1998-03-26-Initial & Introductory Message

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Topic: Initial & Introductory Message

Group: Trinidad TeaM


Teacher: Anaston, Tenare

TR: Anthony Porzio



Anaston: I am here. I am Anaston. I see a clear path. I see all of you here gathered for this day as partakers in the service of Michael of Nebadon, of Melchizedek, in the Teaching Mission as servants of the brotherhood. Greetings. I am your teacher. I am Anaston, a light being from far away, a place you know not. This world is new to me. I am happy to be here. This is a great experience for me; a necessary experience for me, as it is also for you. We are here to work together. My host, Anthony has practiced much. He is able to transmit my message without much difficulty. We have been working together constantly for the past week. So there will be very little in the way of difficulty. You may ask all the questions that time will allow after we have a teaching.


I, like Astara, your former teacher, am a light being. I can transmit light into your hearts. I am here to carry on where Astara has left off. We need light. Light is truth. Light is the only effective method of dispelling darkness. And the darkness has become very great on Urantia, because of the Lucifer rebellion of which you all are well informed about.

Gender, Communication

As you may have heard, the Lucifer rebellion has been adjudicated. All members of the rebellion have been executed, those who have not accepted mercy by the Lord Michael. This has been their own choice. But there is much to be done now simply because of the adjudication. It is not so simple to say that we can start fresh. There are the effects of the rebellion that still, like dominoes, continue to trouble humankind. And this is why I am here with you here, in this area, with my partner, Tenari, because one of the most grievous misfortunes of the rebellion are associated with human interpersonal relationships, especially characteristic of the male-female communication. It looks dark for many in this area, but take great hope in the knowledge that work has begun to undo this misfortune. Tenari and I shall be models for the Father's way of interpersonal communication between the two sexes. In this way we have great knowledge to impart here. You will be able to glean from great experience that we can share. Most of all, this includes the nature of sexual identity and sexual communication. This is where the most obvious distortions of the Father's original plan have presented themselves and have expressed such sorrow and trouble in the individual life experiences. This is a very important part of the "Correcting Time". It is essential that we all learn to relate to the opposite sex according to the plan that the Father has set out from the beginning of creation. There is much distortion, much delusion. And you will begin to see how the truth can clear these pathways for you and your partners. Love needs a clear pathway between individuals, between mortals and celestials, and between the "Thought Adjuster" and the individual soul. All of you here have been affected. It's not important what your pasts have been, or whatever foolish things have taken place in your lives. Rest assured that now, from this moment, from the moment you receive the light that shines forth from my being, your lives will change dramatically.


I am a powerful light being and I will place within you the identity of my light source, which is the manifestation of truth. No longer will you have to ask what is the truth. Truth will be very accessible to you. You'll learn to recognize this light, this feeling of truth as it affects every cell of your being. And as you need your guidance in your daily life, this will be there for you. You will experience its affects as you apply it to every problem you need to solve, especially in the heat of the moment when your emotions, that are guided by your mental patterns conditioned by rebellion- affected learning, express themselves, you will draw on this light. Each of you, is being prepared at this very moment for the reception of this light, the light of a divine spirit being, that has the power to transform your minds. This is how the "Correcting Time" shall work.

You see this light with your eyes as it pours forth at this moment into the portals of your being and reaches down into the center of your heart, radiating warmth and peace. You take this with you as you go. And you will pour it forth out in every encounter, because each of you have chosen to be here. You have elected to be present, to hear the words of God spoken through your teacher. I am your teacher, I am your friend. We will work together hand in hand, heart and heart together, to do what we all want to do so much. We want to heal ourselves. My host is on the same plane as you. He is undergoing this experience and enjoying it too, because this is your pleasure, this is your joy. Take it to your heart and embrace it because this energy shall embrace you throughout your entire day, while you sleep, and as you rise in the morning. I promise you, you will feel this, and it will inspire you, ennoble you, encourage you, and fill you with the joy of my presence.

