2002-03-18-Energy In The Stillness

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Topic: Energy in the Stillness

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Michael

TR: Nel, George B.



Larry: Dear Father we are so very grateful for your love. We thank you for this day and all of the blessings you have given to us. Thank you for our spiritual brothers and sisters who gather here tonight. Open our hearts, our minds, our eyes and ears to the truth. We would have the Spirit of Truth work in us to help us to identify the truth. We love you Father, we love you Michael and we love you Nebadonia. Amen.

Michael: TR, Nel. Good evening children, I am here with you, Michael. I would like to share the happiness in my heart, seeing you here together again. We are connected in the love of the Father. He is the one who always brings you together in this circle of love and friendship in this home. You are beautiful lights, ever becoming brighter.


I would like to say a few words to Lucille. I know of you Lucille, of what is in your heart and mind. At times you are sad and lonely, but you also know to come always into the stillness, because there is where you connect to the one Spirit that holds and provides and sustains all that is, as we are all united in the oneness of it. And so in the stillness you are also united with your beloved Hal, who is by the way doing very well. So rejoice in your life still on this planet. The Father would have you stay just a while longer to do your work to finish your learning in this life. You do great service for this group and you are loved very much.

This is also true for all of you my children, to come into the stillness where we all unite with our Father and where there is only joy and abundance. Just let your faith grow and know the beautiful center that is in you, your reality of being a child of God. Rejoice in this and send out your beautiful loving energies, it is touching the world. Know that it is healing, that it is glorious to see more and more of my children coming into the light. It gives me great joy to speak these words. I am always with you, each and every one of you and it gladdens me went you come to me, I am your brother after all. Remember that I lived this life and it was glorious, so enjoy your life. Just be and allow yourself to take time for rest and enjoyment, enjoyment in spirit. I will now step aside, my faithful servant and brother and your teacher JarEl is waiting. Goodnight my children, I leave you my peace and my health.

All: Goodnight Michael.


JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl. It was good to hear that beautiful message from Michael. It is equally good to see how much it touched each one of you. When you have a strong emotion when the words come and touch and move you, it is the Spirit within you that moves you. It is the Spirit of Truth that is validating the message at hand. The words that Michael speaks are words of truth and beauty. When he speaks, people do listen and are touched by him. There has never been in the history of Urantia a greater orator than Michael as he lived his life as Jesus. He brought many into the kingdom of heaven by just the way he spoke to people; the way he was able to touch and reach into their hearts by his gentle words of wisdom and beauty. In such a way must you bring people into the kingdom of heaven, by speaking to them with kindness as Michael did. He has validated much of the work that we have been doing here. The energy that we send out is vital to the Correcting Time and to the spiritual uplifting of the World.

Let’s go into it once more. I will ask all of you to put your energies out in front of you. For those who are new to this, imagine that within you is a raw energy that is lifeless and formless, however, within it, it carries the raw materials of the Universe. Not only does this energy come through you, but you are able to pull this energy out from the Universe Source. It is abundant and never ending. Therefore, you may use this energy as much as you want, now that you are aware of it. Bring this energy forth, through the mere will of your mind. Project this energy out in front of you into the center of this room and see it as it gathers together with the energy being projected by your spiritual brothers and sisters. Now as this energy combines with one another, with all your will, help this energy move beyond these walls, beyond this room, beyond this city and beyond this state to all of the world.

Wherever there is any need, wherever there is pain or hunger, project this energy out to that individual or group of people. If there is a friend who is sick, project this energy towards him so that he may be healed. If there is a heart which is angry, project this energy out towards that person, so his heart may heal. There are people who are dying out there, project this energy towards them, so they may feel peace and tranquility in the final moments of their lives, before their transition to the next world. In your minds formulate the idea, formulate the path that you wish this energy to take. It is yours’ to command. You may heal with it, you may soothe with it, you may send out love with it. This energy is capable of doing the most miraculous things. It is up to your imagination as to what you want it to do. Now bring this energy back into this room, into the center of this room. Now with your mind’s eye you can see that this energy has changed, it is alive, it has structure. It is laced with your thoughts and emotions and with the worlds’ thoughts. I will do as I did last time and ask for a moment of silence. In this moment of silence imagine this energy going to every single person in this room.

