is perfect in all things, and this is best comprehended through your present moment awareness. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham, you said you were with us all week. I want to know if you were there with me and helped me give my niece the shock treatment?

ABRAHAM: I cannot say, but I can confirm that your Father was certainly assisting you in speaking the truth, and at times anger is the only route wherewith to travel. This is not negative, no. There is always room to use truth tactfully, but these events are what I have termed as surprising. When learning to be submissive to Father this is not quite what you expected, and yet, this event was truth promoting. Father would have us always use our spiritual muscles and promote truth while allowing Him to be the giver of the truth. Is this helping?

RACHEL: Yes it is helping. You said before it was surprising, and even when you said it, I was thinking about that, but it was also surprising to me too. I tell you, you cannot use finesse at all with her because she goes right on the other way. The only way is to shock her I think and I did it.

ABRAHAM: This is understood and there was indeed a positive outcome. In our lesson on being submissive there are times when our emotions must drag us to the point of truly living out our spiritual life, but I say that in learning to be submissive and gaining spiritual strength, the emotional well runs dry and our intellect is exercised along with our souls. Is there one more question?

JOSHUA: I have a question. Is Rochelle here with us tonight? (No, no. Does this answer?) Yes. Thank you.


CALVIN: Abraham, could I ask a question? (Certainly.) I've never had anybody in my family die before. I have had friends die and it was quite an emotional thing in my past. Now my father dies and it is like life goes on. I find myself going a day or so and not even thinking about it. When I do, it is like more of a beautiful thing. There is a chance that I'm getting too caught up in my spiritual path and not caring enough. Do you know what I mean? Others have said, "you are pretty cold-hearted about this."

ABRAHAM: Understood. It is not cold-hearted or lack of emotion. It was a valid attitude for this man who was your earthly father. This is perfectly understandable. I do confirm your maturity of spiritual understanding and knowing God is overseeing everyone's well-being. I would however make a note that your attitude was based strictly on the knowing of this individual. Had this individual been perhaps someone closer, for example, a child, your emotional attitude would have been otherwise, but it is a wonderful thing when you can trust your loved ones into the watch-care of our Father.


I am slipping. I would express to you my love and never ending friendship. Until next week, shalom.