2000-01-16-Let Go Of Fear

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Topic: Let Go of Fear

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, I am Ham and I am happy that we have gathered again here this evening. Tonight, our lesson will involve letting go of fear.


Fear, Anger

Gradually, as you grow in the spirit, you find that episodes of fear such as jealousy, envy, malice, disappointment, and so forth are less deep and less long-lasting. The periods of weeping, of being unbalanced, being afraid of tomorrow, are less and less as fear has less and less a hold upon you. Because you see children, the more you grow toward the Father, the more you incorporate love into your being, gradually you are replacing the fear-based emotions with love-based emotion and you can move from despair toward hope more quickly and easily. This entire existence is largely the process of incorporating love so much that fear is gradually banished from your lives. Do not be surprised to find yourself having fear-based emotion, this will still happen all of your lives, but you can move out of it easier and more quickly the farther you advance in the Father's embrace.

The immature human is ruled by these fear-based emotions. More and more these emotions drive the immature person into untenable situations. The mature person who is able to quickly release fear and move into love has the ability to avoid these terrible situations and is more capable of controlling their situation from a standpoint of love and reason than the immature person is able to do. You will have defeats, you will have disappointments, you will fall and skin your knees in this life, and this is all meant to give you something immanently more valuable than anything you might lose in this life. When you rise after having fallen, you gain character. It is said, the measure of a person is not taken in success but rather in defeat. This is when you demonstrate to your angels and your indwelling spirit how far along you really are.

So, how do you release fear? There is only one way, to allow yourself to be comforted. You must all of you learn to open your hearts to comfort whether it is comfort given by a friend or given by the Master directly. This is potent medicine. Think of times when you have been frightened and alone and perhaps a kindly stranger gave you comfort. How wonderful this is. This is the will of Michael that you should take comfort in one another and comfort in his love. When you give or receive comfort, you are directly partaking in the Master's love.

Children readily receive comfort and request comfort from their parents. As you grow, there may be times when comfort has not been forthcoming. There have been many times in your lives when you have rejected comfort . But a small child never does this. A child will receive your love quite freely. And so it is that you must become like little children to enter into the Master's loving presence. Remember now, do not reject comfort as it is offered you, for you are rejecting Michael's will. Nor should you ever withhold your comfort out of petty feelings of jealousy or spite or what have you for then you are rejecting Michael's will.

You will find whether you are giving comfort or receiving comfort, you are simultaneously releasing fear. As you release this fear and partake of divine love, your soul in actuality grows and becomes more real. Are there any questions at this time.



Q: To some extent in humans, fear is constitutional/genetic, that is some people are more prone than others to have a fear response. Can you talk about how this relates to that level of fear response?

Ham: Yes, this is so. Fear is part of the animal level body mechanism, but all human beings have an equal opportunity to overcome this fear. Some people hold onto it without knowing that is what it is. Society has not understood that fear underlies many emotional responses, that fear and anger are essentially the same thing. When this is understood, great gains will be made. Is this helping?

Q: NO matter what your genetics are, you can over come the fear as easily or with as much difficulty as the next person?

Ham: Yes, I would say that this is so overall.

Q: Isn't the disparity between the racial factors, doesn't that make a difference?

Ham: Not particularly, each racial blend has developed societal norms that allow the expression of fear. They may be different, but they are always a part of the social fabric.

Q: That's not what I was talking about. You know what I am getting at about the disparity, you have a lot of Adamite and then but with some animal racial factors which make it difficult to tolerate that higher frequency, vibrational frequency.

Ham: Yes, I knew what you were saying and my answer stands.

Q: Ham would you put shyness in the same group as those other emotions you were talking about?

Ham: Certainly.


Q: In our medicine, we give drugs to people who are suffering from extreme levels of fear. Is that also a form of comforting?

Ham: It can be, but usually medication simply masks the fear and so the fear continues to build. It is not really dealing with the problem.

Q: Those so called higher racial characteristics and assets once the spiritual path is accepted then that would all even out.

Ham: Yes.


Q: Ham, I went to see my mother today in for the first time in two weeks. My constant prayer has been how to comfort her. I don't know if I am or not. Something disturbed me. I read in the U-book that when the mental faculties are gone the Thought Adjuster departs. Surely, her angels are still there, surely there is some way she is comforted.

Ham: Of course, my dear. When the Thought Adjuster departs, it is an indication that the soul is no longer growing. But, that does not remove her humanity or her soul which is still there and this is simply a temporary situation where her Thought Adjuster goes to Paradise to receive all the knowledge required to bring her rapidly forward as soon as she is resurrected in the next life. The angels are still present, there is no deterioration of status at all. This is a slow and difficult path toward graduation, but you must see the hope that is also there. Painful as it is for you and her alike, it is very short and it is not affecting her soul. Is this helping your understanding?

Q: Can she receive comfort?

Ham: Yes, it's just harder.

