1997-08-12-Methods To Steer Toward Spirit

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Topic: Methods To Steer Toward Spirit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends. It is most wonderful to meet with you again. I am always seeing changes, positive spiritual changes, in you each week. I am in understanding that last weeks lesson brought much to think about. Many of you have continued to squelch the human side only to see its negative manifestations manifold. I would ease your minds by saying that your lessons are well spaced to allow for understanding on a deep soulful level.



It would do you well to consider helping to steer the human-self more toward the Spirit by those things which make you more spirit filled, for example: Music has been known to melt the most difficult of situations, and allow Spirit to have influence. Many mortals have been the closest with their Indwelling Father when lost in a beautiful melody. This is one method of drawing towards the Spirit.

You, who live here in this age, are under a great deal of strain and stimulation. There seems to always be some material focus that would cloud your spiritual connection. It is well to draw close to those things which lead you to Spirit. Your striving to know God, and be like Him, is more than just good intention. There needs to be some action taken, and I say that to allow the human-self those pleasant things that draw you toward the Spirit is altogether acceptable in the eyes of our Father.

The religions down through history have used this concept to tug at the spiritual heartstrings of its people. Symbols, ceremonies, and wardrobe, were perhaps those things that made the churchgoers feel close to the Spirit. What I am speaking of is not to pull at your heartstrings to stay close with the Spirit. No, I am speaking of self mastery, and steering the more animal-like self in the direction of the Spirit.

Art is one way that some feel in touch the Spirit. To perceive something that is beyond human capabilities opens that personal circuit that connects you with the cosmic mind. In nature, God has been recognized. Down through history there have been religions built upon the beauty of nature. Yes, in the peaceful beauty there is something that touches your soul.

Many may find they draw towards their divine-self through communication with others. There is a bond between those who strive to know Father. If at times you are feeling pulled from the Spirit, is there not one you can speak with that brings comfort and confidence back into your own ability to know the Spirit, reach the Spirit?

These things I speak of, you are each well familiar with. In your feelings of entrapment by your human side, there are immediate actions you can take to provide relief. Each individual knows what draws them to the Spirit. I would ask that you experiment this week with these techniques to draw you toward Spirit, and relieve those pressures which would chance to stifle your spiritual growth. The effort made to draw toward to Spirit is to feel relief from those pressures you feel, and can assist you in gaining control over those spirit poisons. Your human side does indeed crave things spiritual. I say your reaching out towards what makes you feel spiritual is a necessity.

It was once taught that abstaining from things that would be enjoyable was righteous, that self denial was the path toward spiritual fulfillment and self mastery. I can say that Father would have you experience joy in every way possible. There is not one thing Father would ask of you that would bring you unrest. Your human side is not to be appeased like a spoiled child, no. I am saying it is acceptable to steer towards those things which create spiritual feelings in you.

In the midst of gripping anger there are things you can reach for in guiding the human-self towards finding divine solutions. When encompassed by blinding fear there are actions you can take to comfort the mortal mind to find divine clarity. When in the midst of your spirit poisons, I would ask that you reach for things spiritual. In the reaching will you find the bright beam from a safe harbor. Your Father ever stands by guiding you to the safety of His love and knowledge. Are there questions.



ASHLY: Abraham, I'm new. This is Ashly. I am going to sixth grade, and there is this girl named Chelsea in my class. She really likes to talk bad about people. She likes to say really horrible things. I like her and all. She is a cool person. I am wondering if I should tell her, "how would 'you' feel?" even if it means not being friends anymore, or just try to ignore it, and go ahead on with my life?

ABRAHAM: Understood. You are seeing this situation correctly. Some people, who are feeling less than others, find it uplifting to speak bad of others. They are always free to speak in this way when others condone it, or accept this kind of behavior. If your friend is knowing of your objections to this vicious gossip, then perhaps she would curtail it around you. You can always use honesty and kindness in telling her how this gossip makes you feel, and truthfully it is as you thought, it pulls you away from spiritual thinking toward the temptation to join in this negativity. Your honest heartfelt words to her are all you would need to say. She values your friendship and your kind heart. (TR: I am trying to get your name. He is saying it, and I can't understand it. Oh, it sounds like Alexandra.) Yes Correct. Is this acceptable to you? (Yes.) It is a joy to see our Mission grow. Alexandra is a welcome refreshing new mind to us in this Mission. Another question?

Urantia Movement

CALVIN: I would like to welcome Barbara N. here from the Chicago area. It is very good to have her here. Do you have anything you would like to address?

BARBARA: Yes. Thank you Abraham for helping us to understand our nature better. I would ask the teachers through you for any advise you have for us in Chicago?

ABRAHAM: It is my information that you are doing well. I am receiving a message to allow for plenty of time to guard against mistakes. A pot that is boiling can be ruined by continuing to increase the heat. My sources tell me to ask that you allow for rest and humor to decrease the heat on this boiling pot. A sufficient amount of rest and recreation provide a fresh batch of ideas towards unity. Is this helping. (Yes. Very much.) Another question?


CALVIN: In my week Abraham, last two weeks in fact, I find myself like a different person at work and home, mostly at work around other people, since our Idaho meeting up there. What would you say that was due from?

ABRAHAM: You are a man with much on his plate. It is difficult to be everything to everyone. You are one who would most certainly lose his right arm for the good of the Kingdom, but I say this is not quite necessary. Your expectations of your abilities to be those things you desire are leaving you to feel like you are missing the mark, perhaps stumbling. There has been a lot of time spent on your part in being strong. Little time has been spent appearing before your Father as a faithful child. I mean it is altogether fitting to appear before your Father just as you are. He is asking nothing from you, and is ready to give you everything. You would be wise to take a few moments in stillness to sit before your Father as His child, not as a provider, a father, a pillar of strength, a worker in the Kingdom, no, just as a child in humble seeking to his Father. Does this help? (Yes. Thanks very much.) Another question?


LaREEN: Abraham, good evening. It is always a honor. Short question. Last week was the wreck, but divine intervention happened. It didn't feel like my usual spiritual guide's hand. It felt different. Who was it? Was it Daniel, or was it Randy's spiritual guide, or RJ's spiritual guide, who actually picked us up, and put us on the ground?

ABRAHAM: One moment. It is in my information that Adjuster communication with the driver allowed certain maneuvers to be made to work naturally with certain forces. I would say that assistance from the drivers Adjuster is to be accredited for your safety. I cannot verify, as of yet, actual physical assistance. Are you understanding? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You're welcome. One more question.

Teacher Contact

TECTRA: Abraham, I haven't spoken with you since the Awakening workshop. I am curious if you were there, and what kind of experience the celestial beings thought of that event. If you could give a few words about that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I was with you at certain times to assist you in incorporating your understanding of the awakening to our teachings here. It is made known to me now that the celestials present were deeply touched by the willingness of the participants to be available to our Supreme Father. There are many such happenings such as this, and I can affirm at the teachers are involved in making things that would appear to be beyond real more grounded to apply in everyday living. Does this answer? (Thank you, yes.)


I would take my leave, and ask you to remember to steer towards things spiritual in trying to master the self. My love is with you each. Until next time, shalom.