2002-03-24-God & Gender

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Topic: God & Gender

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Nebadonia

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, my friends, this is Elyon. I have the pleasure to speak with you again.


It is my turn to interject some thoughts into your discussion of forgiveness and forgetting. You have intrigued me by your comments. Your discussion has been thorough in its broad grasp, for you have considered the small offense and the at least potential larger offending episodes that require forgiveness. You are among many who are being trained to function with a morontia sensitivity, that level of functionality which is commonplace in the life levels you will experience when you leave the Urantia living laboratory. This function you are adopting will profoundly influence the planet's progress toward Light and Life. You are grouped with those who are the precursors. With that in light, let me provide you another viewpoint of forgiveness and forgetting, and that is perhaps best grouped into the word "preparedness". If I may drop the "for-" in each word, we perceive giving and getting. If we look at the "for" and call it "before", "afore", and re-link that with giving and getting it brings a twist, a different light, to understand these concepts. You spiritual trainees are getting beforehand the comprehension, the compassion, the wisdom, the kindness, and the service motivation which allow you to be available to another as a friend, as a spiritual brother or sister, regardless of the mistakes of time and the imperfections of personality in this life. You are equipping yourself with the ability beforehand to give healing ministry, to give yourself sympathetic understanding of innocent offenses where intention and result were severed, where intention did not desire the apparent result. It is that divine perspective, that parental understanding of the immaturity of the creature.

You have spoken well about the mechanisms of forgiving and how it is applicable as the need arises, as events take place that cause personalities to be in conflict, to be hurt or offended. These comments do well to be applied when these episodes transpire. To be better forgiving, to be able to get over the complication, I encourage you to continually be getting and giving that morontia quality, that transcendent spiritual comprehension, that loving connectivity which will make the specific encounters frictionless, as you respond in a manner that conforms to your ideals of conflict resolution and brotherly relationship.

The Father has forgiven before you seek forgiveness, and this forgiveness of the Father is this "afore-giving", for bestowed upon you is the spark of His essence dwelling in you. You have been given a Creator Son and a Mother Spirit who have bestowed upon you echelons of counselors who are eager and ever ready to equip you with the spiritual abilities for ascension and deeper meaningful relationship. This is the forgiveness that precedes offense. You are able to give this to your fellows by loving them even while you yet do not know them. So, though you may for all of your life be unable to forget an episode that has offended, if you beforehand reach to your brother or sister you will receive them with forgiveness and acceptance and love. That is about all I have to add to your conversation today.



Evelyn: We read earlier a letter from a group member who after conveying her thanks to the teachers asked, when we talk about God the Father, where is the Mother? Why is there no reference to them both in the same sentence, like, "The Mother and Father send their love"? Are they not getting along? Do they not enjoy acting in concert? Are they having relationship problems like the rest of us? Have they ever been estranged? Is there any connection between their ongoing relationship and the difficult union between human men and women? Would you address these things in a way that might be serviceable to this person?

Elyon: Yes. First I acknowledge and receive her praise and thankfulness for the efforts of my associates and myself in being of service to this world and to the humans who are in my jurisdiction, if I may use that term. It is the very reason for our presence on this planet, to be uplifting to you, to aid you in sorting through the difficulties of your comprehension of the nature of universe function, personal relationships, and your relationship with the divine. Our universe is complex. God, being one who precedes everything, inherently contains everything. Nothing exists without source, and if source did not contain within it that which is manifested as thing, it would not be.

Therefore, God is both Father and Mother as one, yet God precedes even these distinctions. Therefore you could say He is neither. However, to a creature endowed with personality who resonates with love and hungers for relationship, "father" and "mother" minister to the soul as words that bring endearment, affection, and the sense of care and unconditional ministry. Naturally your world has not been educated in the ways of ideal family life, and so you have examples of flawed relationships between parent and child, between spouses. These naturally are reflected by the human mind upon an incomplete understanding of higher universe relationships. In your investigation of the Creator, over time you will discern that estrangement between the masculine or feminine qualities of deity could not be, for these distinctions are meaningful only to beings who are within the universal levels of duality, duality that is reflected even on your world in the form of male and female. Those creator personalities nearer to you, Michael and Nebadonia, are the projections and personalized, localized reflections of your Paradise Creator. They are perfect. They have compassion, mercy, love for one another that is beyond the ability of the human to understand even using those words you are familiar with. I, as a teacher assigned to this group, have been instructed and rehearsed regarding the very real potential for misunderstanding and misappropriating my lessons to you by you.

Language, Transmitting

The language I speak to you today is the language that you have been brought up with. It is the language of comfort, for you are most familiar with this language. It is your responsibility as a world to develop and refine the word database you have to more accurately portray universe reality as you discover it. We could refer to the First Source and Center in a neutral and, to the personality, cold term, and it would appeal to the higher intellect who is constructing a philosophy devoid of the flaws of terms that would seem to limit and constrict the manifestations of God. But the human soul longs for the warmth of relationship. So, as your social structures upon this world have developed family, those who come to this world to reveal the light of truth are using existing structures, and we are using your existing language. We do not intend to teach that God is masculine nor feminine. We intend to convey love and divine overcare, the kind that is exemplified by a parent to the child.

