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Topic: Blessing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Lantarnek, Elyon, Evanson

TR: Jonathan



Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Behold we gather in the presence of Michael and Nebadonia who constantly overshadow us with love and watchcare, ever seeking our upliftment no matter who we are, born in flesh or raised from any world within their jurisdiction; those created complete in skill and those who must acquire their abilities through the evolutionary process. Ever and always do our universe parents care and nurture us.

I am Lantarnek, and I greet you. Today I will speak on "blessing". This is a difficult word for many, for it carries the stigma of saintliness.



All of you are sensitive to your selfhood and know that your brotherhood is of a nature of equality. Spiritually you are one, and yet I do encourage you to consider yourself as one who blesses. For another to receive blessing the one who blesses upholds the receiver as a beloved. To be loved is to be considered an equal, to be considered a child of the Father. When you are in fellowship and communion with another of your kind it is natural in spirit function for you to be blessing, to be bestowing grace in the form of spiritual ministry, personality support, mutual guidance, and upliftment; for your associate is one you love. Every parent knows that even their little children are a blessing to them, though they are as parents greater in wisdom, broader in experience.

Michael blessed this world in his time of bestowal, and the world worships him to this day for his time spent here and the actions he took which have greatly helped this planet. But he likewise was blessed by the experience of humanhood. Today every one of you blesses him further because of your connection through his Spirit of Truth. Blessing is not restricted to the actions of a priest or a guru. It is freely to be given by everyone, no matter your stature, for to bless is to love and to be blessed is to be loved. It is the action of love. Blessing is love in motion.

Service, Influence

Elyon: I am Elyon; I am in your midst; I am thankful for our Melchizedek advisor and his conveyance to you today of this dynamic of love.

We naturally are inclined to seek the reception of our Father in our lives, His love and His guidance. For those who have spent time developing their spiritual natures there eventuates the desire to minister, to be of service, to give to one's fellows the truth and the joy that has been experienced. Even the three persons of Trinity itself function in this manner, for instantly the Infinite Spirit began ministry upon the revelation of absolute personality from the Father of All. It began before it could begin because of the absolute qualities of these beings and is now simply playing out slowly over time in all lives in many ways.

You are created in the Father's image, thus you are repeating this divine condition. Everyday when you rise you begin anew, refreshed, with the potential of revealing, as Michael did, the reality of the Father and the beauty of the truths of living within His family. It is hard for many upon this world to sort out through the confusion the goodness of the Father's plan. No weighty argument could describe its reality, its veracity. The best demonstration is you. This is the best form of blessing, demonstrating righteously, wholeheartedly, whole "souledly"; not to be recognized, noticed, or elevated in another's view but simply because you cannot contain the magnificence derived from the experience of fellowship with the Father and the universe family. A spring gives water to refresh the traveler, but no spring does so with the intent to be recognized as one who blesses, and this is the natural tendency of all spirit-born children. You cannot go through life having experienced the touch of the divine without affecting others. It would be as unnatural as a fire without heat.

I, at this time, would request from you comments and would receive questions, if you have them so formed. [long pause]



Elyon: Your silence brings to me the desire to comment on contentment. If we dissect this word and focus upon the fragment "content", it illustrates the nature of contentment, for when one feels empty, one hungers. When one has content one is content. It is good either way, to be hungry and to seek, to strive to know, and it is equally beneficial to have content and to be content. As you apply yourself you will continually oscillate through these two phases: hunger, the desire to receive; and contentment, having been filled and satiated.

Evelyn: Last week your lesson was about transition. Maybe we can be content in transition. I find myself feeling guilty for feeling content. Maybe I'm too isolated; I should interact more and be a blessing to others. I feel content not being around others. I guess it's the balance between being content and being in motion, transition.

Elyon: Yes, indeed. You might liken it to one at sail. When the sail is full and the vessel is in motion the sailor is content, though quite active, constantly observing the wind and the water and his direction to make progress. When there is a lull the discontentment will rise, and the keenness of observation can increase, looking for the opportunity to be at full sail once again. Contentment does not need to exclude motion. As I pointed out last week, the value of goal as a propellant; contentment, like goal, need not be an end but rather also a motivator for action. It is perhaps best to illustrate that from the view of one who spends much time developing a plan or prospectus. When that is complete, when the developer is content, then the actual construction or enactment will take place.

Evelyn: Tom, didn't you have a question?

Tom: I haven't formulated it. I'll save it until I can formulate it a little better.

Elyon: It is a discussion I look forward to and would welcome your inquiry at the time that you feel prepared.


Evelyn: I know you leave most material decisions up to us, but we do welcome your feedback on property development and other future activities we are contemplating. You know we are dedicated to this project and Light and Life. Your input is always welcome in decisions on what to do with our lives.

Elyon: I wholeheartedly support your endeavors and draw your attention back to the midwayer's portrayal of Jesus' life and how he engaged in manifold career opportunities, skill activities. Be not intimidated by a change in direction, for it does open doors to what was beforehand unavailable. You are always cared for, overseen, by angel and by ministering spirit. Though it may seem that such decisions are of a world nature, that is, having to do with livelihood, with your own personal lifestyle, these different contexts create new potentials for those celestials assigned to you to leverage greater growth. So you are encouraged to pursue new vistas. But be not anxious or worried that, should you select to maintain current modes of employment, current means of home maintenance, that you disappoint your assigned guides. You can by looking at the illustration of Jesus' life undertake virtually any activity and still develop your relationship with the Father and your relationship with truth in the form of enlightenment. But do know that it was a delight to all those who watched over Andon and Fonta when they did choose to head north. These decisions bring possibility. Do not let them intimidate you. Choose wisely.


Evanson: I am Evanson. Greetings to you.

Being young in morontia nature, I feel great kinship to you all. I have not ascended the realms to the extent that Elyon has, and I admire his wisdom, his demeanor. But I am also quite thrilled to witness your spiritual pursuits and your integration of your understanding into your daily activities. These are actions I did not pursue so consciously as you are doing while I was in my physical form. It is uplifting to witness you so energetically and so loyally pursuing the path, the footsteps, of our Master. Yes, in some respects, these are words that you may regard as a pat on the head. But I do stress to you that on a world as yours not unlike the world from which I came, these are necessary, for the ministry of structure is not overt on this sphere as is a normal planet, and you do not have the ever constant presence of beings who can acknowledge that your endeavors are worthwhile. This is one more reason why we teachers are instructed to emphasize the value of stillness. Not that a sound planetary government would negate any reason for spiritual time spent with the Father, but that without a planetary headquarters and various planetary outposts throughout the continents to help demonstrate the solidity and stability of the Father's universe plan it is even more important to make that contact within. At this point in time the planetary headquarters is in your worship chamber. Here is where you meet with the greatest administrator of all. The one who rules the universe is most capable of addressing your needs and guiding you on your path.


That being said, I am given the nod to draw a close today. Take care, my friends. Bless as you are blessed. Farewell.