Q: Do you have a personal message for me tonight please?

Ham: Of course, my son. You continue to make steady progress spiritually. And you are dealing well with some moral advancement. Yes, you are beginning to understand that righteousness is simple and simple is the most welcoming way. Peace is found in that simplicity. Take steps toward peace every day. Self-respect is deepening and your self-acceptance is growing as well. Therefore, continue upon this path and you will be blessed in righteousness.

Q: Righteousness is simple and evil is complicated.

Ham:That is so.

Recently I have had a strong desire to find a new home for Mark and I to move into. I wonder what my motives are and whether it would be a good move for a growth or if I am restless and just need some kind of major event. I don't know where my drive is coming from.

Ham: Yes, a new home is symbolic of a new life, of leaving behind the old and embracing the new. This could be beneficial for you both, but it is not something immediately necessary. Allow the seraphim to guide you in this matter.

Q: Ham do you have anything for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly my son. You feel like you have been climbing a mountain but the mountain is not an obstacle, it is a pathway. But at times, it is dizzying to look down and to the past and equally dizzying to look up and into the future and so you tend to cling to the wall. Releasing the fear and allowing comfort will also give you the ability to move forward. This moving forward is sometimes dependent on accepting where you are also. But that is not that hard. This week, practice saying "so what" to a lot of situations. So this is where I am right now, so what. Remember, it's not so important where you are today as where you are going. And son, you have a glorious future awaiting you. You do not see it, but I see it and you must believe.

Q: Ham, Joe couldn't make it but asked for a message please.

Ham: Certainly. There are times when life is either overwhelming or underwhelming and you seem to feel like you are rocking back and forth between the two. It's either too much or not enough. This bespeaks a lack of balance and a need to find proportion so that you are better able to tell what's priority and what is not. Think about balance this week, balance and proportion. And be at ease my son, for you do well.

Q: Do you have a message for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Certainly, my son. You struggle with some issues of self-punishment where you feel unworthy and beneath contempt one moment and especially blessed and morally fragrant the next. Finding peace with yourself entails deepening self-acceptance and this is difficult and yet wonderful at the same time. Accept yourself with a little more light heartedness. Often your humor conceals real angst. So you need to also practice saying "so what" and remember where you are going. As we discussed, life is hard and no one gets through it without some skinned knees and stubbed toes and often with much more serious injury. So have some proportion, some self-forgiveness and just keep moving forward because you are doing fine.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Esmireda?

Ham: Certainly. Daughter, you do well. Be careful of falling into too much of a routine that restricts your social outlets. Broaden your friendships, and deepen those that you have. This will help you in many ways.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Daughter, there is a part of you that is very much still the little girl who wants to please everybody and so you often put your own feelings and desires behind those of others. You are making progress, but you still have feelings of frustration and self- denial. Opening your feelings is essential.

Q: Leea went to this doctor and there is a lump in her breast and she wants to know if that doctor would be effective and would be the right one for her in case they have to take it out or whatever.

Ham: Do not fear my daughter, this doctor is fine. We do not see anything to be alarmed about. But, yes you should follow this doctor's direction for she can help the problem. Do not fear.

Q: Charlie B.

Ham: Son, you are doing well and you are moving very rapidly into a greater and more love-filled existence. This is a time for rejoicing and happiness for you are making great progress and should be happy to know this. Contemplate this evening's lesson. There is nothing specific at this time.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you are doing very well. You have a remarkable ability to find the bright side of any situation and your buoyant personality gives light and hope and faith to many others. Be at ease my daughter, you do very well.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Son, you faith is unwavering you must also have faith in yourself and know that you are a man worthy of love and respect. So, you must give these things to yourself.

Q: Do you have anything for me this evening?

Ham: Of course, my son. You are naturally a very steadfast and loyal person and this gives great comfort to many people. You also have a great deal of determination and are not easily dissuaded from pursuing any goal. This is like a beacon of light to many people. Truly are you dedicated to the Father and his will. You are also one that is dependable so that when the Master calls you, he can depend upon your answer. Be at peace my son, for you are doing very well.

Amelia. Daughter, you are doing wonderfully. Be stimulated by difficulties, and enthralled by the challenges before you. You are one who has embraced life fully and will not let go. You are doing well and making progress each day. Be at peace, my dear, all is well.

Q: I just want you to know how much everyone in this room sends their love to you. If you have a message for me I would appreciate it.

Ham: I am very grateful for your love. Yes, you have steered your ship through some stormy seas and are better for the experience even though at times you may wonder about this. Remember that the Father does not give you a load that is too heavy nor does he require you to carry it for too long. You are allowed to put down your burdens. Give yourself permission. Remember that even if you stumble, the Master is there beside you to pull you up and carry you a mile. Receive his comfort, you are worthy of it. Continue to open your heart to him, you are doing very well.


Is there anything else? Then, I will depart until next week when we shall gather again. Until then, my prayers and my love are with you each.