Astara has laid much groundwork for you. This was her mission. Astara prepared your hearts, prepared the area for Anaston, the light being, the bearer of truth. You are my friends; you are my brothers and sisters. And in time we will grow so close in heart. I promise that my power is able to do that all you ask, all that you would like to see done in your dedication to the Father's will, to the brotherhood of man. Even more than promise, I fill you, I fill you to your capacity. I recharge you, and I will continue to recharge you every time we meet. I am a strong teacher. I know from where I speak. And my host is a strong transmission receiver. I have selected him for this purpose. I have awaited for him to arrive. He felt my presence from the very beginning of this arrival. And when he made the commitment to receive and to send forth the first utterances, we began our relationship. He has dedicated himself to serving you. He loves you each with a dedicated and utilitarian love. I am honored to have him as a host as he is so honored to have me as a teacher and a companion. Each of you shall have your guides as companions, a part separate from this light presence, this empowering truth that will elevate your consciousness into more spiritual levels of pattern reactions.


You must have your conditioning undone, replaced by a higher level of mental functioning. Wherever you are at at this moment, you will be at a much higher level within a very short time. You are all here. And I see a clear path in each of you for my light. Believe in this; take it to your heart and let it embrace you as you call forth for the love of God. This at this point is your connection which will lead you into more direct communications with the Father's in dwelling "thought adjuster." We all serve the Father. We all serve each other. And it is a joy to give and to serve. It is more blessed to give than to receive, to have something to give is a blessing in itself. And I give to you that which the world needs to receive. I give you an abundance of gifts to share. The stability of your mental capacities, the growing awareness of your individual identities. Yes, you must and will know who you, each and every one of you are, as creations, as personalities. The joy of your discovery is your work. For as you discover the truth of your true selves, and your mind is free from the constraints of your past structuring, you will be free, you will be ecstatic at the pleasure and the illuminosity of your freedom. This you will radiate; this you will share. And you will be beacons of light in your own beings as yourselves, as it was always intended. But you are fortunate more than those who have lived before our times here and now. You are so fortunate because you have available now this great and wonderful teaching mission. And you have a teacher that is connected to the highest sources of all reality, to Michael himself, who is in his dwelling at Salvington; who's job it is for you, right now, to help prepare for his appearance, even as Astara has gone back to be his personal attendant. Astara shall return. Even so, for those of you who have had the blessing of her presence, she remains with you in the form of her own beam identity.

Be at peace in your hearts. Draw from this well spring of peace and tranquility. You have much work to do; you will be busy. You will be busy when you are awake and are asleep. I am accompanied with many associates. In this room, we have guests, observers. They are most interested in you. You are valuable. You are very valuable at this moment, and you will continue to be valuable for your part, for your service, for your work. You are needed. Everything that we celestials endeavor to impart to Urantia depends on beings like you. You are like the apostles, but even more now than they for you have within you so much more potential, more capacity, more light, more understanding, more evolution.

The time has come for correction and healing. The joy of seeing yourselves transformed, of feeling yourselves liberated from your fear, is inexplicable, and you will weep for joy when you experience one more obstacle in your path removed. And to know that you have had a part in making this take place, that it won't be spoon fed to you. There is no magic that will spark you into enlightenment. But all the tools of divinity are laid at your feet, and all the power of light and truth are placed safely within your heart, because your mind is not yet ready for enlightenment until your heart has been willingly accepting to the light. The mind has been distorted and this is your primary work, to be saved, literally saved, by the light from the darkness of your pain and suffering, from a lifetime of fear and grief. You will shed all of these like the skin of a snake. You will be reborn. I am here to help you, to guide you. And each of you may have as much as you can experience at any one time, but I can see that you have a great capacity already. Tenari and I are here and we love you with a perfect love that you will feel and know and begin to practice with each other. There is no limit here. You will shine as you are shining now as a being, as a collective shaft of light that reaches up to heaven and the source. Together we shine, together we illuminate, and together we transcend.