1999-01-17-Parts Make Up Beauty of Whole

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Topic: Parts Make Up Beauty of Whole

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you each. How wonderful it is to see you work with such high levels of spiritual maturity. Your discussion this evening was well needed, and as you each grow closer, you will find new and better group balance. Yes.


Each individual here this evening stems from differing backgrounds. There have been similar experiences shared between you, but varied enough to cause different perceptions. All of you have varying levels of education, skills, and gifts that would chance to play a role in the cosmic destinies of the planet and beyond. Of course, there will be differing opinions among you, and yet, as if each one of you were a piece of a puzzle, you could find a beautiful picture. Each puzzle piece having its function to add to the beauty of the whole.

Personality is unique and indeed bestowed by those on High. Personality does indeed add color to the completed puzzle. Mortal experience, personality and freewill all play a significant role in who you are now, and who you are becoming. As we live and work among one another we stumble over each other, we face difficulties as we attempt to find unity.

The Master, being so aligned with Father's will, found His mortal calling early on. Being divinely connected led Him to be more that He could have been. Seeking Father's will had endowed the Master with such character, strength, and spiritual knowledge. Had the Master chosen to go it on His own, without divine guidance, He could have in no way made such an impact. Do you see, His early decision to be spirit-led, to be in the divine will had led Him to do what He had been well equipped to do?

You each have read the apostles opinions of their Master. They each admired Him for various aspects, some were made to feel His crushing hard truths, some even had resented Him for it. Michael's decision to be within Father's will had begun early on. He could have made changes at any point in His spiritual career. He could have still been working towards His divine sovereignty over Nebadon. His decisions had gifted Him to fulfill His spiritual destiny.

You each have particular gifts or personality aspects which would endow you with certain abilities. Each role does add completion to the planetary picture and so on. You may enjoy certain individuals gifts or love them for their particular personality ingredients. On the other hand, you may also find individuals to be unpleasant or annoying. Each child of God does have their mortal spiritual experience, their gift of personality that makes them who they are, that adds to their social, moral, or spiritual skills.

Each child, as was also Christ, is gifted with some particular aspects that add to the puzzle. Perhaps we can find understanding and tolerance in each individuals particular functions, and instead of making hasty assessments of who they are, we could allow time to reveal their function in the puzzle. Jesus said, "The more you know of one another the more you love one another."


Over the next few weeks we will discuss these personality concepts and individual functions or callings, yes. I'm sorry--no questions. I am on a busy schedule. I also will give this lesson to others who have also reached your understanding. As always, my love goes with you. Look for me throughout this week. Until next week, shalom.