2002-02-03-What Are The Mansion Worlds Like

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Topic: What Are the Mansion Worlds Like

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome each one here this evening. The great progression of life moves forward with the celebration of a new birth and the sadness of a death. Life as a material being is quite brief but fully preparatory for life everlasting.


Resurrection, Mansion Worlds

Everyone comes into full consciousness rather gradually. We have spoken of the gradual awareness of self growing as a part from other selves. During life, the soul grows as a result of continual moral decisions. Gradually, there comes a dawning when there is consciousness of something finer and more enduring than the brief candle of human life.

You have no concrete evidence, you have no videos of the worlds beyond this one and you are blessed that you can believe and by faith alone trust in your everlasting futures. As you grow and your souls begin to bloom in this life, your morontia mind, your mid level mind between purely material consciousness and spirit consciousness, this mind which is the best part of you begins to have one eye looking forward to the life beyond, even as you continue to strive and live and work on the path immediately before you. Always there is as though like a whisper saying, this is not all.

My own experience of physical death was one of overwhelming hope and complete faith. I saw the angels before me and consciously surrendered myself to them. So it is with many human passing. There is a time that seems that dreams are real and life is a bit fuzzy as the angels gradually prepare the morontia mind to surrender its material home. I remember very well ascending to the passage and then I remember nothing at all until I was awakened on that wondrous shore. There is nothing like it in your experience. There is no joy so complete, no gratitude so fine, as the experience of awakening in a beautiful palace, in a healthy and vigorous body, with the colors so beautiful and bright and the music so exquisite, the beings so tender and loving, so solicitous and kind. Nothing on earth can compare. Upon this new shore is a wondrous civilization unlike anything remotely glimpsed in your history. And, it is strange to relate, but, one feels immediately at home like you had been living there forever. There is no sense of social isolation, no feeling of insecurity. Your true self is awakened and you are at home.

Much of your animal nature -- the fear, the anger, the anxieties - much of this is part of your human body. In a better body with more stable energies and without the old animal legacies the soul is free to really bloom and it feels as though you grow very wise very quickly. Everyone upon these worlds treats everyone else with great respect. You will experience people that come from many different backgrounds, even other worlds, and they are interested in you and you are interested in them. Human beings that were greatly revered on this planet are simply spiritual pilgrims the same as you. You are all learning, all are making progress, and all experience is valued.

There are some formal type lessons, but mostly you learn by socializing with others. The older ones teach the younger ones and there is no sorrow, no hatred, no fear. There is wonder and awe and incredible experiences which as we say deepen and broaden the soul. There is art and music, theater and literature, things which are so poor upon this earth. There is true science, true mathematics, much beyond what is revealed on this planet. On these initial worlds, life is very full and all the problems, all the scars, all the deficiencies that you bring with you are remedied, healed, as you are prepared to progress in the universe. During this life, one may be completely unprepared to move on to the mansion worlds. But after this, each level of progression happens only with complete preparation and full assent. Nothing is forced. You are led.

When you reach the mansion worlds, you will be face to face with your seraphim, you guardian angels. They who are so vaguely glimpsed on this world will be bright and loving companions. They will help you to remember your many experiences on this world, for there were there through many and your memories will be very clear and very profound. Everything that you had hoped to do but were thwarted in some way you will have the opportunity to fulfill. You will have knowledge of this world and knowledge of many others. All in all your lives will expand greatly.

You must have no fear for your loved ones who have passed on before you. Some will be awakened ahead of you, some after you, and some you will see fairly immediately and others will come along by and by. The mansion worlds are very kind in that way. You are all free to be with who you want to be with. Parents are reunited with children, husbands and wives, siblings and cousins, and very much like life you all continue to live your lives. You will see your parents more as friends. There is no aging there. The bodies always continue to look youthful. It seems to me that with something that I had a hard time adjusting to, I kept gazing at myself hardly able to believe that I was young again.

On the mansion worlds, you have much greater communication with your indwelling spirit. This spirit that was vague and at the most very intermittent in its early communication is now ever present, ever overwhelming in its love and acceptance. On the mansion worlds you will not have a moment when you are not in consciousness of the Father's love.

