1999-10-15-Serving Two Masters

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Topic: Serving Two Masters

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Michael

TR: Bill K.



Christ Michael(Bill/Isaac): My children, this is your Father/Brother Michael present with you through my Spirit which indwells each of you. The subjects of your discussions have touched such a profound and important issue that I decided to make a vocal appearance in order to share with you my perspective and my experience when I was in mortal garment.


Indeed, the culture of the planet has evolved in many ways, in scientific advancement, in an explosion of knowledge, in communication connections and in the speed of change, etc., but the issue of serving two masters continues to plague Urantians even as it did in my days. Those of you who are familiar with my experiences as they are recorded in the Urantia Book and to some extent in the Bible are aware that the issue of what you term "materialism" was foremost in my experience as the major competitor with the Kingdom of Heaven. You see, my friends, it is a values conflict. It is a matter of what is the most important aspect of your lives. In one sense it could be seen as what is more important to you, to be related to persons or to be related to things.

All personal interactions have eternal significance, for the universe is personally based. Despite the impressive display of material power which emanates from the First Source and Center in the vastness of the stellar systems, constellations, galaxies, suns without number, space that is unimaginably enormous, yet more important to the Father, to the First Source, is the personal reality dimension.

You are material beings, and this is God's will. I personally have created you through the means that I have ordained and you in the experience of parenthood, bearing children, share as co-creators with your children. The material realms are not to be despised; they are not to be rejected. The solution to the conflict between the values of material enjoyment and spiritual growth is not resolved by a rejection of the material world.

When I was a young man I greatly enjoyed my harp. It was a beautiful instrument and I could express my feelings when I played it, when I sang to it, when I sang the Psalms and other scriptures I loved and had learned. We had to give it up, as you know, as our poverty increased and I could not bear to allow it to be given to the tax collectors, so I gave it away.

[TR/Editor's note: I thought this was a TR error at first, that he "gave it away".. The UB says it was sold. But the meaning of "gave it away" was an emotional truth despite the fact that it was sold to allay increasing poverty. When something valuable is relinquished we often say . .I gave it away,.. no matter what price it brought. This understanding helped ease my self doubt about TR error]

I had no place to lay my head during my public ministry, unlike the foxes and the birds. But that was because my life was a manifestation of the spiritual dimension; it was because it was Father's will that I be unconnected with material concerns. You remember that I did my job well as a child turning into a young man and shepherding my family, my younger brothers and sisters. But when it was time for my mission, then to some appearances it could be conjectured that I had rejected the material. However, this was never the case.

I appreciated the Olympics that the Greeks practiced to the horror of my father, Joseph. I encouraged those kind of games among my companions, games aimed at self improvement and the honor of honest effort and achievement. I appreciated the art of the Greeks; and yet at the same time I required of some who were in love with their wealth that in order to enter the Kingdom they had to give it away. I understand the temptation to place your security in that which is comfortable and that which gives you physical enjoyment. I do not disapprove of physical comfort in itself.

But more important than any of your relationship to things, to home, to jewelry, to artifacts of art, to cars, to the accumulation of things, far more important are your relationships with other persons, for in these are there opportunities to both give and receive love. The material universes are there to serve the needs of persons. Your bodies as material creations are there to serve the needs of your soul, of your mind. They are beautiful pieces of handiwork and they are material expressions of your souls. However, as the Father is unstinted love, sharing all with His co-equal Partners and They the Trinity share with the rest of Their creation the joy of personality existence, so do you share in this love in the pleasure of interacting as equals with other persons and the pleasure of co-creating both yourselves and others, your offspring.

But the most important person to relate to is the One who has made you, who indwells your minds and who is preparing you for eternal life. The Father within you is that person, who once you have discovered Him and recognize Him as the source of all goodness, you then desire to be like Him. This is the secret of life; a secret, my friends, on this planet for it has been long in the shadow of great darkness. The Lucifer rebellion, the Caligastia betrayal, the Adamic default, all of these things have made the reality of God within only dimly recognized until of late.

It is true that you walk in two worlds, in the realm of the Spirit and in the material world. As I walked in this world it was my express purpose to reveal the Father and to reveal perfected humanity to my universe. I achieved my goals and I appointed, taught, and lived with my close associates, the apostles and disciples. Once again do I walk among you, not in visible form now, but with each of you and with much more effective contact than when I was in the flesh. I am there with you, each, through my Spirit of Truth by which I now speak these words through the mouth of this my friend Isaac. You can hear me in your minds when you listen, just as you can hear my Father who speaks in your souls and in your minds.

You are the light of the world! Let your light so shine that all men may see and come and discover that within each of them is the well of everlasting life welling up. The world is starving for love and meaning and a purpose that transcends the mere material. It is hungry because this hunger is Faithful and True. Each person's Thought Adjuster creates that hunger. You, my friends, have been given to know the truth. You know the purpose of life, the source of strength, the most important thing, hunger and thirst for righteousness; which means [doing the will of God] and all these other things will be added.

Enjoy this beautiful planet. Enjoy the beauty of art. Enjoy the grandeur of music. But most of all enjoy the dynamic, tender, absolutely sublime relationships of love. In the doing of these things will you be like cities set upon a hill where others cannot fail to notice.

Take it one day at a time. Make it a point to commune with your Indwelling Spirit each day as I did. Make it a point to think of me by you side, as I am. Ask and you shall receive. If a son asks his father for bread does he give him a scorpion? He gives him what he needs; and so does the Father give you what you need.

My promise to return to this planet has been fulfilled numerous time, but I withhold my plans from even my closest associates regarding my relationship to Urantia including you who are my friends because you do what I ask you to do. This planet shall become the crown jewel in my universe diadem. I am needing you all and I appreciate and commend you on your apostleship.


I thank you for listening to my sharing. Be at peace. Don't worry about anything. You are safely in the care of the Father of fathers, of the Creator of all that is. His love literally upholds the universe. My children, good evening.