2001-07-06-Preparation for Linkups

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Topic: Preparation for Linkups

Group: 11:11 Progress Group, Snowbird Conference


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Sandy Montee, Michael Painter

Session 1


Machiventa: "Hello George and Sandy. This is Machiventa."

George [Barnard]: "Greetings to you, Machiventa."


Machiventa: "We will talk just briefly this morning. A friend is waiting in the wings. This period (phase) will not always be as hectic for you as is the interval you are experiencing right now. So please, bear with us for just a few weeks, and your burdens will then lessen somewhat.

"In this amount of time (some weeks), we will be ready to progress to your next step in the Correcting Time -- the beginning of the International Linkup.

"Both of you will be engaged in the task of helping along a few people who are in fact natural leaders. This is a period in the Correcting Time when we will leave a lot of people blinking their eyes, and have them wondering what is happening to them. However, we cannot be soft, and at the same time get things done and progress.

"You both have been trying to link up with others (in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK) who have been questioning the purpose in their lives, and who are now ready to serve the Father. You will be able to tell them just enough to get them to the starting line, and then step back and let them go.

"As you know, the biggest job is to get them in position and at that starting line, and usually this takes just a few seeds of hope and encouragement. However, the task you chose for yourselves is just that.

"Michael will continue to do things his way, of course, and we have no right to interfere as God makes His will known to them, as He makes his will known to us. You have been doing fine so far in making the connections, and maybe you can also communicate just enough with your other mortal acquaintances, and coach them from the sidelines. Watch as they delight under Michael's care, as you have also been under our watchcare at all times.

"Your lives will be however much you make of them.

"There have been some with concerns among your acquaintances, who think they need to question everything about my "sometimes seeming change in demeanor". I am still the same Machiventa, your Planetary Prince. And, incidentally, Michael will not even consider taking that title from me. And, yes, I do teach love, and unconditional love, at all times.

"However, once in a while more progress is needed. I will continue to give lessons when I need to, and request others to go forward. I am sure you already know many who are ready to take off at the sound of the starting gun, and who are organized enough in their thinking to realize that they have arrived at that starting gate of their personal race for spiritual progress.


"We will talk with Bzutu. He and I are working (closely) together at present."

George: "Au revoir, Machiventa."

[transcript with Bzutu to follow later]

Session 2

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  • The Teaching Mission Retrospect & The Future
  • Friday July 6, 01 (evening TR session)

[Other subjects spoken to in this transcript: a.. Evolution of the TM over 10 years b.. You hear when others do not c.. Allusion to Naperville d.. Ask what you can do for the TM e.. Stillness f.. By their fruits you shall know . . . g.. You are fishermen h.. The Melchizedek schools


Greetings to all of you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am pleased to be here in what you call your 10 year anniversary of the beginning of the Teaching Mission in your country.


Teaching Mission

What is an anniversary? It is first a time for reflection. I ask each of you who have been involved in this Teaching Mission . .. Are you the same today as you were before you became involved?

In your text you are told that the only measure of spiritual growth is to ask one simple question... Do you love you fellow man more today that you did (yesterday)? You know within your hearts that your answer is yes! We understand that you are not perfect. We understand that you still can be prone to anger, to frustrations and all of the difficulties that you face on such a troubled world. But yet, is there not more compassion and more tolerance in your heart?

Another part of an anniversary is to celebrate. I want you to celebrate something this evening for me. I want you to turn to the person next to you and say "congratulations" and shake their hand. Do this now for me. (Group responds)

Whether or not this is your first involvement with this mission or whether or not you have been with us from the beginning, you must, and should, take pride in your accomplishments. I do not mean to suggest that any of you have reached perfection or are ready to fuse tomorrow. (group laughter) I think within your own hearts and minds you know that, and if you don't, ask someone close to you and they will assure you.(group laughter) But you see, my children, there is something special about you. Our Father and Michael, and I, and all the Teachers and your angels -- we love all of you. But some of you are more courageous. Some of you are not afraid to step forward. To embrace your text-the Urantia Book-was a great leap of faith, but to move beyond your text into the leap of faith of this Teaching Mission was even a greater leap. As you look around you see how few were ready to take this leap -- but you were ready. And I thank you, and I congratulate you, and you should feel extremely proud.

It is true that pride can be a difficult and dangerous characteristic. But, it is also true that you should also have a growing self-assurance and satisfaction, which is what I am calling pride in your accomplishments. You have accomplished much. You have been steadfast, you have continued to grow, through all of the difficulties, without seeing.