  • Silence

JarEl: TR, George. I will now bring this energy to myself and transform it so that I may share my energy with you Father of Love. This work that you are doing is good and is effecting many peoples’ lives. In your spare time, you can do this as well. The Universe is a grand and glorious place, there are many opportunities and many ways for you to express your lives and your gratitude. This energy manipulation is just one of them. We will soon get into other facets of spiritual life. The progress you are making with this energy manipulation is outstanding and deserves to be recognized. This energy manipulation or merkaba, as others refer to it, is something that has been around for ages. Only has it just recently been revealed to you, as far as its’ properties and its’ workings. I sense that you wish to know other aspects of spiritual life. Is there any specific area that you would like to focus on?


Nel: JarEl, in my meditation, I feel connected. I always pray for my energy, my part of the whole love energy, that comes from the Father and goes back to Him, that it is sent, at the moment, where it is mostly needed. Instead of trying to project it myself, it really tries to encompass the whole world. Is that a correct way of doing it?

JarEl: TR, George. There is really no one correct way of doing this energy manipulation. There are many ways that you may go about doing it. You may ask to use it in different ways. The way that you do it is just as effective, although more generalized and spread out, but it is effective. When I ask for all of you to gather your energy together, it is only to make this energy more potent so it may reach its’ destination much quicker.

Lucille: I would like to have the energy sent to Doreen, my daughter, who certainly has many physical things wrong with her at this time. I have been trying to send love and healing to her throughout the day, but if the group energy is stronger, I would like everyone to send it to my daughter, Doreen.

JarEl: TR, George. It has been done Lucille. I would like to now give you a continuation of the lesson on this energy manipulation, which touches on Lucille’s case. The energy that you send out is very potent and most effective when the person who is receiving it is open to it.

Lucille: Do we tell them that we are sending it?

JarEl: TR, George. It helps to let the person know that you are praying for them, yes. Like many lessons or trials in life, you will not learn your lesson or trial until you become fully aware for yourself of what you have to do or what you have to be open to. There may be a person who is afflicted by some sort of illness and this person might be completely close-minded. There might be twenty of so people praying for that person, but until this person decides to open his heart and his mind to those who surround him, his affliction could continue. It is a two-way street, your energy attempts to reach the person, but if there is a road block it is hard for your energy to penetrate that person’s heart. In such a case you can re-enforce your thoughts and re-enforce your love where it does penetrate and demolish those road blocks of that person’s mind, but this requires extra effort, and ultimately it is up to the individual to accept. Are there any questions regarding this?

Evil, Separation

Stella: I would like to know, is there a certain point where there is enough positive energy which would tip the balance towards the good and negate the negative? Does the world have to reach a certain point of goodness in order to dispel all the chaos that is happening in the world?

JarEl: TR, George. There is already much that is good on this world. The evil or the negative that you see is just a minority. However, those people who are good at times feel helpless and confused. What needs to happen is the good people need to unite. The good people need to find one another and combined their energy together. Once they solidify this will tip the scale, but if they remain separate from one another, the negative can weave its’ way in and out of the positive. Does this answer your question?

Stella: Yes. So fragmented goodness is not as effective as the minority evil?

