2000-10-09-Midwayers Return, Mental Health

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Topic: Midwayers Return, Mental Health

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Benson, JarEl, Tomas, Machiventa

TR: Steve



Greetings, This is Benson.(Steve) In the coming weeks and months, many of the messages which we transmit through this team network will place an emphasis on the current spiritual, intellectual and physical crisis which is so disturbingly intensifying on Urantia. We urge any of you who receive these messages at any time during the week to transcribe or record these messages so that some of these thoughts may be shared in the group settings around. Efforts are being intensified so that those teachers that will, make every effort possible to work through spiritual as well as secular channels in order to reach the largest number of outsiders as possible. An effort to make all aware of the seriousness of the crisis so that solutions may be discussed will be forthcoming.

The root cause of most of these events occurring are spiritual in origin, however those who don't have the same spiritual understanding as yourselves, need to be addressed using more conventional means. Thank you.



Greetings to you, I am Tomas. It is an honor to speak to you this evening. There are not many groups left to address in this teaching mission. I will say a few words on the preparation of the soul. Preparation of the soul is an attitude of faith; an adjustment in perceiving the will of the Father in your life and your life's work. It is not a tremendous undertaking. You being here for such a short time, many are not aware of how much you actually achieve. Preparation of the soul is not an issue of dramatic proportions but an adjustment of attitude. It is necessarily helpful to adjust yourself mentally and attune to the vibration of the Father within. That sense of spirit which resides in your mind and heart. Sense this whole quietness. This aspect of self which is not concerned with particularly who you are, what you think you are about, but this spirit is concerned with bringing you into greater awareness of yourself and your purpose here. This spirit will bring much more meaning into your life. These are my thoughts for you today. Thank you.


[Machiventa]: Greetings my friends. I have stopped by to deliver a short announcement this evening. I would like to announce that we are receiving much needed help on this planet in the ranks of the unseen warriors and that the rehabilitated rebel midwayers are being returned to this planet. In due process will resume within the working ranks of the United Midwayers Association on Urantia.

We anticipate success in their ability to prove their worthiness. We also anticipate a more profound and recognizable influence within the social fabric of this world. Many of the celestial beings who at present are teachers and guides are just visitors to this world. They are not permanent citizens and their duties are somewhat proscribed in terms of their functions here. The midwayers serve in a capacity that is tremendously helpful both with the intermediate spiritual agencies and the planetary necessity of interfacing with the human race. Their help and their model service is of an invaluable nature and you would do well in acknowledging them. Thank you. IN Michael's service, I am Machiventa.

Fear, Mind

[JarEl]: Greetings to you, it is I, JarEl, It is good to be here and welcome to all of you as well to those who are here for the first time. Our most recent discussion, touched upon the pattern and concept of health. This evening, we would like to continue along these lines.

In particular that area of health which is the most direct and influential to the mind. The mind is an arena of choice. It is a stage. You can choose the activity, dialogue and the characters. You can create your own scenario. So much of the well being and happiness of the individual is directly related to the mental activity involved within your mind.

The biggest obstacle to mental balance and mental health, is the obstacle of fear. We know that fear is a word with many connotations, yet the important aspect we want to focus upon is how much attention fear is given. Fear feeds upon attention. Grows fat and overpowering, monstrous, even demon'esque. It is best when dealing fear to just acknowledge its presence and go about cheerfully with your work. All to often it is very easy to give more importance than is necessary to any aspects which are attached to fear.

Fear is one of the initial ingredients, a default mechanism implanted within the mind arena for the sole purpose of attempting to survive the initial stages and development of the human species. It is connected to you mind much the same was as instinct is well integrated into the nervous system and the electro-chemical systems of the physical body and mind. For many of you, this will be the one area where spiritual mind will meet its greatest challenge in the human species. What is it about health and the mind.

Clear thoughts, direct actions, prompt decisions, health and happiness, healthy challenges, success help create the kind of life you want to live. Having a more dynamic spiritual relationship with God. This is a pattern for health. There is a clear connection between thought, decision and action. The less hesitation, the greater the functioning as an effective human. You ask yourself, "Why is life so difficult, Why is it so challenging?, Why wasn't I created a little more perfect?"

Having been human myself at one time, I can relate with tremendous compassion, upon your human condition and challenges which confront your mind and your will. It is quite dramatic and intense to ponder that in this gigantic universe ruled from the beingness and center of perfection that you as humans at the very end of perfections take your existence.

So much at the end of perfection that God chose to send a spark of perfection to indwell with you in the imperfect life to be a companion and friend throughout your spiritual isolation. To indwell the animal mind and to gradually through the ages, to train this mind generation after generations and millennia of generations, train this mind that it begins to perceive its kindred nature to spirit. It begins to distinguish its heritage. It begins to awaken to its purpose and meaning. It becomes sensitive to the presence and function of spirit. This is the mind arena of choice. Your minds may be like the planet itself, spinning around; one day sunny, the next dark. Nothing is constant, and whatever is constant and repetitive is either automatic, and if it is automatic it is definitely not spiritual.



So begin to practice. Bring the mind in reference to spirit. This is the stillness. Take reign of your mind. Take the reins of your mind and harness, occasionally pull on it and get control of yourself.

Gradually and in time the presence of spirit becomes much more real and certain. You begin to feel it. This is where we are going with this talk. We need to begin to feel spirit. Feel the spirit of spirit's presence. Feel the spirit as a new energy coming into your mind, into your veins, through your nervous system, through your breath. Sense the presence which spirit has on all aspects of living, and attitude.

Many times, not until you have exhausted your own thinking that you begin to ponder the very significance of the indwelt presence.

One of the difficult areas of thought in mind activity is to discern what you have control over and there begin to exercise your control. Begin to move thought into an ever present reality until conscious becomes oneness with God. Thank you.