As you continue your studies of the lessons we present, you will see over time that the individuals through whom we contact you will color the meaning of the lesson by the words of their minds. I cannot paint an oil painting if my painter's box is full of watercolors, but I can do a watercolor drawing if I have watercolors. Every TR is a medium that I use and all my associates use to paint our picture lessons. You will see different terminology depending upon the individual through whom we contact you. I hope this has been helpful. We value your questions. They are the exciting aspect of our contact with any one of you.

Mother Spirit

Nebadonia (Mark): I sense the appropriate timing for my presence. This, my children, is your mother. I come among you at this time to call to your recognition, my dear ones, that I am all around you, in fact, I support you, each one, with your very nourishment, your sustenance. It is as though I surround your very being within my womb. You are completely supported by me. We are so close as to almost be indistinguishable by you in this life. The unborn does not know of the difference between self and the mother. This is how close we are. Until you become more matured and become an infant will you begin to draw some distinction between you and me. That is how close we are. Do not concern yourselves with the apparent lack of reference. I am not concerned with such matters. I know of the bond we share as do you. It does not concern me at this time that we do not express ourselves of complete recognition.

We know of the connection, of the bond, that we share between each other. You have a sense of my support for your very life and your very sustenance. Without me your material self simply could not exist. It is my joy to have this privilege in time with you to carry you each with me, to support you, to provide your entire environment conducive to the living of your life. We are so close as to be indistinguishable by you at this time; therefore we make reference often to an outside source. We call this the Father. This is merely an attempt to use your language and your concept frame to draw your attention to the fact that there are sources outside yourselves. As you mature spiritually you become able to grasp that there are diverse sources outside yourself, and you will come to identify me as clearly as any other, in fact, in all time and space no matter what approach you use to discover spirit, I will be with you in this approach. I am the path. Also I wish to convey to this questioner the peace, that there is not turmoil in the heavens over this differentiation, that many factors found in human life and human society are not accurate reflections of the divine pattern.

They are occurrences in time and space on the evolutionary pass toward perfection, but they do not represent the divine pattern, much as your wars do not reflect divine love and mercy. You must see these as temporal steps, as intermediate changes in your progression toward divine pattern. I welcome any attempts on your part to approach me as an external presence, as something separate yet a part of you. I will make every attempt to make my presence more fully known to you, however, you cannot escape my presence. Whereas other external presences may be missed or misinterpreted, I am the fluid that surrounds you in the womb, and I am the womb. You cannot escape the fact that we are linked. I am more than pleased to be this to you. I bring you such great love as my little ones. It is my pleasure to nourish you as you grow. I am not concerned that you do not know me, because you actually know me better than all other presences. It is simply of you to draw a line of distinction between yourself and myself.

I hope this helps to bring us closer together. It is my sincere desire that you recognize my loving embrace more regularly and see me as the loving, nurturing influence I am already in your lives. I bring you my peace and my love as well. Thank you.

Ascension Career

Jonathan: The manifestation of the divine is so thorough in reaching to creatures that you are so much a part of us we can't see it. As we grow, we discern your creator presence and our creature presence and appreciate our relationship on the motherly side. On the fatherly side, we grow toward a being we at first conceive of as being distant, that Father Fragment, until we eventually fuse and become one. We are one, discern our differences, then come into unity. It's beautiful.

Nebadonia: Truly a magnificent plan and truly magnificent to see the fruits of your spirit in expressing your grasp of this plan. Even as you perceive it at this time, it is so much more, so much grander than your concept frames allow you to embrace. But the tip of the iceberg that you have seen and so eloquently stated is indeed magnificent; just left for you to imagine what the rest of the iceberg must be like.

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon. You are in a unique position of physical form aspiring to the higher level just beyond this evolutionary life you are in now. I am one who has been traversing this higher level, the morontia realm. Our Michael and our Mother are spirit beings. I do not compare with these personalities. Just as I seem ethereal and intangible to you due to the difference in the reality levels that we each function on, these two creator parents are even more finely rarifiedly spiritual than myself or you and make us two look closer together. But these two beings are so approachable you need not an introduction nor an invitation from any other source. Their arms are open wide. The quality of their spiritual natures is such that they penetrate all levels below spirit: my realm of morontia, your realm of matter. They reflect our future attainment; our status as perfected beings will manifest their qualities. I seek it with all my soul. I encourage you to seek it ever and always. As our Mother has told us today, she will be with us to make this occur.


Cherish your time upon this world. Relish your relationships with one another. Seek the divine, knowing full well the divine has already found you and will do everything required to reveal to you the relationship that exists already between your creator and your being.