2002-03-10-The Circuitry

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Topic: The Circuitry

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Machiventa (Mark TR): I greet you, This is Machiventa. I enter the classroom at this time to bring you the approval and the update of your lesson plans.



We are so pleased to witness the recent actions. [The group presented an introduction to The Urantia Book to a nearby seekers' group.] It is true that actions speak so much louder than words or intentions. While it may not be yours at this time to witness the ripples or the advances made as a result of your willingness to extend yourselves and to act on your faith, I can assure that it is clearly discernible from our perspective. Just how these ripples or waves will play out as they impact individuals bobbing up and down on the surface is yet to be seen, but it is this action that has set in motion these potentials wherein we may act. Without the ripples we are simply trying to make a stir in the calm waters around the human condition. Often these are overlooked as they do not carry the weight of impact that results when others in your arena make a big splash. In your criticism and critique of your effectiveness you must go easy on yourselves, because much of what transpires as a result of your actions is resident in a level of others unseen by you. We thrill to observe this extension of your faith and these wakes you have made in your environment. We look to be ever ready to be of assistance to you and to the others who are impacted. We will use any and every means to do so. We appreciate your assistance in this regard, because, as I have said, you function in the arena of material and of other mortals and you are who create these ripples.


I also acknowledge your further pursuit of the existence and usefulness of various circuits. This is certainly becoming familiar territory to you, and we look eagerly to the day when you can master the use of these circuits that you are just now defining. The use of imagery to understand these circuits is positive in so far as it gets all of you on the same page, so to speak. It provides you with a common jumping off point from which you can explore these avenues and deepen your own individual understanding. Before you can have any impact on any of these forces you must understand how they work and how they play upon you as an individual. With understanding comes the ability to have your own impact on these forces, to change the direction slightly and, yes, to add to the amplification and the direction of these circuits.

Your stillness provides you with the forum in which to accept these circuits as force and with the proper attitude to redirect and add deeper emphasis to the use of these forces around you. The time is coming on your world when these will be taken for granted, when all will know not only of the existence but of the application of these forces available to all. In the meantime pioneers such as yourselves must root out the characteristics and become familiar enough with their effects so as to be able to modify them. You are creators in this sense, to take a given circuit, a given force, and to add and create an emphasis, a particular focal point at which you then direct these forces with your creative abilities. Even more effectively with a group's creative abilities, you enhance many times the effectiveness of these circuits already in place. It is simply to learn the properties and characteristics so that you may direct and focus them as appropriate. These circuits are available from the Father, but they are as well directable by you. So, seek in your stillness a greater understanding of the properties of circuits you may be interested in, and this understanding will bring you a greater awareness of the potentials involved in these circuits and of the impact your particular contribution makes to these circuits. It is something we can all work together on, pool our finite resources with the divine resources thereby vastly increasing the impact and effectiveness of these circuits.

Those are my words for today. Once again I extend my appreciation for you following your leads and applying yourselves to where you feel you may be of service in the mission of Michael. This simple thing is all that can be asked of you as a mortal of the realm. You have demonstrated your willingness and your ability to offer this. I am grateful and Michael is grateful. The universe applauds your actions. Thank you.

Tom: Where can we learn of the properties of circuits? Is this something we discover through use, or will they be forthcoming as you offer them to us?

Machiventa: In a sense both. You must have actual, real experience which is only gained through the attitude of acceptance that you are capable and able to manifest these properties and to realize these circuits. As you desire and seek this information there is no doubt that you will be furnished with all the missing pieces in your puzzle. That is not to say you will be given the puzzle fully assembled. There is your energy required to assemble these pieces in a way that brings them together and makes sense. But I have no doubts as to your abilities in this regard, and certainly where you seek you shall find. I feel that your personal experience in this regard would indicate so as well.


Mark: As far as manifesting these qualities, can you elaborate?

Machiventa: It is one aspect to simply understand, to simply have the knowledge that something exists. This alone does not gain you access to the phenomenon. While the phenomenon may exist, and while I or someone may tell you that it exists, this does not gain you access to it. You must personally engage with it to learn of its properties, and indeed you must become well versed enough in this new arena to actually be able to enter the stream that is this circuit and to indeed become to some degree the circuit you are attempting to utilize, to not be separate and distinctly other from it but to offer yourself as a part of this circuit, which means you must manifest certain properties of this circuit. It is not enough to know of it or to speak to others of it or to make reference to it, but to become a part of this circuit is the final step in your mastering control of this circuit to any degree. Certainly that distinction must be clear.


Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon, I greet you, friends. I extend my gratitude to you and appreciation for your stepping forward and presenting your project to others, of whom you knew little, to share your treasure, that being the revelation of the Urantia Papers, to be vulnerable. Your sincerity is noted in the headquarters of the local universe.

I would like to supplement Machiventa's lesson today with a little imagery. We have addressed the phrase over the years of "the mind that is in Christ may also be in you." Today I wish to shift that subject over to our Mother Spirit who is the mind focal point for all mind in Nebadon and use that understanding to further your research into circuitry. Every one of us has received a mind which is a focalization of Nebadonia's mind, or perhaps more accurately, mindedness. Just as your neural network within your bodies is an extension, branches from your brain, so each one of you is an extension of her throughout Nebadon. If you picture yourself as a neural filament and realize that all creatures within Nebadon are part of this network, you will understand that personalities as well as energies comprise the circuits that we are teaching you about, that aid in healing, that aid in ministry. From your understanding of the nervous system you are aware that neural energy must jump from one nerve filament to the next by way of a synapse.

You have spoken today about prayer and its effectiveness, about visualization and its helpfulness in transporting your desires upon the energy circuits. The gap between your being and another is crossed in this manner very much like an electrolyte crosses the synapse of a neural network. By projecting your hopes, praying, by reaching to Michael and Mother Spirit, you cause the cosmic electrolytes to transfer down the line, down the circuit, to reach the intended end.

I admire your efforts to cluster, to approach prayer in a group context, for there is a sympathetic, automatic response due to close association of one another in prayer as there is in your nervous system. Many prayers are answered just as your nervous system has a reflex response. These prayers can be addressed at a planetary level without ever having to traverse the circuits and reach Paradise, and this is only done if you voice your prayer and let those in your proximity hear your prayer, be it angel, midwayer, or associated human beings. The Father does hear all and know all.

Each of you is in the pathway for the reception and the transferring of prayer answers. You do the Father and your brothers and sisters great service when you hear of a prayer request and provide an answer. Detect when numbness is inflicting one of your brothers and sisters. Give that stimulant of love, that nourishment of fellowship and ministry, know that the Mother is providing the electrochemical pathway for your expression of goodness to be conveyed. I hope this provides a visual comprehension of the complexities of mind at work in ministry in our wonderful universe.

Evelyn: Are you saying that we have to voice our prayers out loud even for our angels to recognize?

Elyon: I forget that I am of a different dimensional sense than you are and have used perhaps an inaccurate construction of phrases, for my intention is that your expression be presented to another, for instance, your angels. This mechanism for informing them does not have to be through your physical sounding apparatus, for you can transfer that message by way of your inner spirit to an angel in attendance who is there to serve. It is helpful in strengthening your prayer if you understand that you are giving your wishes to another. It would not prevent one or many beings from receiving from the Father or intervening director the answer assignment. But the close proximity can hasten the response time. As I illustrated through your nervous system's reflexive response shortens the distance wherein the actions take place. Does this help?

Evelyn: Yes, that's what I thought.

Elyon: As the human beings upon this planet grow in their understanding of the workings of the universe they will have gained better skill in sending their messages or requests directly to parties of interest. You will less address your mail, if I may use that word, with the heading, "to whom it may concern" but rather address it as "dear angel", "dear teacher", to the one you know will help.

We on the morontia realm do this continually just as you would call one another for assistance on your phone line. Do not be concerned at this point that you may not know who to appropriately request an answer to prayer. Michael has assured you he will address your prayer in his name. He assures us all that the lines of communication are stable and that your transmission will reach its desired destination.


Michael (Mark): I greet you even now. This is your brother; this is your father, the one who hears your prayers and your messages. By way of encouragement and by way of demonstration I join in the circle at this time and together I would create this circuit with you all here now. I would by way of practice ask that each one of you engage with me in this circuit, that you each become an aspect of this circuit here, now. I ask each of you to look to the depths of your being at this time. I ask each of you to visualize yourself as an extension of this circuit through me to the Father; I assure you that is well in place. I ask now as an exercise that we go around this circle and formulate our inner thoughts and offer them onto the path of this circuit. By doing this we determine what our deepest motivations and inspirations are, and we offer them on the wings of this circuit all the way to the Universal Father. Join me if you will in offering your individual prayers. I ask that you focus not on another but rather on your individual desires, requests you would make to me and to the Universal Father. They will find their home. Join me now. (The group offer prayers, some aloud.)