Indeed, these first few weeks upon awakening are probably the most marvelous time in existence. Everything that was hazy in life, everything that was difficult and unclear and all the uncertainties seem to part like a curtain and I think it is an overwhelming sensation to say that if I had known it would be like this I would have come long before. But then of course, you think again and realize that the Master's plan, the Father's plan, and all those who carry it out do so unerringly and then you feel an overwhelming gratitude. This gratitude extends to all of your life. Everything suddenly seems very worthwhile, very valuable. At this time you feel clear with your soul, you understand that all of your earthly life created who you are and this foundation is what will carry you on to Paradise so you are grateful for everything.

As you go forth in this life, have complete faith that the time will come in the next life when you will be grateful for every moment that you spent here.

Are there any questions at this time?


Sleeping Survivors, Suicide

Q: Yes, Ham, thank for this beautiful rendering of a life I have been wondering about. Can you tell me please if my dad optioned to waken to this splendor or otherwise?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, he is a man who experienced much pain during this life. Some of it, much of it, was brought on himself, but much of it was not under his control. He is a sleeping survivor in the fifth group out of ten meaning when the dispensation comes he will be awakened with the fifth group.

Every person is given a full chance to choose life eternal or death eternal. You cannot fully choose during this life and this life alone in most cases. Most suicides are rash actions to escape pain. They are not necessarily actions to deny themselves life everlasting and they are not treated as such. Your father's suicidal tendencies, his deep melancholia, were largely a chemical imbalance. When he is awakened he will awaken without the pain. His mind will be clearer and he will have ample opportunity to readjust and to make the supreme decision at a later time. In all likelihood you will be waiting for him on his awakening as you were there for his departure, you can also be there for his arrival if this is your choice. Do not be concerned about his well being for he will be well taken care of and have no consciousness of the time between death and new life. This new life will be a time of great rejoicing for your mother will also awaken fully restored and the pain of this life will be a dim memory. Many times people wish to have a chance to undo some things that were done, to say some things that should have been said, and the Father in his mercy gives ample time for these reparations.

Morontia Bodies

Q: Ham, I have a question. You told us that when we arrive in the mansion worlds we will be energized and youthful. Does that mean we will be in human form, will we actually look the way we do now?

Ham: Yes, very similar. Let me clarify, you will look the way you always hoped to look. The flaws and problems and things of this nature will be erased. It is a wonderful thing to be fully yourself and to have this beautiful being reflected in the morontia body. Yes, of course my dear, likewise you do well and you are finding little by little greater love within yourself and greater love surrounding you. It is a wonderful aspect of life that love always finds an outlet, love finds a purpose. The love which you bestow so generously on family and friends will find its way back to you in ways you do not dream of. Be at ease in all these things for the Father loves you very much as you know and is desirous that you should be completely happy. Have faith in his loving control of your life.

Q: Desmond asks:

Thought Adjusters

In reading The Urantia Book, I came across a passage in the Adjuster Papers that gives rise to a question. The passage reads:

UB Quote: "For many thousands of years, so the records of Jerusem show, in each generation there have lived fewer and fewer beings who could function safely with self acting Adjusters. This is an alarming picture, and the supervising personalities of Satania look with favor upon the proposals of some of your more immediate planetary supervisors who advocate the inauguration of measures designed to foster and conserve the higher spiritual types of the Urantia races."(110:4.6)

Has this proposal of our more immediate planetary supervisors been initiated, and if so, is the Teaching Mission part of this initiative?

Ham: Of course, the Teaching Mission is part of the effort to foster spiritual growth and stable spiritual growth. The Urantia book as well is designed to help stabilize the minds of spiritually led mortals. Your society has changed quite a bit since those words were written. There is now a greater acceptance of spiritual paths which are not conforming to the old ways. Part of this concern about functioning safely was that at that time if humans had spiritual experiences which took them outside the bounds of traditional religion, there was very little room for them, no where for them to feel safe offering these experiences to others. Sometimes when a human's adjuster becomes self-acting, it precipitates a psychological crisis and there is some time lapse between this occurrence and the calming down of the person, the grounding again of that person and the smooth functioning in society to resume. And during the early part of the century, psychotic episodes sometimes landed a person in a rather permanent psychiatric facility, lobotomies were performed, and so forth. But now, there is greater awareness, less fear of people who experience the world somewhat differently. Not that there is less fanaticism, but there is less fear of unusual behavior. There is also less fear of seeking psychiatric help during periods of instability and this is very heartening as well. Spiritual progress is not dependent upon anything but the willingness to be spiritually led. In other words, it is not dependent upon genetic factors and so forth.


Go in peace my children. You are all doing very well. My love and prayers are with you each, farewell.