2002-05-13-On Releasing The Brake

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Topic: On Releasing The Brake

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I am grateful to be your teacher. Yes, we have discussed many things, we have opened little by little the doors of understanding, and I have watched you grow in spiritual stature over time.


This week as you conduct your lives consider what it is to grow in the spirit. When you think of the Father and of his Eternal Son, contemplate what that means in terms of drawing power. Imagine their love as a force that pulls all of creation toward themselves, a love that is complete in its power of attraction. Feel your soul aligning with that spiritual pull.

But this great power comes not from an impersonal magnetic type energy, it comes from a being that is the personification of love and goodness, greatness, and mercy. All those things that your soul longs for, those things that your soul hungers for and longs to identify with.

Much, very much, spiritual growth is achieved through the breaking down or releasing of resistance. Your souls crave goodness and they crave to reflect the divine nature. Letting go of your resistance to this natural power is the key to spiritual growth. You do not become increasingly identified with the spirit through your own decision or will. But, it is the supreme decision that decides to release the resistance to this fatherly grace. God does all the work. Your part is to release the brake, so to speak.

Much human unhappiness is caused by the erroneous thinking that piety and righteousness requires ever increasing amounts of coercion, that human beings, by their own will can create righteousness. It is true that you can reach a certain level. You can structure your lives to follow humanly constructed rules of behavior. But, true righteousness, the righteousness spoken of by Jesus, springs naturally in the human heart that longs for identification with its divine creator. Piety or spiritual grace is not a human construct. Spiritual grace is bestowed upon those persons who are wise enough to release their resistance to the Father's drawing power.

Resistance comes in many forms and it exists on many psychological levels. Much resistance in born in the human desire for conformity, the human desire to be accepted under the current social conditions of the day. Other resistance comes from natural human confusion for humans very much desire to codify the way of spiritual living and thus many good people become confused and discouraged early in their spiritual progress because of the conflicts inherent in any humanly constructed set of beliefs. A third obstacle is natural human fear. Humans naturally feel comfortable when they restrict themselves and thus arrest their potentials. And lastly, a great obstacle is the inner conviction of unworthiness, that you are unworthy of freedom, of spiritual soaring, of happiness.

And so, layer by layer the shackles are applied and you languish in chains within sight of freedom. Let us say a prayer together. Please repeat after me.

Loving Father, remove from me those obstacles to your love that I have unwittingly placed upon myself. Accept me just as you would have me be, just as I am today and remove my fear of your love. Amen.

Say this prayer every day this week, my loved ones, and I am sure you will feel a burden being lifted from your hearts. Know that you are all potentially perfect beings and accept your imperfections as part of your charm. See yourselves as I see you, loveable, wonderful, amazing creatures who through all the difficulties and trials of your lives exhibit flashes of divine grace.

The Father loves you so much because he sees himself in you. You are part of him and he is part of you. There is no separation between your soul and its divine source. Feel this loving power, this great bestower of goodness who has given himself to live within you, to shepherd you through this life, to love you and to draw you gently but firmly to him.

None are lost. Only some are waiting to be found. Be his finders of lost sheep, be his comforters of his children. Be his voice of assurance for those who are trembling. Be his loving presence, even for those who see it not.

And now, I wish to say a few words through my new friend, partner, transmitter.

Ham: Yes, I am so thankful and very honored by your loving presence. You have all struggled, searched, and overcome many things on your path. The love that you have opened up to and received from the Father has allowed you to take even stronger steps on your pathway. Remember always, it is never a weakness or a sign of defeat to stop and call upon the Father for the love that you receive will work through you and will go from you to others. Yes, indeed, my children, I see you all as a light of the Father's love on earth.

Ham: Yes, of course, as time goes on we will allow questions and answers through our new volunteer as well. Her progress in this partnering is remarkable and we are truly thankful to have her assistance at this time.

Thank you my dear.

Q: Thank you.


Q: I have thought for some time that depression is a form of resistance to Gods' entreaties.

