2002-03-31-Easter Message on Truth

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Topic: Easter Message on Truth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Michael (Mark TR): Greetings, fellow ambassadors. I am honored that on this day you reflect on the events of the past and you recognize the significance of my resurrection.



The implications of rising above the material plane of existence and continuing onto the spiritual plane is the material message that all who witnessed this event took away with them. To a creature of mortal stature such as yourselves this in itself is an awe inspiring feat. But I relate to you now, as I attempted to relate to those in that time, that this is merely the outworking of divine pattern, that this plan of resurrection is a part of the natural progression of the developing mortal of the realm. Today I call to witness your attitudes and your participation with me in this mission for our world symbolize another form of rising up through the limitations of the material into the unlimited realm of spirit.

In each one of you here I have witnessed this resurrection of yours, this rising up to meet the challenge and to cross over into the spirit realm as an act of love and devotion on your parts. In some ways your rising up, your resurrection, is profoundly impressive in that you have sought this accomplishment and have gained this position as a direct result of your willingness and your allocation of your resources to that end. My resurrection was, in a sense, a normal course of activity, while your achievements in this realm are spectacular in their grandeur because they bloom from the very dust of this world and show all the universe that magnificent flowers may root in dirty and incomplete surroundings. Still, the flower as it blooms shows the magnificence of the ultimate outworking of the Father's plan. Each one of you in this circle is a flower to me and to the universe at large to be witnessed in its grandeur and its glory. While your feet, your roots, are mired in the muck of your existence, each one of you has made the very most of your environment and is bound and determined to shine brightly out, as the glorious petals of the flower spread themselves to the Father's rays.

In this way I honor you on this day, as I know you honor and respect my example to your world and even to you. I honor your examples to your brothers and sisters on your world, a world often clouded and murky. That the brilliance and beauty still manifest in this environment is truly a tribute to the Father. I recognize each one of you for this gift, and I thank you each individually for all that you have done to bring me to this place at this time that I may sniff the fragrance and behold the sweetness that you are. Truly this is beautiful. This pleases the Father; this pleases me. The universe registers when great beauty is to behold anywhere; it is a matter of record, and you each are a matter of record, not simply and only this day but each day that you struggle to be an ambassador for me, an ambassador for the Father. Each day that you make this attempt you register in the records of this universe beauty and truth and goodness.

I welcome you to enjoy all the beauty in your world, the flowers that bloom, the fragrances to behold, the pleasing melodies to hear, the soothing tones of babbling water. These are all our gifts along the way. Though our destinies are indeed grand, we must behold the beauty as we walk through even these valleys. We are in no hurry to rendezvous on Paradise, rather we should enjoy the many fruits, smells, tastes, and sounds along the way. With your awareness of the Father's plan in store for you these become even sweeter. My beautiful ones, I hold you each one in my hands and I surround you with my peace and my grace. My love is always with you. Thank you.

Truth, Relativity

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. Happy Easter. I am inspired to address your discussion of absolute truth and relative truth, for I am always inclined to compose statements that clarify my thinking and am ever desirous of sharing these thoughts, for it is my goal to guide my brothers and sisters in a deeper understanding of the way the universe is run and the great personality that is God who operates this universe.

Truth is expressive of the absolute; it is the revelation of the absolute as it is reflected upon the relative realms you are becoming familiar with in this life of yours. It is difficult to draw up a philosophy regarding the absolute, for every description itself causes relativity. The terms are contrasted by other terms. Truth simply is, and your understanding and descriptions create its relativity. The absolute cannot be spoken of. Therefore, it would be best to redefine truth not as absolute or as relative but rather as relevant. Are you this day capable of comprehending the truth revelation of the absolute at your stage of spiritual development? What truth have you discovered? What more truth lies in store for you to awaken to?

To reach what you would call Absolute Truth you would need to experience all of reality and more so. You would need to transcend what is described as reality in this time/space realm. Upon that attainment "truth" as a word becomes meaningless. Truth is then a direct experience. Imagine, if you will, a beautiful network of revelation woven throughout space by the Creator, each thread attempting to reveal principles, elements, dimensions, of the First Source and Center. You are climbing this network as you grow in your comprehension of the divine. Truth is everywhere present at any time where you are now climbing this network. Truth that is nearby is the cord you need to grab to make your climb to Paradise, the relative truth. It can be said that, "Oh, that was true for me before, but it is no longer true." May I say, this is not true. It is still true for the level of maturity of a spiritual being, whoever they are, at that point of ascension. You cannot climb a ladder and take out every rung below you and expect to reach your heights. They must remain in place. Truth is true even as you pass by and move on. That is the absolute quality of truth.

