2002-04-01-State of the World

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Topic: State of the World

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer by Nel: Thank you Heavenly Father for our gathering, for all these many faces of our friends, old and new. Thank you for our blessings, for the love that flows here and the friendship. Thank you Father for your abundant supply. Help us to be peaceful and to stay in tune at all times. In Christ’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I your Teacher, JarEl. It is good to see all of you again. It is good to see you Henry. Jerry, it is good to see you, you are here early! Those that are new here, welcome. There are many celestial beings in this room, it is filled to capacity, but there is room for many more. I want to acknowledge and give thanks to the Midwayers who are facilitating this transmission tonight. They are very useful and helpful to the Teaching Mission and many other duties on Urantia.


I understand that many of you are of heavy heart tonight due to the status of the world and it is so common to fall into that path, to fall into the negativity. I ask you to look at the positive, not only that, but I ask you to become the positive! I ask you to turn things around and make this world change by the mere will of your hearts and minds. For the past few months we have been learning about energy manipulation. You have learned much about energy manipulation or merkaba, as others have referred to it.

Let’s go once again into this place where we take this energy from the Universe, the abundant energy and as conduits bring this energy forward through you to the center of this room and combine it with the energy being delivered by each of you. Imagine this energy in front of you. Imagine your part of it, as it combines with the whole. You are slowly adding to it, feel the energy coming through you from the abundant source of the Universe. Feel it as it leaves your body as you push it forward to the center of the room, slowly adding more and more. Now with your minds and your hearts encode this energy and give it property, give it direction and give it purpose. Wherever there is hunger, danger, fear, loneliness, hurt or sadness take this energy and send it there. Imagine it passes in ribbons of health, love and beauty as it exits this room, beyond these walls, beyond this city, beyond this state and this country. Now it is searching for its target, for its’ intent. It is you who provide this, it is you who give it intent, purpose and direction. It is in your hearts and minds from where this intent, purpose and direction originates. Now visualize it as it weaves its’ way in and out of communities, of houses, of slums and of wars in neighborhoods. Imagine it reaching its’ intent. There are children who are starving, mothers who are crying, men who are dying, send this energy out to them and their hearts. There are many out there who are longing for some hope or for some comfort, you provide this, you are there at this moment in this energy lifting them up, sheltering them from bombs and the gun fire and the cold. You are there whispering in their ear, saying to them I love you, you are my brother, you are my sister. Take their hand and lead them to the light. Lead them to the light that you come from, for you are the children of light at this moment. You are emanating the brightness of love through you, they are attracted to you. They sense the goodness that you bring. Take their hand, hold them in your arms and provide love, provide health and provide healing to them. With all of your might, with all of your will give this to them. Give them this love that they deserve, for they are children of God, they are your brothers and sisters, they are God’s Children.

You have come to this place with your hearts. You have left behind all of your prejudices, your fears and your hates, you are children of God, you are emissaries of light, you are ambassadors of the truth. With this knowledge and power you have authority to dispense love, of nurturing and of healing. This authority has been given to you by God, by your Father, facilitated by your cousins the Midwayers, but given directions by you. Now bring this energy back into the room and see how it has changed. See how it has become greater than it originally was. Every time you do this, it changes you. It creates in you, a better you. It takes you up a notch in your spiritual development. Every time you sent out your love, your healing and your energy you shall receive that energy back, ten fold. We will go now into the silence, so that you may all visualize this energy being given to each one of you. I will now bring this energy to me, close to my heart so that I may dispense it to you.