JarEl: TR, George. Fragmented goodness is effective Stella, but when there are fragments there is space between these fragments where evil is able to weave in and out, like water. To the point of view of the fragments it seems they are being surrounded by evil because they feel separate. They feel evil is all around them, but that is not the case. It is only because they are fragmented and they are letting evil come between them and those people who are good. When you begin to thread these fragments together and start pulling the strings so the fragments get closer and closer together, the tighter you pull the strings the less space there is between the fragments and the less space there is for evil to travel though. When you finally pull the strings so tightly it creates a solid form that fuses together making it impossible for evil to weave its’ way in and out of these solid forms, instead it runs in to a solid wall. Once they where separate fragments but now it is one solid form following the Will of God. That is when it tips the scale over, that is when evil is stopped, when it is unable to weave its’ way in and out from what is good; much like the way Caligastia felt when he could no longer influence Eve and Adam. When his treacherous tricks where no longer effective. He ran up against the wall, because no longer was Eve separate from Adam. They had tied themselves so closely together that they prevented him from ever coming between them. That is the way you must unite with one another, unite in Spirit. When you tie your Spiritual strength together, pull them really tight so that evil does not come between you. Does this answer your question?

Stella: That is very profound, I thank you very much. It gives me lots to think about.

JarEl: TR, George. I am glad that you are all very eager to think about this. I am glad that you are always thinking. It makes you my Spiritual Brothers for you are of like minds. Are there any more questions?

Steve: Yes, JarEl now that the rebels have been removed from this planet and that the key instigators of those named in the Gabriel Vs Lucifer case have been annihilated, it is some what disturbing to see that this evil of which you speak seems to have taken on a life of its’ own. Maybe I have answered my own question, but is it feeding upon an energy source? If that is so what is this energy force that gives this evil the ability to continue? If not, what is giving it a continued survival, so it can have the ability to inflict this nefarious damage in between the weaves of the fabric of which you speak where they are not connected?

JarEl: TR, George. The energy that it breeds upon is an energy that is long dead, but still resonates within the World. Evil is feeding on the last fragments of this energy. In each generation it resonates less and less. There will be a time when this energy is no more, but those who harbor this energy, those who perpetuate this evil, manipulate it in such a way that it appears to be great and powerful, when in fact it is not. It is slow and dying and one day those who perpetuate evil will find they have no more energy to draw upon. Does this answer your question?

Steve: So in effect, what I am seeing, is this evil continues to stay alive by living in the minds and intellects of those individuals on this planet who continue to make deliberate choices for wrong and choices for evil?

JarEl: TR, George. That is correct. They perpetuate an idea which was brought down by Lucifer, Caligastia and Satan. There are many in this world who are fighting against this, but like I said, they are fragmented and this evil which is not that much, appears to be great, because it travels through the cracks and when it travels through the cracks, all you see, from your point of view is a wall of evil which engulfs you, but it is merely an illusion. You have many brothers and sisters on this world who are ready to help you at a moments’ notice. You must reach out to them and connect. There are many ways in which you can do this. Few in this world know how to begin to build social institutions, in this way you will reach people and draw them together. Does this answer your question?

Steve: Yes, very profoundly. The example of Chris and his Quantum Leap of Faith Project which is an effort to bring together those of good intent. I can’t think of a more concrete example right now of such a thing.

Chris: I would like to make a comment about the Quantum Leap of Faith Project. I am calling all members in this project to be thinking about sending out a prayer for World Peace and I would like to start at a certain time to focus on a prayer, to send this prayer energy out. So anybody with prayer ideas, whether they are in the project or not are welcome to contribute. I will be getting in touch with you soon to start this coordinated prayer effort.

Stella: You know that there are many people of different religious faiths who are doing evil but they think they are doing good. So where do they fit into the equation of good Vs evil, if they sincerely think they are doing the right thing? Many religions kill for Allah, Christians are also killing to prevent future wars. This is craziness.

Nel: It comes down to individuals, not institutions.

Stella: Institutions are doing this.

Nel: That is what I mean, it comes down to the individuals stepping out of the institutions.

Steve: Not all the institutions, but certainly many.

Stella: I don’t understand what you are saying Nel?

Nel: Like you said, many religions, many people who are connected with certain religions, right?

Stella: Yes.

Nel: Those are institutions, are they not?

