1998-02-08-Overcoming Catastrophe

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Topic: Overcoming Catastrophe

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to have you all get together this evening to hear these humbly proffered words. Tonight, we shall discuss your evolving and expanding souls.


Soul, Assurance

The soul substance, the morontia substance, continually is undergoing a purification process which takes your whole being, your thinking, your bodies responses, from the purely materialistic response pattern to a more and more purely spiritual response pattern. Your soul is expanding into subtler and subtler areas of thinking and body functioning.

Gradually you are moving from inert lifeless darkness to living light. You can feel the light expanding from the heart center throughout and beyond the physical body. Gradually, your thinking is less and less centered on the material world and what is happening in it. Gradually your assurance and calm steadfastness is derived from centering your thinking on the spirit and the spirit realm.

You are all beginning to understand the truth that when seemingly physical catastrophes occur in your lives, like relationships or business etc., that these catastrophes are just a reorganization, a clearing away of the old, so that something new and greater can take its place. Have faith my children, you will experience this pattern again and again. When things look the bleakest, if you cling closely to the spirit then something new and better will come to take its place. These small things are sacrificed so that the great things can come in. As you grow more and more in the spirit, and your soul is more closely identified with the spirit, then no catastrophes in the world can perturb you. This is a true feeling of security that is inexplicable to those less advanced. You, children, all know that you are working with angels. The more you can turn things over to them and trust in them, the calmer more peaceful and more self assured you will become. Once you have sworn your dedication to serving the Father and the Master's cause on earth, you need have no more fears concerning your physical life. There are greater plans surrounding all these occurrences, all these happenings, than you can comprehend. You see even now, how you are being positioned, each one, in different areas for different purposes. You each have a great task to do. Be of light heart, let go of the burdens of the world, dedicate yourselves anew each morning to the cause of the spirit, and all else will be added unto you. When the projects that you are working for the spirit have problems or setbacks, you must know without a doubt that these are part of the Father's plan and have been angelically manipulated. Realize, children, that all your efforts are multiplied by the work of the seraphim. Realize that when you dedicate you life to this service, that you then have the strength of many people, the strength of 10 men if you will, because you are supported and aided and saved from falling by a legion of angels. Little do you understand the powers that are working with you. Let go of your worry, your fears, your anxiety that you won't be able to do what is asked. You must remember that you are like the point of an upside down pyramid. You have really very little that you must do, all the rest of this vast pyramid does the rest. You may have a little job to do each day, a little something that you must discharge and you will see, you will witness, how these little efforts are multiplied in the universe. Be happy and content, find love in your heart each day. Allow the Father to comfort you through your stillness practice, and don't ever get discouraged. Are there any questions at this time?


Q: Are there any techniques we should be aware of that when we are retarding the efforts of our unseen friends and the accomplishments of our goals?

Ham: You cannot retard their efforts. Your only responsibility is your own spiritual growth. You will all learn quickly when to act, when not to act. But all this is fully anticipated by your seraphic helpers and you are all learning the lessons you need to learn right now at this time.

Self-mastery, Emotion

Q: It seems like you were talking that we have to let go of the worldly problems in our daily life so that we can grow spiritually. I had a bad day, it seems it is so hard to rise above the negativity that holds us here. How do you help grow through this, how do you help my children understand the things that are going on that are so horrible here. I feel lost right now.

Ham: Daughter, you are not lost, you are taking solid steps on the path of spiritual growth. The worries and problems of the world are real and do require your attention, but gradually, as you grow in the spirit, these incidents and problems do not engage you so much emotionally. You have a tendency to become very emotional and too overly dramatize the every day happenings. That should be a lower priority for your thinking. As you grow in the spirit and mature, life's little problems don't seem so terrible. Look at what you lived through already, and all the problems and worries and fears that you have come through. Look ahead at all you will experience in your life, and all you must go through in the future. Let this longer, wider viewpoint help to put the day to day trials and tribulations in perspective. Become aware of your emotions. Find a way to make your stillness time, your mediation time, a priority, to help quiet the mind and the emotions, at least once during the day. This quieting practice will help you learn how to do it even in the stressful situations. Learning to quiet the emotions is the first step of self-mastery. If you are in control of your emotions, then the situation is not controlling you, you have the ability to control the situation. Work on this this week, and we will talk again next week.

Q: Do you have anything for me this week please?

Ham: Certainly, Mira, There are times when you need to let go of your emotional control. You are very conscious of keeping your emotions in check and in balance. There is a part of you, a creative part of you, that wants to find a greater outlet. Perhaps, it will be good for you to begin a journal and write however wildly, or nonsensically, or uninhibitedly that you want to. Let this be a diary of emotion, not a chronicle of events at all.


Q: How does God send spiritual life down to earth?