I would now give you a few words about the state of the world. The conflict that exists in the Middle East has been there for many, many years. As you have just seen it is escalating. I can see how you could be troubled by this and how you can see things getting much worse, but there is much you can do to turn this around. There are many options that you may take. Even though things may seem impossible, the work that you do now is very important to turn this around. It is true that it will get much worse before it will get better. There will be a point where people will become more frustrated by the obvious war, then they will ask for change, demanding change. You who know better should be demanding change now! First and foremost, you must change yourself. You need to change your erroneous way of thinking. You are steadily doing this day by day, week by week, year by year, learning new things, advancing your knowledge, connecting with God and your brothers and sisters, but there is still much that needs to be done within you. There are still many misconceptions that you hold within yourself. Part of that is viewing the World through a certain perspective. You must begin to view the World as a whole, as an entire entity that is gradually moving to Light and Life. You are too quick to focus on the negative. You have been focusing on the conflict that has been in existence for some time now. The only reason that it is getting so much more attention is because it has escalated, but look around you, look around yourself, look around your neighborhood, there is no war going on. You are still improving relationships, you are still getting along with your neighbors. You are still making new friends and you are still keeping in contact with your families. All of this is good and well. And you have to acknowledge this in order to keep a proper perspective on the state of the World. Many of you are building many bridges to reach other people, other cultures and you are sustaining these bridges and fortifying them for eternity. You are sealing the gaps that exist between you and there is less and less space for evil to come in. That is the state of our World, things are getting much better, there are more and more people accepting others. There is more love and more energy being transmitted to the entire World laced with love, goodness and beauty, that is the state of the World. There are more Midwayers arriving to help out, there is more cooperation with the Urantia Mortals and the Celestial Beings. That is the state of the World. There are more and more people realizing that there exists within their hearts a tiny fragment of God. There are more humans acknowledging the brotherhood of man. That is the state of the World. So you may choose to focus on the negative or you may choose to focus on the positive. How you look at things depends solely on you, but if you decide that the positive is more worthwhile, then you will do the World a great favor for you are adding to the positivity of the state of affairs. I will now step aside for others to speak.

Corelli, Aflana, Solonia and Eckhart: TR, Stella. It is I Corelli, Aflana, Solonia and Meister Eckhart standing by. We welcome you into the circle of the radiant energies that you have just supplied with your own energies. We are most happy to be with you again and we bid you to desist your worries about the state of affairs in the World because there will be an ending. Everything has a beginning and an ending and Love this time will triumph. Love of your fellow man, concern and compassion are growing toward those who have been so badly treated. We deeply regret the war that is occurring in the Middle East, we are doing everything in our power to shorten this grave conflict. With the aid of your prayers and energies it will help us in building a path to peace. So be not discouraged by what seems to be a impossible situation. There are many lessons to be learned by those in the conflict. Those who have died for what they believe will enter on this side, we are helping them to understand some of their errors in thinking. Some are grateful for our attention, some still carry the residue of the emotions that propelled their acts, but we do see an encouraging future for them as well as for the earth. Christ Michael is in charge and he too regrets countless years wasted in unnecessary antagonism in the land of his birth and death. He too, sees a golden beginning to a new way of life. It will be a while yet, much residue of anger must be eradicated. There are far-seeing individuals on your planet who are asserting pressure to end these hostilities. We are aiding them as much as we can and we ask for your help too. So be of good cheer. We love you and salute you for the love that you carry for one another. You are a bright shining light in the mists of much gloom. We pray for you, we aid you and we will talk again. Goodbye.


Stella: Jesus is here who blesses everyone. You are his dear children and he is grateful that so many of you have followed a spiritual path and that your energies are blessing the World. He knows you and he loves you.

JarEl: TR, George. He is truly a blessed Sovereign. Are there any questions?

Stella: What will happen to these young people who have taken their lives and the lives of the people around them? Will they continue on into eternal life?

JarEl: TR, George. They are given a choice much as you are, just as the choice is given to you to make. Their ways of thinking have been very confused here and when they arrive on the Mansion Worlds they are given explanations as to their actions and their false way of thinking. There is much work to be done with them, many sessions are involved. It is much like therapeutic work, however, Teachers up here are much more able to achieve their desired outcome. Many who do arrive in the Morontia Realm with erroneous thinking quickly see their error of their ways and accept the new truth. However they are asked for reparations for their victims and this depending on their attitude might take awhile. Some do decide not to continue which is very unfortunate. Does this answer your question?

Stella: Yes, Correlli gave me almost the same answer but I had forgot. Please forgive me, OK? It is due to my age.

JarEl: TR, George. It is OK Stella.

Lucille: Well, JarEl, they all have Thought Adjusters, is it due to their faith or the way that they were raised and that they don’t hear their Thought-Adjuster?

