1997-06-23-Passing of Joshua

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Topic: Passing of Joshua

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends. It is always my supreme pleasure to meet with you. I so much look forward to these discoveries.



In your discussion of the story from last week I am perceiving you to have a firm grasp upon the meaning. I can say with certainty that you are each correct in your understanding. Perhaps what is most important is that in your efforts to gain understanding, your interaction with one another brought a greater amount of light. As you discussed this story openly, and listened to one another, your understanding grew to great spiritual levels. This is our brotherhood. Your efforts to unite will bring about a greater amount of understanding.

With this new understanding between you each is there a connection to the mind circuits of Nebadon. This connection is our hope to further spreading our message that will escort Urantia into further stages of Light and Life. Our spiritual path is individual, yes, and yet, I can say that without understanding for your part in the whole, evolution will appear to move very slowly. Your efforts in uniting in acceptance of one another is to bring about great change, and those things you have hoped to be witness to, will indeed come about.

We are all passengers on this ship called the brotherhood, and in our efforts to move towards our destination, we each must do our small part for the sake of the journey. I cannot add further definition to this parable, for your own understanding is correct. On our ship that is Paradise bound we will experience inevitable difficulties. This is not surprising. Working with your fellows will try your patience again and again. Your skills to work with your fellows will improve as you continue to discuss and maintain communications. The mindal circuits will allow huge masses of individuals to understand certain concepts as needed.

You must be understanding that your efforts here to unite, and understand one another, are far more successful than your ties to those not within the group. I would go so far as to say you are made to feel disappointment when your expectations of your fellows do not meet the criteria of the group. That is why it is important to maintain communications with one another within this group, to assist you in dealing with those fellows who would not share your understanding of things spiritual. Your discussing difficulties with your fellows within this group assists you in connecting to that mindal circuit which allows for enlightenment. Your friendship goes much deeper than friendship. You are helping to create an enlightened planet by allowing yourself to be influenced by the mindal circuit. This is also our brotherhood, to connect in discussion, to receive more understanding for your fellows outside the group. Your skills are to be naturally improved upon by your group interaction.

We have discussed humor as an effective tool to use when dealing with your fellows. I would say there are many such tools to yet discover. We discussed how Jesus would not allow offense when dealing with His human fellows. Yes, at times He could be made to feel a bit discouraged, but with His constant communication with Father, the ignorance of His fellows could not damage His enthusiasm to go about the Father's business.

In the world today there are so many standards mortals feel they must uphold. There are so many disappointed souls that are confused when their goals are not reached. Many mortals move through this life in search of personal success, and it would appear that the only success to be had is measured by what you would have while your fellows have not. In learning to move about successfully through this brotherhood there must be a common thread that runs through it saying, "we are each a child a God," and genuine belief in that alone could eliminate much of this drive for success over your fellows. I do not mean to say this about you here. I would help you to understand the mind set of your fellows.

In your learning I have instructed you to continue to share with your fellows a word of encouragement, letting them know that they are a child of God and loved equally within the Kingdom. You will be astonished as the world comes to this knowledge--that each are a child of God. Your efforts to maintain a positive attitude acts as a shield from those fellow mortals that would dampen your spirits. It is not easily done, to maintain this positive spirit, and that is why I would recommend your communication with one another, your contact to the mindal circuits, the armor in which would assist you in the upliftment of the planet. I would ask that your group focus a bit more on communicating about the realness in living the spiritual life. My lessons are to be secondary. There is great amounts of understanding to gain from group interaction. Questions?


NORWOOD: Abraham, would you describe to me your surroundings, and how many entities or spiritual people are with you tonight, not counting this group here?

ABRAHAM: I am with you very much in your same surroundings. I am accompanied by two assistants, a midwayer and a power director, who work on the ship that is our brotherhood. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.)


RACHEL: Father Abraham, may I say a few words to our Woods Cross group with your permission? (Certainly.) I would like to thank each and every one of you for all that you did for Joshua, for all the prayers, for all of the friendship, the love, the understanding, all of the help that you have given throughout the years. I want to thank you for your willingness and your patience in going up there to the meetings under such adverse conditions created by his illness. I know that he thoroughly enjoyed the meetings. I know it made him feel like he was still a part of the group, still a part of the Mission doing whatever he could do. I know it helped with his loneliness. I want to thank you kindly for listening to his late night calls without complaining. I know that it was kind of hard on some of you. I want to thank Calvin for his trying to do everything that Joshua wished for him to do, even though some of it was a little out of line, I think, a little hard. I wanted to thank Tectra, but he is not here tonight, for going up and taking up all of his carpeting in his bedroom so he could have some new carpeting put down. I want to thank him for bringing food in for him every time he came up. Faye, I want to thank you for seeing that he received a copy of all the lessons. Nina, I want to thank you, because I know it was hard for you to transmit under those conditions. I thank you for continuing until the end. Now, I know it was quite hard for everyone.

