2000-01-25-'Alien' Visitation, Most Highs on Urantia

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Topic: Most Highs on Urantia

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Henry Z.


Opening Query

TR: Machiventa, I am interested in knowing a few particulars about the Most High Vorondadek Sons. I am interested in knowing if the Most Highs ever visited the evolutionary worlds, and I am curious as to whether or not they have ever visited our world, Urantia?


Greetings my friend. Thank you for an interesting curiosity. As a matter of fact, the Most Highs do not visit upon the evolutionary worlds. In particular, though, Urantia was visited twice by a Most High Observer, a Vorondadek Son. The first occasion was a visit which had a direct influence upon the unusual bestowal in which I participated. The Most High Observer visited Urantia before my bestowal. This unusual visit was to get a first hand look at the "spiritual situation on the planet" in preparation for the terminal bestowal of Michael of Nebadon, here on Urantia. It was actually upon the recommendation of this Most High Observer that I was picked from a group of volunteers to come to your world.

The second circumstance which prompted a visit by the Most High Observer was the impending 'crucifixion' of Michael while living on the planet as the Christ. This particular visit was a precaution to any celestial activity which might be called into action during this time.

Machiventa, could you tell a little about how the Most Highs rule in the affairs/hearts of men.

Well this is certainly a leading question. I can say that the Most Highs rule in the affairs of men by their direct consideration and orders to the attending celestial helpers who assist in the orderly and systematic observation and dutiful loyalty as regards their attending to the duties of their particular office.

Machiventa, I guess that I am more interested to know about the Vorondadek Sons, in particular their personality and how are they compared to their brother/counterpart administrators the Lanonandek. In my mind I sense a very personable and friendly regard to your order and to Michael. I have observed a more guarded stance with the Life Carriers, and I have spoken to Adam, the Material Son and he certainly had a friendly but less brotherly sense than either yourself or Michael.

Thank you for this observation and concern. Certainly both the Vorondadek and the Lanonandek Sons are personable and friendly in person. Their office does engender an authoritative stance especially within their councils. They are certainly not preoccupied with idle and curious interchange. As regards the chain of command, The Most Highs are the constellation Fathers. They hold the highest administrative positions in the Universe of Nebadon. The high administration of Salvington is staffed by associates of Michael and answer to his recommendations.

It is in particular that the Most Highs have the responsibility to coordinate the administration of their system sectors through the constellation headquarters of Norlatiadek. These sectors are composed by the extraordinary number of evolutionary worlds which fall under their jurisdiction. Their particular rule within the 'affairs of men' have in general to do with the planning and coordinating of the activities of individual worlds in relationship to their surrounding neighbors. What is peculiar to the order of the Vorondadek Sons is their ability to rule in particular detail concerning an individual world on a daily basis.

Their orders are forthwith forwarded and carried out by the offices of their administrative counterparts on the particular System capitols. The System administrative headquarters are overseen by the order of Lanonandek Sons who are also similar in personality composite to their Vorondadek brothers, though seemingly more 'friendly' in their nature.

The nature of these Sons are of a particularly administrative nature. They function completely as do all orders of Universe Sons as to their personalities, though with a particular affinity to administrative qualities.

Machiventa, could you comment about the administration of this planet.

Yes, this planet enjoys a particular and unique administration. The basic administration is composed by the twenty-four elders who have onetime served on Urantia in some capacity or another either as a mortal or otherwise. This council takes many of its directives directly from Michael. Many of the spiritual activities are coordinated through my personal association with the Melchizedek advisory group now resident here on Urantia. The Most Highs are routinely kept abreast of the activities here, both administrative and otherwise. Their involvement in direct planning and coordinating the spiritual efforts and agencies on Urantia has been more recently taken over by the elder counsel on Jerusem of Satania.

Understand, that even though Urantia enjoys a unique administration, the full lines of administrative authority are still intact. Michael is taking a personal involvement in your planet’s administration through the elder counsel, the Teaching Mission, and the Archangel headquarters which was established here several millennia ago.

Machiventa, this leads into a topic which involves the publishing of a personal account by an individual stating that there is an advanced race of beings resident here with the capacity to observe. They are implying intentions to contact Urantia society for the purpose of bringing protocol into play which would bring Urantia into a Universal Brotherhood standing, in particular a galactic federation. There are also plans to set up an embassy to train humans to help in correcting many of the problems which plague us. Could you comment as to whether this is real, if it is, how is it connected with the celestial activities and spiritual activities here on Urantia.