JarEl: TR, George. Some religions depend much on tradition and so in our traditions, not much room is given for internal guidance. If they were to shut up and listen to their Thought-Adjuster the Eternal Mystery Monitor, if they would but think, stop and consider their actions, their way of thinking, the things that people tell them, the things that their religion tells them, then perhaps they would not commit such atrocities, but they don’t stop and listen. They go through their traditions, what has been taught to them and they believe that is enough, but they are not following God’s Will, but that of their own, listening to the desires of their evil mind, the desires of their nation, or of their people and putting that before God. If they would but stop and listen to the eternal guidance, which is God, they would come to the realization that they are fighting their brother, that they are injuring their own brethren and in turn injuring themselves. But this realization has not come to them. This realization is far from their mind, which illustrates that they have separated themselves from their own Thought-Adjuster, from God. Those who do connect with their Thought Adjuster, quickly realize their ruinous ways of thinking. Does this answer your question?

Lucille: Yes, Thank you very much.

Unknown Teacher: TR, Henry. May I be allowed to speak, please?

JarEl: TR, George. Certainly.

Unknown Teacher: TR, Henry. Greetings. You are indwelt with great presence. You have been helped, you have been continually trained to honor this presence from above, incoming from the Father. It is truly a test of faith to enter into a spiritual relationship with a Spirit which deals in faith. It is truly this test of faith, which can transform non-believers into believers, for the power is in the belief. The power is in the expression of your faith. Remember when the Master was dying on the cross? It was he lifting his voice towards heaven, praying to his Father to forgive the actions of the people causing and committing these acts in the World, to forgive them because they knew not what they were doing. Wars, rumors of wars, conflict, death, fear, transgression, disbelief, no matter what is coming down around you, it is your responsibility to hold forth the light. To shed the light upon the darkness in this World. It is a divine task, to believe when all others have given up hope. One voice of belief and one act of faith inspires much work of courage.

The ability to retain your composure in the face of disbelief and confusion, the possibility to bring into alignment those who may not at first believe themselves. Remember, it was Paul the Pharisee, who, upon seeing Stephen being stoned to death and preaching the gospel of Jesus, that so moved the spirit of this man, to ask himself how could someone stand there and be stoned to death and praise the name of one who had been previously been put to death? It made him stop and think, it became a process by which this man experienced enlightenment. Enough so that he entered into the task of bringing Christianity into the Western World, of which it would not have survived without the diligent prompting of such a fervent convert. In terms of spiritual authority it is not your responsibility to question. It is your duty to act. It is your duty to hold your mind responsible to the presence of God. For it is in holding in the mind of God and in this presence that you will have the strength and the resounding capacity, courage to hold forth in faith and in truth. Yes you live in challenging times. The wind of change will surely bend you one way or another. If you are firmly rooted in faith, no matter which way you may bend, you may cast your seed in that direction. There is tremendous reward in experiencing compassion for the present day hitch, present day conscience. Do not lose sight of your eternal trust. Do not lose the temperament, the adjusting of your will, the conviction of your heart or the belief in your faith. No matter what appears as reality at this level, it is only temporary. Before it is all over you will see many unspeakable and deplorable things happening to effect and bring about change in this World. You live on such a World, to be tested. On no other World in the Universe are there such tests. The great test is to stand in the midst of the battlefield and hold forth diligently in faith and trust. This is how the war is won. In some respects, it is a war between good and evil. It is polarized, we must choose. We must choose to follow in the way of the Father or to procrastinate or choose not to. The Father’s Will be done, mistake not. So my friends rest easy and knowingly in the joy and happiness which accompanies the presence within your heart and within your soul. Know that you are truly loved, that there are many, many spiritual agencies alert and alive on this your World to assist in any way that they can and who have been assisting in these times of turmoil. It is like birth, the physical act of birthing, has a tremendous impact upon your body. The birthing of a new idea when we are birthing peace in this world will be won this way, it will be strong. Keep diligent, keep focused and in the name of our parents of Nebadon thank you for allowing me to visit you tonight.


JarEl: TR, George. Are there any more questions? I bid you goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl.