1998-05-04-Classroom Behaviour

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Topic: Classroom Behaviour

Group: At Large


Teacher: Marleena

TR: JoiLin



Another exercise? / Our classroom behaviors

Marleena: Greetings Dear Ones. It is I, Marleena, here and ready to answer whatever questions you wish to offer.

Mary: Thank you. (You're welcome.) And, thank you for the exercise because it's really been such a delight. I think most of us didn't want to do it and once we started to do it, it just flowed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's exercise.

Marleena: Yes, as it was intended.

Mary: I guess the question is, is there another exercise?

Marleena: There will be others. If your question is really, 'Is there one now? in the near future?' Not just yet. All who may participate have not yet done so. And, my sense of timing is much different than yours, Little One.

Mary: I just felt that this exercise got our enthusiasm going and I hate to lose the momentum.

Marleena: You will not lose the momentum, it will only build. And, there are individuals among you, perhaps all of you on some level, who will feel the need to take control and orchestrate. This tendency is good for some purposes, yet for where we are just now, it is counter-productive.

Mary: So, when we sense that we are getting, controlling or over-organized, which I'm guilty of, not too much controlling but over-organizing, how do we curb that?

Marleena: You don't. I do... in a sense, by allowing us to spin our wheels a bit. There is no sense of urgency in the same way that you experience urgency on this mobile world, for us. We understand that to everything there is a season, and within this budding, growing group... there will be a need for some of these propensities to be... put up on a shelf, if that analogy works... You will be allowed to express, all the levels... of your needs within this classroom. Picture if you will a classroom of young children who buckle down when the teacher is present within the room and who become little hellions when the teacher leaves the room. I will be allowing for all of this to play itself out within this classroom for I have a higher perspective and greater insight and can see where these relate...

Mary: (Laughing) Sorry... I just had this visual of the classroom in your absence and I'm the child that's screaming at everybody that we can't misbehave... (Laughing)

Marleena: Indeed. And there will be those shooting spit wads, airplanes...

Mary: (Laughing) I know! I'm sorry... it's just such a humorous visualization... Apparently everyone's inner issues are surfacing right now.

Marleena: Indeed.

Mary: Big time! Well, with a few exceptions... Any guidance there? Any advice?

Marleena: To allow the classroom atmosphere to unfold. Simply to allow for the space to become grounded and expanded over time as you each become more in tuned with the Father's direct circuit. That is the bedrock of this exercise.

The current exercise - lesson

Mary: Becoming in tuned to the Father's circuit is the bedrock of this exercise... I guess that has to sink in.

Marleena: The exercise I was referring to was more the building of the circuits between each of you and the connecting – allowing the Father's love and his universal energy to move through you with the intent of helping your brothers and sisters.

It is through this understanding and building of these circuits that draws your energy more closely in tuned with the energy of the Father. The classroom effort as in the exercise you are even now, still, involved in as a group, is part of that for in it you will be serving many levels individually and as a group.

You serve to bring your own inner pain out into the Light where it can be understood and clarified and through the sharing, through the love that you give to one another, and receive, are your bonds becoming even stronger yet.

Clearing away issues and working in Father’s time

Mary: Okay, I have to ask... so many of us are working on this inner pain that is surfacing. It's been my experience my issues just keep recycling. It feels like it's never ending and it gets discouraging and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Each time it's a slightly different scenario and I know I move ahead with a little bit more wisdom and so the next time I can apply that new understanding but it just goes on and on. I believe we need to clear ourselves so that the Father's healing love can flow through us. We need to be really clear in order to be conduits for that type of energy to go through us, so I would assume that there is an end to this, that we will eventually be able to clear these issues. Am I correct, I mean is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

Marleena: There is a light at the end of the tunnel, Mary, however you must recognize that you did not come to where you are in a short period of time. It took you literally a lifetime to arrive at where you are now. That being understood, it follows that the clearing away of these issues will also not be accomplished in a day.

You have much work ahead of you. You all have much work ahead of you. But, with each new insight, with each higher level of understanding, are you able to let go of more and more. Do not be deceived or misled, I do not intend for you to take on the understanding that the Father is not able to work through you as you are, for it is a fact, that he does much work through you, through each of you, yet, how much greater will his efforts become through you, when you are clear? And, so it is all relative to time.