Yes, sooner or later, I was anticipating this agenda. I will say that this activity in no way interferes with the celestial and spiritual activities on the planet. There are many different beings from all over the universe who are interested in this world for many reasons. First of all, this planet is somewhat notorious as it is; a victim of several spiritual defaults, not to mention the planet where the mortal authorities tried to terminate the Universe Creator Son on his final bestowal mission. There are many in the Universe who have evolved into a much greater universe missionary work such as you are discussing here.

Respecting the sovereignty of will of all mortal creatures is the first and foremost duty of all celestial and spiritual personality. We would only interfere when there is a threat or danger imposed from the outside upon your world. Concerning this, you should know that the greatest threat to your world is not from the outside, rather from amongst the population who inhabit your world.

As concerning the coordinating of these activities, the celestial, spiritual and federation activities, it certainly falls upon the will and coordination of your own mortal estate to provide such coordinating. It is not our responsibility to deny your planet any help it may receive. Certainly this is why the emergency Correcting Time measures are currently being applied on your world. You would do great service to consider just how your planet will at some time interface with its universe neighbors. It would be of great service to your world to realize that there are very kind and caring individuals who actually do not seek personal agenda in helping out their universe brethren. You would benefit greatly from less fear reaction. Yet there are many on your world, even amongst those studying the revelation who fear celestial contact. Certainly alien mortal contact is confronting to the power and individual self-righteousness of many on your world.

You also must understand that if anyone were to come to your world to prepare you for entrance into any universe federation, a tremendous amount of groundwork and protocol, possibly encompassing a century, would be necessary to prepare the planet for such a great event.

The divergent contrast in social inequity, inequality, and standards present unique problems to advanced beings, just as it does to your present social organizations. Many in the celestial realm are certainly at first appalled at the living contrast which is prevalent in your social organizations and societies at large. It is not an easy task, and certainly one that still confounds you as mortals. You are way out of synchrony in social evolution in respect to intellectual attenuation. The social habits of most of the mortals here are marginally 'civilized'. Many of you are treated as 'pets' by many in the celestial realm. We certainly do love you, but we would "never stick our hands in your mouths", to use one of your colloquial expressions.

So, yes, we are aware of much that is going on here on Urantia of which you are not yet privileged of knowing and experiencing. There is a great destiny which awaits your planet, as well as you and the majority of your population. When you move on to the morontia life and its many worlds, you will certainly be confronted to accept many things which will seem 'alien to you'.

You are given many 'clues' which are meant to prepare you for just such an activity which may be proposed to you. A lot of the ground work is already presented in the revelation to your world.

It is not our intention to over-detail these situations and experiences, for there is a tremendous therapeutic quality associated with you working out your own problems and situations as you are confronted with them.

Machiventa, will there be any coordination between the celestial administration concerning such impending visitation to our world.

Probably not. This is of a situation which directly concerns and affects you as a whole. It will certainly be helpful for us to watch how this potential situation may be dealt with. I can say that this would not be an isolated incident in the Universe of Nebadon. As concerns the celestial administration, we will rely heavily upon the mortal coordination of extra-terrestrial visitors to interface with this present society and its spiritual ramifications. Certainly we will be available to guide you every step of the way. You must understand that we could not and would not interfere in any beneficiary help of any kind which the planet might receive from anyone in the Universe.

What I will say to you is that if the situation does present itself for Urantia to be inducted into a galactic federation, then your Boundaries will be defined and at that point and in the future, you will have certainly more control and awareness of who comes into your 'space'. You will be included in all monitoring which is going on by others off world.


It has been good to relate this information to you at this time. Many have been seeking affirmation from many of the teachers about these instances for many years as of now. It has been a policy not to divulge this information, because it is not within our jurisdiction. Your forthright curiosity has prompted me to make this statement at this time.


Greetings to you. This interview was transmitted last night. Any discussion for now should be detained to this list. This is an interview with Machiventa Melchizedek. This interview is the result of several questions which I posed to him concerning a pertinent topic which I have been grappling with for some time.

This interview was taken as I drove home last night from Arcadia, Ca. I was asked by Machiventa to not put this on the TML list. I was given permission to send this to several people. I am seeking permission to have this printed in the next life and light journal.

I certainly am available for any feedback which any of you may have and will include this activity within the list I am sending this on. If any of you feel that any other should be included on this list, do not hesitate to say something. I personally feel that since this interview was granted and questions answered, that this information should be made available to others. Machiventa felt that the current teaching mission list should not be used to disseminate this interview.

T/R: Henry Z.