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Topic: Revelation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Nebadonia, Malvantra, Machiventa

TR: Jill, Jonathan, Mark, Daniel




Mother Spirit (Jill): Revelation of spiritual truth is misunderstood by the peoples of Urantia. You have learned, to use Mark's expression, from being on record, to learn about life in your young years and then on playback in your adult years, you have learned somehow that spiritual revelation is for the chosen few, for the prophet. This, my children, is not true. Each of you is capable of having truth revealed through you. That is what revelation means, the process of revealing. Our Father does not choose any above another. It is your desire to know your Father and to know that He can speak directly with you that opens the door for daily revelation. The process you have been going through these past years is to strengthen your resolve of knowing that revelation is not something only for the Ghandi’s to have, only for the Mother Teresa’s to have, only for the various saints to have. The reason they receive is because of their sense of complete oneness with God. Anyone of my children may have this when they choose it. I encourage each of you to change that tape in your head and trust the beautiful revelations you truly do receive every single day. Look for them; listen for them; feel them through your five senses. God speaks in miraculous ways and reveals truth, not always with concepts of mind or words in the head. Look for His revelation each day this week and know that greater sense of oneness that is your birthright.

This is Mother Spirit, and it is a joy to be with you today.

Error, Attainment

Evanson (Jonathan): Greetings to you. I witnessed in your conversation your frustrations and your acknowledgments of your shortcomings as you perceive them, for we do not believe your shortcomings are defaults, defects, as we have the longer range view. You know that a shortcoming acknowledges a less-than-desired attainment, but this word would be better dropped and instead substituted with the word acknowledge where you can see ahead to what is attainable. In a sense I will break down knowledge into two words: acknowledge and ledge. A ledge, like a cliff over a chasm, appears ominous and difficult to cross. When you perceive these shortcomings, you are gaining your knowledge; you now know what to work on. At these times shift to discerning the means whereby you may cross the chasm of inexperience, of lack of understanding. Seek ways in which you may provide revelation landfill that may help you bridge over to the solid ground you seek at a higher level of behavior. My purpose in expressing this to you today is to attempt to draw your attention away from failure at execution and place it upon your success in perceiving what is attainable. When you break something, the first impulse is to seek to fix it. This applies not only to objects but to your own personality ascent. Cultivate the reflexive action toward reparation and acquirement of higher skills. Make your recognition of shortcoming but a fleeting moment that catapults you into your new project for growth. There is far too much work and time to be spent attaining this new level to be wasted brooding over your failures.

This is Evanson. Thank you.

Disappointment, Growth

Malvantra (Mark): This is Malvantra again, and I would add some more to the words of Evanson. I would suggest that you adopt the strategy of turning your disappointments into what you would perhaps consider to be the exact opposite. Look with excitement upon your disappointments, for they have shown you your next growth level; they have pointed out to you that aspect of your being that should be focused on to become a more perfect, more complete soul. Indeed, we look upon your realization of your shortcomings, as you see them, as a breakthrough in which the doors are open to growth, to the challenge presented before you of your apparent failure.

No individual is a perfect, complete unit, and in order to become more perfect you must, in your course of activities, discern where you are not perfect and where the work lies to change that situation. It is indeed a blessing for you to have the realization that a particular area of your being requires some service on your part. If you would look at this service to your own soul growth as you would look at the service you so eagerly seek to be about for otherindividuals, perhaps you would put into better perspective that the very sense of desiring to serve others can be turned inward toward your own soul growth. When an area of your soul growth is illuminated that needs and, indeed, requires your service, you should rejoice with this awareness, with this perception, for you now have some starting point to work to actually be of service to your own self. Therefore, when you perceive that you have failed, delight that you have shown yourself the area in which you need to focus and be of service to yourself so that your overall being can become more perfect. Every being is challenged with many such imperfections in their being, and it is the resolution of these imperfections which constitutes soul growth.