Stella: Yes.

Nel: They think they are doing good, but they are so indoctrinated in their churches, which keep them in their fear, in their guilt and in their hate. Because of that, they hide, thinking that they are doing good. But if your heart is not free from all the negative feelings then you are still isolated, you are still separate. It takes courage to step out on ones’ own, to have ones’ own connection and relationship with God. This is what it is all about. Every individual who develops their own relationship with God will find their own complete and total freedom from the fear and guilt which fills this World. Then the love, the really true pure love can start to flow.

Steve: I don’t think what you just said only applies to religious institutions.

Nel: Well of course not, but that is where we begin. The people who claim to be good are usually in the institutions of religious dogma and stuck themselves. I mean, all these church groups talking about separation, who call themselves Christians and yet “my church is better than yours”. It is ridiculous.

Steve: That is what the Master meant when he said, “That the kingdom of God is not of this World.”

Nel: Right, so what we need of course is again Jesus’ true message of “enter the kingdom of God, first, and all things will be given you”. Many people who function in institutions don’t do that and that is where you have all the cracks, where the evil gets in. As long as a person is not able to forgive themselves or the World, that person is not free from all the hurts in life and cannot just be in a joyful place of being in the love of God and feeling that we are all love. We came from love, we were created in love, that is where the people need to go.

Donna: I think we need to focus on love and focus on the wonderful energy we can all feel together in this group. We can feel together in our stillness times and focus on the power of that love moving through us as we open up our minds and our hearts and let that happen. Focus on that folks and focus on all the other good people who you know who are out there in the World whether they are Urantia People or not. There are a lot good people and there are a lot of lights in the World, OK? There are some that are joined, just like our lights are joined in this little group. I think if we focus on the magnification of all the goodness of light and love and truth and beauty, that is what is going to change the World. I think that evil gets far too much attention and I think we focus on it far too much. I prefer not to even think about it. I think the less attention it gets the more it shrinks and I think that the more we focus on the good, truth, love and beauty the more we magnify it. That is what I have to say.

Stella: Very good.

Nel: That is what JarEl also said. Evil is really just an illusion, the evil that is still going on.

Chris: Beauty, goodness, truth, and love are all much more fundamental than even The Urantia Book…….it is a stepping stone which carries us a certain distance and that may even fall away. We can’t be attached to anything except the love of God, that comes before anything else.

Donna: That is right, it is the most elementary thing: love and light and power.

Chris: We must recognize truth wherever it is found. We need to go beyond any institutional ideas, anything beyond your personal experience will become institutionalized if you let it, so it has to be constantly renewed. Your concept and ideas, you have to let them go and just rely on faith and the love of God.

Donna: When we think about how almost all human beings on this planet have Thought Adjusters and that we have the Spirit of Truth that has been bestowed on us and we have so much angelic help, etc, etc, and etc. I think this increases our faith if we would just think about these things. You know that the truth will get through to people. I don’t care what kind of a institution someone is in, God is always working with those people to bring light to them and to bring love to them and you know sometimes it breaks through. We never know when or how but I think we just need to think about those things and have faith in those processes.

Larry: God wants to use us as an instrument of that light and that love and that truth. By focusing the energy which JarEl had us do tonight, we were focusing and bringing all of our energies together and uniting and sending it out to do the work. Just as we feel love for each other, we feel love for all of mankind, it is going to grow. This power and this energy is really love. God is Love, God created us in Love, we are Love and God has only asked us to Love all of our brothers and sisters. There is no greater force in this World than Love.


JarEl: TR, George. I would like to give you this spiritual thread that you can use in your daily lives. What this thread does, it focuses on the good of each religion, on its’ highest ideals and through these highest ideals do you connect with them and do you encourage them. Instead of focusing on the negative and perpetuating it, focus on the positive of what they have to offer and through this we shall tie your fragments together. That is all for tonight. I bid you goodnight.

All: Thank you JarEl.