As we listen to your earlier discussion today about the events that did not occur, (Ed. Note: discussion was earlier about the Gabriel, Naperville, Melchizedek's expected appearances) you see how many fell away. The reason they fell away -- because they were not here for spiritual enlightenment.

They were here for other reasons. But you stayed the course and you know now the benefits.

With all effort comes reward. What is your reward? No, you are not necessarily in perfect bodies; you are not necessarily now rich; but yet, you are truly in growing in the wealth and the spiritual treasure of the kingdom. Many who seem to have more than you would truly envy you, but often they are so caught in a material course of life that they do not even understand that there is a difference. Do not compare yourself to them. Do not envy them.

True reality is in what you are here this night, and in all of these past ten years . .. to seek the Father, his goodness, his truth, his beauty and his love. That, my friend, is true reality. To the extent that you have identified and brought more of these into your consciousness, you have become not only richer, but more real.

If others do not understand, do not be concerned. As your text says, they will look at you and say 'how do you know,' and you will look at them with the love and the peace that you are now bringing into your soul -- and you will simply say 'how do you know that I do not know?'

But it is not the words that will convince them; it is the feeling that they will receive from you. For when you speak from the depths of your spirit, from the depths of your soul . .. this is what reaches them; this is what touches their soul. The words are easily forgotten and they flutter away as the leaves on a windy day, but, the connection that you made to their soul, remains. Will it grow - at that moment? That is not your concern.

Each person has their own spirit to guide them. It is not for you to judge their path or their progress along that path. It is only for you to reach out to them and to offer them the treasures that you have been given. Freely have you been given, and freely should you give. Show within -- this love, this truth, this beauty, this goodness that you now feel welling within your being.

Another aspect of anniversary is to also look to the future. One of your Presidents said "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Well I say now to you, my children, stop asking what the Teaching Mission can do for you and begin to ask what you can do for the Teaching Mission. You have been nurtured; you have been taught; you have been given much . .. but as a universe citizen you know that everything you learn, you have a responsibility to teach.

I want each of you to begin to think, to go into stillness, and ask for guidance from the Father . .. what it is that you can do to help this Mission grow - to make this planet a better place. We are engaged in a grand Mission -- the mission of restoration of this planet. This is not a joke. It is not something to make fun of. It is a serious commitment, and yet, you do not need to feel a heavy burden, for you see, we are your older brothers and sisters and we are going to walk the journey with you. There is nothing for you to fear.

Whenever you sense fear - whenever you sense doubt, simply stop. Go within. Call upon our Father. Call upon Michael. Call upon a Teacher. We are all here to give you the comfort and the guidance that will sustain you and help you as you continue to help us in this Mission. As has been said earlier today, we cannot do it without you. We need your help.

Each of you has been, and is now, commissioned to go forth and to spread the love, the truth, the beauty and the goodness that you are becoming. If you wait until you are perfect you will be far along in your ascension career, and as you look around there won't be many people to help. You see, my friends, as you look around now, there is so much work to be done. But the workers must be trained before they can do the work. These years and this time that you have spent in this Teacher Mission, has been part of your training. Of course it will continue. You will not be abandoned, you will never be alone.

But it is time for you to begin to take what you have learned and to teach it to others. How you do this is your decision, with the guidance of the Father and Michael. If it means that you introduce your text or this Teaching Mission to one more person each week, each month . .. if it means that you will help plan a conference like this . .. whatever it is my friends, there is so much work to be done. Everyone is needed. There is not one of you here who does not have a talent to contribute.

You say that 'I am not ready . .. I do not know what I have to give.' But in reality you are simply avoiding your responsibility. Are you to take this wealth and to hoard it within your castle and enjoy it only for yourself and never to share it with others? Is that the way of Michael? Is that the way your Teachers have taught you? No. Michael said everything that he had, that he was; every ounce of love within his being; every ounce of truth within his mind; every particle of goodness within his soul -- he never withheld.

And so it is time for you to increase your sharing. To begin to unfold the goodness that lies within you. Do not let others suggest that your goodness is weakness, for all of you know it is not. Again, whenever you need strength simply go to the well of love and you will be reinforced, just as the Master was. You will meet with rejection, of course. If the Master himself was rejected by many . .. do you think you are better than the Master? Do you know more? Do you have more love within your soul? I hope your response would be, no! But, if you do not have as much of the love and wisdom of the Master--and yet, some rejected him--then do not be disappointed. Do not be surprised that some will reject you.

You are fisherman casting a net. Many will slip through the net, they fight their way out. They want escape. Your job is simply to lure them - to whet their appetites. It is not your job to force them in any way. But you see, there are many of your brethren who do not know what alternatives they may have. They languish in spiritual darkness. They do not know of the love and the truth that you have received through your text and through this Teaching Mission.