Our beloved sovereign Michael said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Truth is sandwiched between two very dynamic words: "life" and "the way", both implying direction, motion, something that takes place as action. Truth seems static. Not so. It is in living; it is in pursuing your path that you discover truth every step of the way, ever renewing itself, ever making new relevancy.

You have a creature on your world, the abalone. Its shell is regarded as beautiful, for it seems to shift in its coloration as it is turned, as it is gazed upon at different angles. This is the revelation of truth, ever shifting to become perceptible to the seeker. It is folly to assess correctness or incorrectness of an assertion of truth by any other. The correctness is dependent upon the relevancy to the seeker at the time they hold it as true until they establish a higher perspective. That does not negate the truth but incorporates it into a broader comprehension. God is absolute. Not one of us can comprehend that fact. Michael, our son of mercy, comes to us as the truth, a revelation to personality of the presence of God. For many truth is a pursuit of philosophy. For Michael truth is a demonstration of being. You can develop a philosophy wherein you weed out error and you plant truth, and this in the realm of mind is a noble task. But to discover spiritual truth you must become that very truth. It should add deeper meaning to Jesus' words, "follow me".

My friends, I give you my love. I am overjoyed at your enthusiasm in belonging to this group within the larger mission of Michael, for your acceptance of my teaching, for your willingness to apply your understanding to your life. You may miscomprehend, get things wrong, but your application is truth in revelation. It is impossible for truth to just be sitting on a shelf in a book; that is not truth. That may be meaning; it may have value, but truth is the incorporation of meaning and value into a living, outworking dynamic. That is the way; that is the life; that is how truth is come to be known.


Mark: You may not be seen but you are felt. You are appreciated by all of us. Thank you, one and all.

Elyon: Your comments are received, and I am passing them around.


Harold: I have a question that may be divisive, but if there were a method to test the clarity of a teacher communication, would that be an inappropriate request?

Elyon: Your request is acknowledged. There is difficulty in providing clarification, substantiation, due to the imperfection of the medium through which we make contact. I must caution that the methods can abort conveying accuracy to you. But we are always willing to help, to make an effort to bring to you as clearly as possible confirmation. It is my hope that your inquiry and your search for validation, for verification, are sincere and honest and, as you have alluded, not intended to be divisive or trickery, for the soul that is spoken to that benefits the most is the one who is honest and seeks with a trust, though not a trust that is foolish. That being said, do you have a comment?

Harold: There are those who I know who doubt the Teaching Mission transmissions because they see nothing they consider beyond the realm of possible subconscious thought. I think there could be a question put forth whose answer is readily available to a teacher that could validate all the Teaching Mission transmitters. One that comes to mind is when Jesus, confronted with the woman caught in adultery, wrote in the sand a message to the three different groups. What he wrote was conspicuously left out. Perhaps that could be used as a verification technique, [that a number of TR's could transmit what that message was without having conferred amongst each other beforehand.]

Elyon: Do you mean the revelation of what that content of the writing was?

(Yes) I must indicate that even the midwayers themselves did not reveal that information. This communication by Jesus to those on hand was for them. It serves no purpose to provide the content. Besides, I doubt you could understand Aramaic.

I would speak though that Jesus in another episode asked his followers, "Who do you think I am?". Each one gave his response. They even gave responses of others who were not present as to who they thought he was. Did Michael ever in his incarnation up to that point spend time proving who he was and then requiring their belief, their salute to his being the Son of God? No. He allowed them to discover it in their own faith experience. Then when they declared it to be so he said, "This is true. I am who you speak of." We in this mission come to you with this same principle. Signs and wonders, miracles, displays of power do not win the hearts. When you experience in yourself validity, then we can tell you it is true.

We come as teachers trained to be of spiritual upliftment. Our mission is not to prove; our mission is to improve. Therefore many who do not relish that form of trust may not seek our services. They are not condemned or faulted for such. Our approach to you is only if you are willing to receive. The Father has made provision in many ways to reach His children, and I, Elyon, may not be one of those provisions.

It is the divine decree that we do not meddle in the affairs of this world. Though there are many conferences where we gather in which we wish to fix this world, that would be disastrous. You who have studied the revelation have seen what has happened when such efforts were made and failed.

I hope I have not been disappointing. It is a precarious line to walk. I have received over the years from every one of you expressions of your love, and I am quite relieved that no one of you has ever elevated me to a level that I would call of divine dignity, for that I am not.

Harold: I understand, you're right. It would serve no purpose.


Elyon: I will retreat from this company, fine people that you are. Be back with you again.