1997-03-03-Rich Prayer Life

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Topic: Rich Prayer Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you all here this evening. In light of the recent events (?) our lesson will be kept short to allow for more questions.



It is my understanding that you each have experienced a week of hard truths and practice in submitting to the will of our Father in Heaven. Do you see that your willingness to complete assigned tasks augments your spiritual strength and stamina? Yes, it takes a truly strong individual to be willing to lose his life for our Father's sake, to give all that you have to your divine Guardian, and trust that you will receive His care. It is quite an exercise of those spiritual muscles.

In the exercising it is of great importance that you spend time in prayer and communion. To have a balanced prayer life can be helpful in being submissive to the divine will, accepting the divine will, and carrying out of the divine will. Mortals ask everyday, "how do I align my will with that of our Father's?" And where I was trained it was taught, a healthy prayer life is a great source in which to dip your cup. To be in that present moment awareness with Father is to soften the ego's agenda and strengthen that faith and trust that assists in bringing you to the point of choosing Father's divine guidance. It is in your best interest as a mortal dwelling in the flesh to re-ignite that spark within your prayer life. Many go to be filled spiritually at churches when the source of all fulfillment is within and easily found through a rich prayer life.

This week I ask you to note what you pray for, when you pray, and why you pray, and next week we will discuss more on praying. Have you questions?



RACHEL: Father Abraham, we have a newcomer with us this evening. His name is Ray and I'd like to present him to you and to welcome him to our group. Do you have a question? (Ray: Not right now I don't.) I have one. A couple weeks ago you said, "In learning to be submissive and gaining spiritual strength the emotional well runs dry and our intellect is exercised along with our souls." Now I can understand how you exercise your intellect, but will you please explain more how you exercise the soul?

ABRAHAM: Your soul: what makes you uniquely you, designed by our Father, and loved as if your soul were only one in number in the universes. It is known that as you progress up through the morontial life and beyond there are various techniques in which you would use to promote soul growth. I must say that prayer is indeed helpful in the exercising of the soul to create a being with cosmic courage and an infinite viewpoint. You must know that as beings we appear to be tried and tested through various techniques that our Father chooses, and if we are submissive to His divine will, we have volunteered to exercise the soul to further promote growth. Does this help? (Yes it does and I thank you kindly.) You're welcome. Another question?

Melchizedek Schools

WILLENA: Father Abraham, it has been a little while back, but you in answering another question for me mentioned that it is well known that the Melchizedek Schools were in place already. Did I hear you correctly or am I misunderstanding something?

ABRAHAM: No. The Melchizedek Schools do operate now in this what is known as the Correcting Time. Our students are those who choose to assist us in our cause, to be responsible to the growth of the God of time, the Supreme Being. Our kingdom is not material, no. Our teachers will not teach with the latest material technology. We will not wait for prestigious buildings in which to gather, no. Our schools are fully functioning and our tools wherewith to teach are already existing within each of our students. Does this help?

WILLENA: Yes. Then a further question is the question prior was in reference to another group where I attended, Facilitator School. That is part of my brothers transformational organization. Is my understanding correct that then his work and the people that are involved in this work is then one of these schools in operation?

ABRAHAM: Yes, you could say it is perhaps a classroom within this School. Yes, those who are dedicated to the well-being of all will benefit from the Melchizedek School. Yes. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, last week you left us time to discuss part of your lesson from that week and the week previous. Did you gain from our responses that we are catching the import of this lesson? Do you have anything to say from our discussion?

ABRAHAM: It has been my observation throughout the week that you are beginning to understand the concept of He who would save his life selfishly will surely lose it and he who would give his life for the kingdom shall surely be saved. You, in beginning to grasp this concept, are receiving particular steps in which to take to the actual doing of this concept. Does this help?

Teaching Mission

CALVIN: Yes. It usually takes looking at it, analyzing it, and then experiencing it. Then right in the middle of experiencing it, then we go "OH." You also said last week that you had a meeting to attend to talk about the affairs of the kingdom. Is there anything that you would have to report from that for us?

ABRAHAM: I am happy to report that many mortals whom we have attempted to teach have responded with great enthusiasm and our human forces grow daily towards helping Urantia to become a productive part of the solar system and therefor the universe. We are at this time engaged in many projects that have to do with the racial ministries and to the promotion of equality of all God's children. We are also benefiting by those who know the Mission from both sides, mortal and morontial. Does this answer?

CALVIN: Yes it does. There are many movies, I know from my viewpoint, that seem to help with issues such as the racial issue. That's got to be a big part of these projects to influence screen writer and producers and so on. Is that part of it?

ABRAHAM: Yes. This technique reaches the masses and is somewhat directed by the Teaching Mission staff. This work is known by its fruits. The public will recognize value and embrace it. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, I have a twofold question. Would you mind speaking to us some about Jeremiah and his present status, number one? Number two, were you up there on that hill with Joshua when he almost went off the cliff? Were you helping to hang on to the tail pipe of his car so he wouldn't go over?

ABRAHAM: Joshua is just a very lucky man. It was my pleasure to keep him company for a part of this time and to behold Joshua's Father Fragment hold him in such beautiful watchcare was quite touching. Jeremiah is safe. I have seen him face to face. I am sorry for your loss, and yet, we here who are with Jeremiah rejoice. Jeremiah, a shining example of one who was totally submissive to the Father, it mattered not to Jeremiah exactly what Father's will was. It only mattered to Jeremiah that he could carry it out. We are accompanying him these next few days to reassure him those he left behind can carry on. It is important to Jeremiah that all go forward in this Mission. He is truly blessed to be one who will be able to assist in the mortal and morontial capacity. I say to you, my students, my friends, to display to your friend, Jeremiah, that you have the strength to carry on with enthusiasm and cheerfulness just as you always have. Assure Nolus that Jeremiah is wonderfully safe and has spoken with both of their teachers.


I can assure you all is well. I am sure to see you throughout this week and I will be ever willing to help lift your heavy hearts. Until next week, shalom