So is it asking so much to simply make them more aware of this alternative?

Is that really so hard to do? Does that really take so much courage on your part? Reach out, with love, to all that you meet. Try to plant the seed. If it does not take root, do not be concerned.

Earlier today it was mentioned that there was a great fabric developing that will become the Supreme. Each of you is a beautiful thread within that fabric. Imagine what the fabric will look like if it has missing threads. It will simply look as if it is incomplete. Every thread is needed. Each of you is needed. All of you have something to contribute, something to share.

Far along in your ascension journey you might celebrate an anniversary. And it might be the thousandth or the millionth anniversary since your graduation from Urantia. And I want you to ask yourself a question . .. How will you look back upon your experience while you were on Urantia? Will you smile and say . .. 'it was an exciting time, there was so much spiritual darkness, there were so many lost souls and we reached out and we helped build. We helped pioneer the Teaching Mission that eventually brought Light and Life to the planet Urantia.'

Will that fill your heart with joy? Will that make you feel proud? Of course it will. Do what you can my friends. Begin now. Show who you are and who you are becoming. And one day you will have that anniversary, and you will meet up with your fellow Urantians, and you will have a great celebration and joyful time together.

Let us have a joyful conference. Let us celebrate not only what we have achieved so far but what we know what we can achieve together in the future. I will take a few questions if there is time.


(Comment: I am speechless.)

Machiventa: There is no need for words at times.

(Can it be a personal question?)

Machiventa: Of course.

(What can I personally do for my growth that will best assist my work, my bringing people to ascension?)

Machiventa: What have your Teachers told you is the key teaching to this Mission?

(Do you mean my personal work? I'm not sure I understand.)

Machiventa: All of the Teachers receive the same essential teachings to be made part of their curriculum for the groups. The central teaching for all of our Mission is that you spend time in communion with the Father each day. We have called this 'stillness.' We have called it this to give it a unique name, to separate it from other concepts that are in the evolutionary religions. When the Master was troubled, when he felt fear, when he felt confusion, when he wondered if it was his time to go forth upon his mission . .. what did he do? He went to commune with his Father. You see my friends, you search all around outside yourself for the answer when over and over we say to you my friends, my children-the answer lies within you. Go within.

There lies all of the love, all of the guidance, all of the courage that you need. Every day, I and every Melchizedek and every spiritual being, spends time in communion with our Father. And you will continue to do this throughout your ascension career. So why do you not do it now when over and over we have told you that this is the key to your growth? The closer you grow to your Father, the more you become who He is; the more God-like you will become; the more loving; the more filled with truth; the more filled with goodness and the more beautiful being you will be. Does that answer your question?

(Yes, thank you very much.)

Melchizedek Schools

(Machiventa, can you speak to the . .. about the Melchizedek schools of . .. the different groups that are out there that are receiving support, receiving guidance, that are beyond the Urantia movement -- to bring the many people to the Father?)

Machiventa: I will always say that we will work with those willing. Never perceive yourself as a chosen group. This is a great folly. Our Father and Michael loves all of his children. You have been given more help than many but it is because you have been willing to receive. We work with many groups.

I would not identify those groups because unfortunately for humans they interpret it meaning that this group is somehow sanctioned and this other group is not. You must use your spirit of discernment. It is quite simple:

When you find other groups who purport to be in contact -- while they purport to be religious -- by their fruits you will know them. Do they speak with love? Is their heart filled with goodness? Are they tolerant? Are these their goals? Are these the values that they cherish? If not, then smile, be polite and move away. The Teachers sometimes jokingly call me the 'no-nonsense man' (laughter) but there is a time when it is important to speak directly. And I know that you receive my words couched in the love that they are intended. My intent is not to chastise you. My intent is only to encourage you. You have awakened to your universe citizenship. We have put you into our schools. But in our schools you simply do not learn, you must also teach what you have learned. As a universe citizen, this is the way of education.


Go now my friends. Learn from all who are here. Love all who are here. Share with each other your joy, your goodness, your truth. Be buoyed. Be encouraged by all that you see here and all that you will learn here. But when you go back to your life do not hide what you have learned under your pillow. Keep it with you each day. Remind yourself of something that you have learned from your Teachers, from Michael, from the Father. Each day when you arise, say to the Father . .. 'Father if there is just one person that I could somehow help in any way today, I pray that you bring them to me so that I might further serve you.

Enjoy. Celebrate this anniversary. We are truly, truly proud of you. You have shown great courage and we love you so, so deeply. Do this task with us, but let us all do it, as the Master said, 'with good cheer.' Good day my friends.