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Topic: Renewal

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Lantarnek here. I welcome you to another episode of encouragement, of reflection, and of promotion.

It is difficult for many beings, not just mortals currently in physical form, to maintain a head of steam, so to speak, when struggling to attain new levels, when striving to sustain current levels. We often do repeat our lessons for this very reason, much as you repeat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner nourishment cycles, that a lesson once given, though registered in the intellect and known in a statistical sense for having been stated and perceived, spiritually you benefit from recurring presentations and repeated applications. I address you today on the topic of renewal.



During your ascension you will oscillate through many cycles of growth and rest, ever climbing higher. Each time your rest will be in comparison to prior levels; what beforehand was a difficult level to reach and maintain yet now is your restful cycle. Subsequent to an attainment there follows the fine tuning and adjusting of your initial realization. This cultivation and pruning, this nurturing, strengthens the original insight or experience, yet these minor adjustments do not appear to have the same impact that the original awakening had. But as you know through many undertakings in your life on all levels, these finer adjustments really improve, actually polish, the first attainment, the first endeavor.

Although it is not of great benefit to simply foster enthusiasm and excitement for its own sake, its own end, I encourage you today to think of the process of renewal when you are feeling stale or stagnant.

Much like climbing a flight of stairs, let us picture your attainment of Paradise and the struggle to do so as giant steps. When you reach the nose of the first tread you can see the nose of the next and even slightly the nose of the higher beyond. Yet as you traverse across the tread toward the riser to climb to the next level, that viewpoint is obscured. Here in this level, growth cycle, one can face doubts; one can become confused, lacking the clarity of perception from the original view. Renewal is simply placing yourself in spiritual perspective back at the nose of the tread where you can, with your faith and with your trust, re-perceive those higher levels once faintly glimpsed. This provides strength and stamina before you make your next strenuous climb to actually attain that hoped-for ideal and goal.

Renewal is a refreshment of a status level already accomplished by you. It gives you enthusiasm anew for something which you already have struggled to accomplish. For those of you who practice music, this is much like returning to a song you know well after having spent time to perform one you are just beginning to learn. It renews your sense of ability. It invigorates your sense that you can accomplish something difficult, for it is the very demonstration of accomplishment beforehand.

I salute you all who review your lessons from all of us, for this renews you regarding prior presentations by us. It demonstrates that even a lesson of many years ago can still be applicable to you today, can restore your sight to the higher levels you seek.

In my closing I would once again restate that your time in stillness is an act of renewal. It is actually far more important in this regard than it is a method for higher attainment. It is a time of refreshment, for reflection, for daily life is the arena wherein you face the new hurdles and climb the new mountains. Thank you for hearing me today.


Mark: Those were beautiful words on ascension.


I wonder at the relative difference of one of our caliber of spiritual ascension as compared with fusion. I always thought it beyond our grasp for this life. Is fusion a level tenfold, one hundred-fold, one thousand-fold, beyond our accomplishments to this point?

Lantarnek: The ability to fuse with the Father's Fragment is, in the scale of Paradise ascension, right at your fingertips. This statement is most true subsequent to your having made your eternal decisions regarding the Father and eternal life and your service for Him and your growth toward Him. But like my reference to polishing and adjusting, once you have this decision behind you, there is a whole new array of adjustments that you must undergo. These are quite numerous; in a sense it is like this: Prior to your supreme choice you can liken your spiritual progress to our oft-quoted analogy of the jigsaw puzzle where all the parts are in the box and all the potential is there for this attainment. Your supreme decision is equivalent to spilling the pieces out on the table. Now begins a great process of assembly. Yet, without opening the box, none of the adjustments could be made. To have lifted the lid is the most important thing you could have done and begins the inevitable attainment of fusion, that of assembling, perceiving and, in this case, becoming that big picture.

Mark: I perceive that we in this room have taken that step of opening the box. Am I correct that to race toward fusion is not necessarily the goal? There's no real hurry. Putting together the puzzle is our task.

Lantarnek: Yes, fusion is an event of eternal consequence, and its time orientation is insignificant in regard to the eternal ramifications. Your diligent and careful work in cooperation with the Father makes the event nearer at hand. Your hankering for, your intense desire to fuse, will in no way bring you any closer to the event itself. Your alignment with truth, your love for beauty, and your living goodness will go far greater in bringing about the event than to pray for and wish for that event itself.

In some ways the assembly of the puzzle has many events of enjoyment as you begin to discern fragments of the picture, and clarity begins to dawn on you as to how it is going to finalize. Those are multiple, and those are quite fulfilling. The actual completed picture signals a completion. After your fusion, you will be faced with a completely new horizon, one that you are more greatly endowed with divine power to attain, but one that, though rising out of your past experience, is now based upon an entirely new reality, your union with God. This you could liken to returning to your game store and walking aisles in search for which of the many puzzles you will open next. To seek the Father before your union with His Fragment is a different undertaking than will be the undertaking subsequent to fusion. You will note that that undertaking stretches over far greater periods of time than the one prior to fusion. This is why I tell you your fusion is at your fingertips.

Mark: Thank you.

Lantarnek: You are welcome. In my capping off my little discussion I would remind you that the Spirit of Truth is the handrail that will guide you all the way to the head of the stairs.