I would speak on the subject of fusion, as I perceive it is of interest. First I express my gratitude that it is of interest to you, that this ball has been put into play and been volleyed around successfully. It is important for you, in your ascension, to actively strive to lift off the limitations which everyone has applied to their own situation. As was mentioned before, many of these limitations may be repercussions of previously learned material throughout your life. You, in your process of ingesting truths, may have, in error, told yourself that such conditions would never be available to you; that only superhuman beings may avail themselves of this particular technique. As I stated last week, I desire that you lift this limitation off your being, that you embrace the potential that all individuals have access to this avenue of ascension through your stillness practice, through your discipline, and through your efforts it is entirely possible for you to be so synchronized with your Adjuster that you would be advanced to the next level without the normal evolutionary progression having to take effect. This is a potential which has been underestimated for quite some time; indeed, it has been unknown on your world for most of its existence. You in this room have become aware of this potential through your studies, your lessons, and therefore you are head and shoulders above most of your brothers and sisters who do not even possess awareness of this Fragment within them, let alone the ability to become one with this Inner Fragment. It therefore behooves you to present yourself with certainty as to the presence of this indweller, as to the eventual fusion with this indweller, and to the harmonious coexistence with this indweller until that time. From our perspective, we see that time is all that is required for this sequence of events to take place, and that, in our eyes, you have already achieved this goal; it is simply time and experience that lie between you and this destiny. If you were to make this comfortable with your brothers and sisters around you, that this is an eventuality, it could offer great peace of mind to many of those who are quite uncertain of their destiny as well as many of those who suspect this to be their destiny. So, be joyful when discoursing with those around you that you are safe and secure in the eventuality of this realization. As you gaze upon them, instruct them that you are also certain of this eventual reality for them, as it is in store for all.

To address your question -- which I am aware of -- there have been definite examples of mortals of your realm in your time who have reached a level of devotion so as to transcend the material steps of dissolution and morontia status. I decline to give individual names as this might foster unusual amounts of attention to any individual. I would leave you with the knowledge that this is more than a potential; this is an actual waiting to happen. All that is required is the dedication on your parts individually to desire and to pursue it. Many times this intensity does not occur until an individual is in an extremely stressful or life threatening situation, but it does occur. You would be well ahead of the game to aspire toward this eventuality in full awareness and with full preparation. As I stated, it is not if, it is only when, and it is only the difference between sooner or later.

I leave you with that certainty. Thank you for hearing my words today.

Jonathan: Springing from this, we read about attaining the first psychic circle which prepares us to fuse. The book says that to fuse we must then unify our experience. A musical analogy might be that the seven psychic circles might be like recording seven tracks of a song to tape. When we work on ourselves to the point of laying down that seventh track, there still is the mixing to produce a balanced song. Can you comment on what remains between attaining that final circle and the event of fusion?

Malvantra: Picture this, if you will: You may individually, carefully and slowly work on each individual track and step until you have defined them to your satisfaction. Then imagine having developed through this process the capability at one time to do a live take where everything simultaneously and with correctness transpires. Does this provide you with an image?

Jonathan: Yes, very much so. Thank you.

Tom: Why would one aspire to fusion when so many service opportunities are on this planet right now? I understand that as finaliters we return to planets much like our origin, anyway. Wouldn't we enjoy a greater opportunity for service to postpone that fusion until later? Is it possible to fuse and stay around?

Malvantra: You should aspire toward the eventual goal of fusion for the sake of the aspiration. This desire is a propellant and is a focal point for your energies. Many times you will discover that having sought after a goal, upon arrival it was the journey to the goal that was the important factor. The aspiration toward becoming one with the Adjuster would be sufficient propellant to align you more so with that Adjuster. It is true that of your own free will you would choose to alter this course, to postpone this course, to redirect this course so as to gain more of the journey. It is the journey that is the building up of life experiences into your personal library which is significant. Fusion is the cherry on top; it is the carrot at the end of the rope, what you are reaching and striving for, all the while taking many steps to get there, all of which are valuable to you in your soul-growth career. So true, live life to the fullest as you are here. Do not make the mistake of not gaining the experience that is offered to you while in this state with the idea that you must hurry and somehow get to fusion. It is not important, as I said before, It is a pre-acknowledged fact, your fusion. You should rest securely in that. The only question now is how and when and how much in between can be stored by your personal library. True, do not reach for fusion as some final goal you must hurry and attain, because the journey to the inevitable is what it takes to reach the inevitability.

Machiventa (Daniel): This is Machiventa. I would add one small comment to what my brother has shared and that is you will only attain fusion if you wholeheartedly pursue and at the same time understand that the actual fusion itself will not occur one moment before you are personally ready for it to happen. You need not worry that you will miss something if you fuse prematurely. There is no such thing as a premature fusion. You will certainly be absolutely ready for the moment if you wholeheartedly walk towards it. That is all I would add.

Jonathan: I understand you are saying the potential, the almost ready to happen, fusion is like the hour has not yet come when we are soulfully satisfied with all the experiences prior to fusion. Then we can say, "It is finished", and the event will occur. Is that what you mean?

Machiventa: Yes, that is it, when you can personally know and say, "It is finished" as the master did.