Ham: Everything that is living is spiritual. All life in all forms from grass and plants to animals and on up to human beings, all partake of the spirit. God's love is in every living thing, in every living thing there is truth, beauty, and goodness. The Father has created all these good things, all these beautiful things for his own love to be reflected back to him and as you reflect God's love back to him, you reflect it to all things and you grow to love all living things, all people, and all things beautiful more and more. And this is how you show God that you love him. Is this helping your understanding?

Q: Yes.


Q: Ham, this fellow your answering one question a week for. The next one says,"We have five physical senses touch, smell, hearing, and sight and perhaps a sixth called intuition or soul awareness. In the current state you are in, do you have the same sense or manifested in a different way of different senses. What sense do new survivors have manifested?

Ham: Yes, there are other senses that are awakened when you are resurrected in the first morontia form. Of course, it is impossible to explain a sense that you have not experienced because sense is experience. I wish I could be of greater help in this regard, but the obstacle to greater sensory experience, that is the physical body, also absolutely prevents your understanding their reality as they exist in the morontia form. Could you understand smell having never experienced it. This bridge cannot be crossed prematurely.

Q: Jim from Oklahoma called and asked for a message for Elisha.

Ham: Elisha, daughter, do not fear the time of crossing over that approaches. There are many who await your arrival with anticipation and gladness. Your real work is just beginning, your real life is just beginning. Be contented that you have done your best and discharged great responsibilities during your short life time. We are all very proud of you and very happy with the work you have done. All is well daughter, do not fear, you are going to a greater life and greater work

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are growing well in the spirit and have made great strides this past year. You have still much work to do Don't be worried or afraid. All things are working toward the best. You'll see.

Q: And Elena?

Ham: Daughter, you have done much spiritual work this past year and are growing and becoming more and more everyday the woman you were meant to be. You are releasing that which was stifled and feeling good to be you. Let go of your anxieties and your fears, trust the Father to lead you forward.

Q: Anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Nothing further.

Q: What about for Jarad?

Ham: Son, all is well and as it should be. Do not fear the future but likewise prepare yourself as best you can. Open your heart to others. Let go of your emotions and feelings when you need to. Take this time to explore yourself, continue to journal. All is well.

Q: Ham could I have a message this week please?

Ham: Certainly Kellan. You have much in front of you, much to explore within you as well. You too must take this time for inner exploration and discovery. Begin to examine old behavior patterns that may seem inappropriate now. You have time to look at your childhood and the patterns that were created there. Be open to acknowledging all the injuries and scars that you now carry from that time. Let Lisa help explain some of these patterns that don't seem to make sense. Let her help you understand the parents as well.

Freedom, Discipline

Q: Ham, do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Dilman, you have a sharp negative reaction to convention and anything that feels confining and right now you are feeling that you didn't get out of one prison to go to another. Freedom of thought and of action and of creativity have been very important to you all your life. There are opportunities coming to you that you don't see right now and until those new and better opportunities arise, it is wise to lay low and put your nose to the grindstone and just work and make a living. Disciplining the self is a hard lesson for you but it is an essential aspect of self-mastery. Learning self-mastery requires learning self-discipline so take this time to focus on self-discipline and go ahead and subject yourself to this discipline. It is very valuable, though you don't see that right now. Your later training will require great self-mastery. Think of it a obeying a truly higher authority, the Father or the Master, and submit yourself to this discipline. Is this making sense?

Q: Yes, thank you.

Q: Is there any other feedback that you have for me this week.

Ham: Certainly, Brodan, You will have guidance and inspiration about what to say and do in a couple of fairly important or critical encounters coming up. Have no fear, trust yourself, trust that you have a strong connection to your greater spiritual self and that this greater spiritual self can come into your mind and give you the right things to say at the right times. Continue you stillness practice, be sure to make this a priority.

Q: Ham, could you tell me my spiritual name?

Ham: It is still a bit early to tell this to you, but when the time is right I will tell you and it will help your spiritual progress.

Q: Anything for Buddy with week?

Ham: Son, you must begin to learn how to really relax, how to really let go of the struggles of the day. Perhaps a mediation tape or something of this sort would be helpful.

Q: Do you have anything for me this week.

Ham: Yes, you must also learn to relax and begin to understand that many things in life are transitory and changing. It is good to learn these things early because the more you can accept change, the less fearful you will be and the more inclined to follow the Father's leading, no matter where it goes in later life.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for me?

Ham: Yes, when disappointments come and things don't go the way you want them to or the way you think they should, you must learn to be accepting and to even shrug it off and so oh well, that's ok because things that are disappointing are for our own good and it's childish to be disappointed when something is for the best. You will see what I mean during this next week.

Q: What do you have for me this week?

Ham: Vontis, you are learning many lessons and passing many tests. You are learning a great deal about yourself and this is opening your understanding into other people. Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. This must be your watchword right now.


Ham: If there are no further questions, again I send you my prayers and my love, until next week.-