Elyon (Mark): This is your friend Elyon, and I would add but little to the words of your Melchizedek instructor. What I would add is the perspective that you who are aware that you are assembling this spirit puzzle, that you are actively engaged in the construction of this image before you with intent and with purpose, are indeed making great strides for the very reason that you do this with purpose, you do this with certainty and you do this with faith. There are many who do not yet possess this perspective of understanding to realize that they are indeed engaged in this process and that there are levels of successive growth involved in this process as you are aware.

When you first start with your puzzle it is much like one designed for a child. As you succeed in completing your task, you would then move on to a puzzle of greater challenge, one designed for an adult. If you persist, you may be challenged by a puzzle created for an expert. It is your choice; it is your pace, and you are in awareness of what you are about. Even though there may be times of uncertainty and darkness when you fumble for the pieces, and you are uncertain of their relationship to the whole, you are aware that you are piecing together this image of reality, this image of the greater whole. Therefore you press forward even in misunderstanding and darkness; you try again and again until you find the piece which you are looking for that allows you to link these patterns together.

As you have seen in your exercise, if persistent, you will find this piece. It is there right before you. It is simply at this time not uncovered, not examined thoroughly enough to be utilized by you, but it is there. It is contained in your box. There are no missing pieces to thwart you. It is simply a matter of persistence and faith that you will in time assemble the entire image and meet with certain success.

It is often hard to provide adequate perspective to those involved in the process, which is why we attempt so many times to refer to your progress in relationship to your previous state and as relates to your potentials. We are attempting to act as your cheerleader squad, constantly reminding you of your accomplishments and luring you towards your accomplishments just ahead of you. You are indeed making excellent progress, and there is, of course, much more that lies ahead of you. We will remain on your side cheering for your every advancement and attempting to make you aware of these advancements as they occur so that you can be refreshed in these accomplishments and rejuvenated in these achievements.

Remember when your current puzzle is completed you will smile with affection and appreciation at your accomplishment, and you will realize the many steps you have taken to accomplish this. You will rest on your laurels for a time, and then you will seek greater challenges. You will open and dump another box. We will be there to assist and to acknowledge your steps as it is also very exciting for us to see the great changes which occur when you exercise your abilities.

I have no more comments for the day and would retire unless otherwise instructed.


Mary: I would like to note how your and Lantarnek's words tie into what Tom related, how his friend's position didn't appear too good until you expand your view to include how far he has come. We should not only apply the principles to ourselves but use them in our relations with others to help us treat each other kindly.

Elyon: Our lessons are meant to be helpful to you both individually and personally at the time that they are delivered, and they also carry another level, a level of examples that we would wish you would adopt toward those who are behind you in this evolutionary process.

You note that we repeatedly and often praise you for the advancements you make. We are never hesitant to accommodate you at the level at which you want to engage us. We are always offering the positive alternative to your situation. We exercise great patience with your attention spans. These are all qualities which we would hope would rub off on you as teachers in your realm. To accommodate those who are in your sphere of influence, to look to the good in any given situation, to reach and teach at any given level you are sought, and to always provide a positive and loving, and accommodating perspective, this does far more than any lesson, any message, any words that may happen to pass across your lips. Your attitude in acceptance, love, tolerance, patience says volumes more than your potential solutions or steps to alleviation of unfortunate circumstances of those around you. So, I am pleased you have made this association. We are always pleased when we hear of the conduct of one of our young students being exemplary, as was shared earlier today in the sharing session.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): Lantarnek speaking again. I would like to elaborate a little more on this puzzle analogy.


Picture in your mind the classic shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece, and now view that as your being and view it as, likewise, cut up into many, smaller puzzle pieces. Some of them are provided by the Father and some you, due to necessity of evolutionary growth, must actually create for yourself to help form this puzzle. When you are complete you will notice that you mesh with others.

You spoke this morning of resurrection in special groups. You are also aware that the angels aspire to bring into association kindred spirits to function together. Much of your friendship and bonding at this time is because you are beginning to fit your puzzle together with another's puzzle. You have clustered yourselves into a group. But each of you is incomplete. There will come instances when you will meet another partial puzzle piece and find you cannot connect. This may be due to your own incompletion or theirs or both. The spiritually progressive individual realizes there is no need to call off a relationship but rather to continue to love and to understand the momentary differences, and in the settled age of grand universe light and life all meshing will have completed itself. Though that other individual who may not join you side by side, will join you in the overall assembly and will take his or her place in that brotherhood picture.

Mark: In an attempt to be more aware, I think this group has the potential to function as one of these working groups. If it is required to be in awareness of this, then I offer that awareness. I offer the willingness and desire to be involved in a group like that, and I think I speak for everyone.


Lantarnek: I salute you in your perception for two reasons. One, the milestone of knowing that you have before you pieces that are assemble-able into a portion. The other is that recognition where you understand that you are a portion in assembly and can now, as a group, lock in, interconnect, with other portions. Your awareness precipitates new undertakings for you and us. This will magnify also as other conclaves of personalities rise to and attain this awareness.

Thank you for making that statement. It is significant.

Mark: It is sincere, as well. May we seek the challenges particular to a working group working in harmony.

Lantarnek: So be it.