Ham: Yes, it is sometimes, not always a deep resistance to growth and this is certainly not conscious, but occurs on an unconscious level. Sometimes depression can be a symptom of growth for growth can be a very destabilizing condition and bring up old feelings of fragility, unworthiness and so forth that must be dealt with as the growth occurs. Is this helping your understanding?

Personal Counsel

Q: Yes. Ham, we have a friend who audits our lesson. Her father has just died and his name is John Kelly and she would like to know what choice her father made on passing.

Ham: My daughter, you are feeling a mixture of emotions at this juncture in your life. Have no fear concerning your father's well being for he has made a very calm transition, despite appearances to the contrary. You have before you now some growing, some issues to resolve concerning your father. But this is all a natural and expected part of life's progress. Your father is wrapped in love, so to speak, he is perfectly safe and serene. The cares of this world are behind him now and thus is was a great relief. When you see him again it will be more as a brother than a father and your love will be strong and pure. Be at peace concerning this passing. You have nothing to regret. All is well.

Q: Ham may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Of course, my son. As always, you are making good progress but think deeply on this lesson. Think about releasing old guilt and fears, releasing old regrets, and embracing the Father's love and his spiritual freedom that he offers you right now. Let him carry your concerns and cares. Have peace my son, you do well.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you are doing very well. You are a person who desires the Father's love above all things. You, my dear, must realize that there is nothing you can do to increase that love or secure that love. That love is there for you now, this moment. Allow that love to transform you rather than trying to earn it or deserve it some way.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Of course my son. You also most deeply desire the Father's love and you feel somehow that you cannot live up to its expectations as though the Father had requirements. The Father requires nothing from his children but their love in return. This love that he freely bestows upon you will be the transforming power that will reach into all areas of your life. Do not hold aside his approval or his acceptance while you try to achieve perfection yourself. Accept his love completely without barrier, without shame and in this all else will be made easy. Are you understanding?

Q: Yes I do, thank you.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes, my son, you have been a person that tries to fix other people's spiritual defects. I say this with a smile. You are one who is a sincere seeker and sincerely desires the Father's transforming love above all things. So let the Father deal with all these others and most of all accept the Father's love for yourself without reservation. Be diligent about saying the prayer I have given this week. It may help you very much.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Certainly. My son, you are also a sincere seeker, one who desires the Father's love. There is something deep within that feels a hesitation or reservation when the moment comes to accept this love. You are also someone who will benefit greatly from this prayer. Be diligent this week in its saying and gradually a great burden will begin to lift and you will feel evermore at peace.

That is all, are there any further questions.

Q: I feel like I better ask for a personal message concerning this wonderful lesson.

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you have come through some time of breaking down the old. It is like the Father is preparing the soil of your soul for great, vibrant growth in the near future. The hard earth has been broken. The soil has been turned so that that which was buried is now on the surface and now you are ready for a period of growth, of renewal, of inner acceptance and the acceptance of the Father's tender love. For many, many years, you have been a master of avoidance and now you have had this chance to stop avoiding your own spirit, you own soul and your own deepest longings. All these things are good and as you practice this prayer and release the obstacles to your growth, you will find much pleasant experience and power in trust. Trust the Father to give you what you need for this is truly a great secret to happiness, simple childlike trust. Be at peace my daughter. You do very well.

Are there any further questions.

Q: Ham, do you have a personal message for me please?

Ham: Yes, my dear, you do very well. The resistance that you harbor to growth is really quite easy to release for you are a very spiritual and largely a person of inner satisfaction. Those areas where you feel dissatisfied, they are the ones which hold your resistance. Let the Father's love into all private spaces and let him heal the wounds that are still open and filled with guilt. Release these things and you will go very far in finding peace and happiness.

You are all doing wonderfully well. Even when it seems not to be the case in your eyes, through my eyes and the Master's eyes you are all doing very well. Have no anxiety on this score. Have no hidden feelings of being undeserving. Nothing about your being upon this earth is a mistake. The Father knows what he is about and you are all fulfilling, little by little, step by step, the great and wonderful destinies you each have before you. So be at peace with yourselves and with the world. Rest well. Love yourselves and each other. The rest will take care of itself.


That is all for this evening. Until next week, my love and my prayers go with you each. Farewell.