You do what you can from where you are, much the same as an infant understands according to his or her ability, according to his or her level of development. You are all, spiritually speaking, but babes in arms and have a long, long way to go. So let go of this need to speed things up, to... take control. Allow to be what will... in the Father's time, for indeed we begin to work in the Father's time.

How are we doing?

Mary: How are we doing on our circuit work?

Marleena: Quite well. Better frankly than I had hoped.

Mary: And, is there anything you want to offer any of us in particular to better facilitate our work?

Marleena: My way of teaching in a classroom has never been to point out the... deficiencies, if that is the right word, although that feels much too strong. I do not like to point out or take an individual and set them up as an example, either positive or negative. That is not my way.

I see all of you as beautiful bright lights, each on different levels of growth perhaps, but each striving to reach the Father's hand as he extends it, and in that you are all... where you need to be.

I would encourage each of you to remember that on those days that you're not able to connect the circuits at the given time, to try to remember to do it at another time, but to do it each day. Fifteen minutes out of your life does not seem, from my perspective, to be asking for a great deal.

Should we avoid connecting when we feel negative?

Mary: What about those days when we are in a very negative place?

Marleena: All the more reason, Little One, for you to connect those circuits. Open your heart and give the Father's love unconditionally to your brothers and sisters.

Mary: You are taking into account how much human brothers and sisters fight? (Laughing)

Marleena: Most certainly.

Mary: Just thought I'd throw that in.

Marleena: It is understood.

Adding more people to the group

Mary: JoiLin thought that perhaps there was another name?

Marleena: Indeed. She was correct, Daniel [last name omitted]

Mary: Okay, and should we keep trying to get a hold of Jim [last name omitted]?

Marleena: That will be Mare’s, Sharlana's, task and if she is successful, fine, and if she is not, that is also understood.

Mary: So now we are up to fourteen?

Marleena: If everyone comes on, yes.

Father time / Co-creative effort / What we are being asked to do / Closing

Mary: Is there anything else that you would like to include at this particular time for the group? I will transcribe this for the group.

Marleena: I would also like to encourage each member, to also give the Father his time. Again, it need not be upon arising, although that is perhaps the best way to start one's day... but daily conscious time with the Father is a must if this clearing is to be accomplished in any sort of expeditious manner.

And, again, I said that for you who are mortals of the physical realm, for we do not put that much emphasis on the passing of time. But if you are in a hurry, then I would strongly encourage you to give the Father his time each day, asking for his help, his guidance, his encouragement and for the ability to hear, to know, to see, to gain.

Mary: Well thank you. I don't know what's the matter, I don't have any more questions. (Laughing)

Marleena: Oh, my goodness!

Mary: I'm slipping.

Marleena: Or growing.

Mary: Is that a sign of growth?

Marleena: It certainly could be seen as that. What does it mean to you when you have no questions?

Mary: Hmmm... That I'm in the moment. That in the moment things are fine as they are. But, through questions I gain insights, so there is a part of me that doesn't want to stop questioning.

Marleena: We understand.

Mary: Well, I thank you.


Marleena: You're quite welcome. I thank you, for your questions. And, if there are no others forthcoming, I will close this connection, thanking you as I leave, for your efforts, all of you, for your dedication and commitment to this project.

I feel compelled to be clear with you in regard to your human... need to be given time lines regarding your activities. So much is changing in and for your world on so many levels. Time itself is beginning to change in relation to you. You each experience times when a moment can seem like an hour or when an hour can seem like but a moment.

What you are being asked for within the Mission, as a whole and certainly within this particular project classroom, if you will, is to lock onto the vehicle of your will and the Father's will, in a co-creative effort, recognizing that time for Father is entirely different from the way you experience time.

The level of your commitment and the perseverance with which you pursue that commitment may engender within each of you at differing times, a sense of anxiety when things do not seem to be moving in a linear fashion as you have come to expect from your past experiences.

This is in part, an exercise in faith, in trust. That is all I will say at the moment. I leave you each with my blessing and the knowledge of the Father's overcare in each of your lives every single moment, with every breath he is there, as are we.


Mary: God-speed.

Marleena: Thank you, Dear One.