1998-06-28-Presence of Mind

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Topic: Presence of Mind

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jansel, Darid, Solonia

TR: Jonathan




Elyon (Jonathan): Thank you, my friends, for once again meeting us that we may exchange experiences, insights, with each other, all with the eye single to growth in this universe, of which there are great discoveries to be received by all who are adventurous, who are stirred in the inner man to discover. You each have contributed to one another's spiritual progress through the simple medium of conversation. You broaden each other's ability to grasp significance in life and to grapple with difficulties. You do this by revealing your fortitude as well as your insecurities. Bravery does encourage another; however, even the exposure of your frailties helps others to reduce the sense of isolation, that is, the sense of lack of ability. You witness that difficulties are survivable.



Today I would like to focus awhile on presence. Being embodied as you are, you are quite engulfed in the need to be in one location or another throughout your day. Much of your activity, in fact all, has a great deal to do with where you are located physically. You, my students, are developing the fine qualities of presence of mind. You are learning to use your mental abilities; you are integrating the lessons we have provided regarding insight, intuition, intelligence. Presence of mind enriches your experience in life; it allows you to pack your present moment with all that is worthwhile from your past and all that is valuable for your future.

As in all classrooms, likewise, in this classroom of our Melchizedeks, to simply be here to raise your hand when roll call is taken is only the first step in presence. Your active contribution to the discussions is the presence of mind that you bring and share with each other.

As you might be suspecting, there is another presence of which I will speak and that is the presence of spirit.

When you stand in the presence of others, make the effort to consciously hold in your mind the awareness that you are a son or daughter of God, even at the time when you feel most like the monkey-origins that your body has evolved from. Also, take the extra step to realize that you bring with you the Father; no matter where you are located He is present. This is true of all that you encounter in your life; everyone carries with him His indwelling presence. But I challenge you this day to become mindful of this truth, not in understood theory but in action.

It is forever well and good for you to always ask yourself the question, "What would Jesus do?" But today I encourage you to go the extra mile and ask yourself, "How would Jesus be?" Of course, we are not of the order of Creator Sons. But as ascending mortals, we have folded up within us great potentials, and as you seek to peel back the layers of your being to discover its depths and its spiritual beings contained therein, know that from your center is the Father who is likewise pushing to the outside to help unfold these same layers.

When your evolution is complete and you stand in the presence of the Father on Paradise, you will reveal the presence of this same Father as your very being. You will present to Him the rewards of His will that all become perfect as He is perfect. You will reveal to the Father that which is folded up within Himself, experiential sonship.

Spiritual presence is powerful. It springs from an enlightened mind that understands that there are celestial hosts in your midst, that your environment, spiritually speaking, has the ambiance of the Spirit of Truth. This awareness will greatly guide you in your actions.

In my assessment of your spiritual standing, your growth, I perceive that you all know these principles. Today I simply encourage you to activate, not sporadically, but continually this enlightenment in your moment-to-moment daily activities.

Your dedication to our mission is always appreciated, and we are more than pleased that you are so devoted and enthusiastic toward the lessons and their application. We are likewise relieved that you are able to forget about us from time to time such that you don't rely upon us to effect your growth without your own strenuous efforts. Although we know you will not approach the fanaticism of teacher reliance, we will always encourage you to continually be mindful and in relationship always aware of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

I am Elyon, and I thank you for hearing my words today.


Ann: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the words you gave me back in February regarding my disease. I want to express my gratefulness for the healing that is taking place in my body. I am so grateful to you and to the Midwayers, the Life Carriers, and the Father.

Elyon: My dear sister, I receive your appreciation fully, and I am assured of your continual improvement, because it is the will of the Father. You have diligently applied your understanding from your many years of spiritual work. This has been as contributory to your healing as has been the Father's hand. Not only have you begun the road to recovery and restoration, but you are being propelled beyond the return to a new state. Your personality has experienced an episode of life that few relish. What you have gained far surpasses the mere contemplation of its possibility. You have every and all reason to be grateful. I would encourage you to relish this experience of gratitude, for it is also a vital factor in healing.

A further comment, you but little realize the effect your experience has had on your fellows and how much ministry has been rendered to each of them as they have witnessed your endurance and have likewise witnessed your faith and trust.

The Teachers

Evelyn: Would it be possible to hear from one of the personal teachers? There are some people here who, to the best of my knowledge, haven't heard from their teachers, at least not in this group setting. We certainly enjoy hearing from you, Elyon, but if they have no objection, would it be possible, if there are no other questions or topics?

Jonathan: I am getting the name Jansel.

Jansel: It is with great enthusiasm that I have approached this mission. It is not often that I am willing to undertake large projects; I am more inclined as a personality to make little steps to find fulfillment in accomplishing short goals. But I have taken the leap to be involved in this project which I have been told in my training could last for several centuries. This is a fortunate time to be here on this world, as it is being prepared for Michael, that he may have his bestowal world restored to its rightful conditions.

I am happy to make myself known to you all and to my associate Kirk. Over the course of time we will be leaving our fingerprints on the experience of others as we go about our work, as we learn to integrate our high ideals into the seemingly chaotic events of life on this world.

Indeed, as this is a rare occasion for me, I find myself searching for words. But I do convey to you love, love that is not containable in such a small word. Thank you for encouraging me.

Darid: This is Darid, and I wish to complement you, Evelyn, on your fortitude, your determination in your projects, for you are exhibiting the ability to be unmoved by obstacles, these recent glitches in your effort to proceed. This is contributing well toward your future activities. You are aware that, as enjoyable as smooth sailing is, difficulties are the better builders of character. So, when complications meet you head on, meet them head on, for difficulties are never as strong as the determined personality that meets them. You have freewill and creative resources through which you are able to effect change. Difficulties simply are what they are, and that is that. Being static obstacles, once you conceive of a solution, they shatter like glass.


Daniel: Do any teachers have anything to say about the upcoming conference?

Solonia: I, Solonia, will comment.

Daniel: Thank you, dear.

Solonia: Let me take us back to my time in the garden. It was a cherished time for me when the Adamic children would gather around the Tree of Life and commune and share with one another in fellowship, to celebrate their accomplishments and to forecast the goals for the years that lay ahead. Your conferencing is similar. Though we did this on a daily basis, you are doing this in quarterly and yearly cycles. As you gather together and wind up your communal energy, you will all benefit from this infusion. When you spin back apart, you will scatter this energy in all the directions from which you have come.

This conference brings with it a different sort of attendance. Often gatherings of this nature are attended for upliftment and for sharing. In this case, there will be a healthy dose of ministry. This conference will contain both the element of play and recreation and the element of spiritual ministry. So, I encourage those attending to be on the alert for opportunities, and I encourage all attending to likewise be alert for the reception of ministry.


Elyon: This is Elyon, and I would wrap up our gathering today by making a little comparison.

You know the three wise men brought three gifts to Michael as he lay in that little crib taking on the form of Joshua ben Joseph. I would encourage you to realize you have three presences through which you may function. One goes without saying, your physical form. The other two are for you to develop and grow into. Rest assured that the Father is as real and even more so than is the form you inhabit. I encourage you all to make efforts at expanding your sense of presence. Farewell.