I know that it was quite morbid, but I thank all of you for coming. Yes, it is true what Joshua said about himself. He was just like a cedar post when it came to emotions, even with me, but let me assure you that he had a deep love for each and every one of you, even if he didn't display it. Now Father Abraham, after I have said that, I want to thank you for your beautiful transmission that you rendered through Nina to Joshua for Calvin to read at Joshua's services. I want to thank Calvin for his inspiring delivery. He is quite an elocutionist. You really are. I am also thankful,

Father Abraham, Joshua was able to endure until the end in such a strong, faithful manner, and still so determined to do Father's will. I am happy for him. I am glad he is not in pain. I am glad he is not suffering, and I am certainly glad he is not living now in loneliness. Father Abraham, I do have a question for you.

Was it Joshua's desire to complete his mission and leave while he was all by himself, especially after I had been up there with him for seven hours? I knew you and Father Ham--and I felt like Prince Machiventa Melchizedek were all there. He took several real deep breaths at different times and held it for so long that I thought that he was gone. I said to him, "go ahead and turn loose, honey, Father Abraham and Father Ham are with you," but he didn't. Later his children came in and I left to go have a bite to eat, and by the time I could get back, he had gone on alone by himself.

So I am wondering if that was his wishes, seeing how he lived alone and everything, maybe he wanted to pass on alone. I don't mean to take up all your time and everything, but I would like to know approximately what he has been doing and what his status is right now, if you can tell us?

I'd like to know if he has met with Jeremiah and Rutha, because I feel like they are going to have a ball together? Father Abraham, anything that you tell me like that would certainly help, because one thing that is still bothering me is that I could hold his hand when he passed on. Another thing that has bothered me is I couldn't hardly stand to look at him and know that they were going to put him in the furnace. I couldn't hardly take that. That's all I have to say at this time.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I would receive your gratitude on behalf of our group, and return our thanks to you for the many things you withstood to enable the group meetings to take place. Our thanks to you for things material and spiritual. My information is this: Joshua had said his farewell to you before the actual cessation of his material body. It is true that his spirit, that part him that is his true essence, was freed before his material body was fully expired. He had seen your diligent loyalty to him in remaining by his side. He was more conscious to witness your loving efforts than you understand. It was not so much a wish for him that he expire in this way, no. He viewed not himself alone, no. That was just the events that unfolded naturally. He stood before you in vibrant spiritual form and bid you farewell.

It was unnoticeable the time passing between his liberation from the flesh to his greeting of myself, Ham and others. I can guarantee you he was not alone upon his death. You are not to be burdened by this thought any longer. Joshua knew of your love and loyalty. He is at this time in awesome wonder at all he has begun to understand. He has had several conferences with his friends on our side. He has met with his morontial companion to receive further orders, and I can say, he is in perfect satisfaction of his status at this time. This is my information at this point in time. My associates and I rejoice in his company, and can ask that you imagine Joshua's enthusiasm as you had known him--now magnify that times a hundred, and you would see his new wholeness. Is this answering for you Rachel? (Yes it is Father Abraham. I thank you and I love you for all your service to us.) My love and thanks to you also. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, my friend Jenny might be too shy to kick in, but I think she would like to hear any words you might have for her.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I would welcome her and assure her it is acceptable for her to be her true self here with each of us. We are a group of diverse characters and yet find understanding and joy amongst each other. Your heavy heart is at last to see a lighter side. Worry not and know that you are welcome. It is wonderful to meet with you. Another question?

ROLAND: In the area of introductions, I would like to introduce a friend of mine from Tallahassee, Judy L. She is here visiting with us.

JUDY: Hello Abraham.

ABRAHAM: Greetings to you, my daughter. It is wonderful that you have found us upon your journey. It is quite faithful of you to go forth with such unknowing. We would welcome you here, and is there a question? (I don't think so. I am just really happy to be here.) Is there one more question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, I was wondering--you're talking about how the mindal circuits will allow huge masses of individuals to understand concepts, etc., and from what we are doing is like a micro of a macro. I was wondering if--you know that book a couple weeks ago I asked you about that you gave me the same advice you do on all books. It talks about energy and how it is like a matrix. We are all connected and it can be positive or negative. One other concept, the works of (?) that I asked you about before and they talk about light work and being connected. From your point of view is all of that different groups talking about the circuitry? Is that like all the same thing?

ABRAHAM: Yes yes. It is all the same in general. I would add that through human understanding are there differing variations, just as your concepts of our parable from last week, but I would say, yes, the use of spiritual energy is becoming more apparent as spirituality is exceedingly embraced. There is a network of sorts between individuals, mortal and divine. There is connection between all things that contain life. The method in which we communicate now requires the use of energy, and a power director also assists us in distribution of energy. Your Father Fragment within is a power director of sorts, perhaps like a transformer in a way that He can help you to transmit and receive. This is your connection to all energy and its distribution. To be subject to Father's will is more than doing what He desires. You are also in a position to receive and distribute energy when within the divine will.


Our energy at this time weakens and I must take my leave. I would send you each with my love, and look forward to our next meeting. Until next week, shalom.