2002-05-26-Enthusiasm, Service, Stillness

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Topic: Enthusiasm, Service, Stillness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Machiventa, Darid

TR: Jonathan, Ginny



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Dear friends, this is Elyon. I greet you again. It is beautiful to witness your reach to spirit. If you could but see from our vantage point the increase in luminosity as your souls brighten as you draw near to the divine perfection of the Father within you, it is very much like the merging of two candles, and how the flame intensifies.


We often stress stillness, and you take it from us that it is of great importance, and it is. You not only gain from the contact the assurance, the love, that is brought to you both by Michael's Spirit of Truth and the Father's adjusting presence, but you are contributors just as two elements must be present for a flame to exist, the fuel and the oxygen; you are one of the two elements wherein the luminosity of divine worship can brighten. I wish that you could witness the flocking of the angels when you enter into such a devout orientation.

They are attracted to the beauty of your radiance. I remind you again how you are one of few creatures throughout all the universe who has one of the divine presence indwelling you as it does. You are as spectacular as the first spring flower. When you make the connection all others notice and behold the beauty. I will speak some about enthusiasm, for I have noticed your charging up, your inquiry and curiosity about how you may be of benefit to your fellows.



Enthusiasm is the filling of spirit, the encircuitment with God. This naturally leads to the response of outreach, to share, to let others receive the joy and the insight and the surety that you have received. You know from your studies and the wisdom you have gained that at every point in your ascension a new level of accomplishment is only arrived at by thorough expression of your current level of being. The completion of one stage sets the motion for the attainment of the next. That is why no matter what time, no matter what level of your universe ascent, you will be encouraged to reach out, to express yourself, to intermingle and thereby receive as well. Jesus spoke of himself as being the Water of Life. This is a splendid metaphor, water, for this physical element on your world is vital for all life.

Water not only covers but it penetrates. Water remains fresh by moving. Spirit fills you today and, as spirit moves through you, you are refreshed. You know that personalities are ends in themselves, that all else is a means whereby fellowship and communion may be had. As you receive the divine contact, the divine within moves on to make contact with your associates. This is why I am driven to be with you and to dedicate these years to your upliftment. You are the springs and the wells through which Michael reaches all his children. Bring the refreshment. Quench the spiritual thirst. Offer the love and the light.

Mark: It may be unnecessary to affirm publicly your support for my effort to minister to my local brothers and sisters. I feel this calling, and I assume that you will be there with me. I want to touch bases with you on this.

Elyon: The door has been opened. The setting is made clear. Jesus said he had no place where he could lay his head. You have the place. You understand we grant you the freedom of expression and the freedom to choose, and you know we are eager to support. I grant you full assurance that we will participate. I would not offer curriculum other than what you have already received and with anticipation. I cherish the opportunity to receive your expression, to contribute to the project as you wish to define it. All that we do in Michael's service is for Michael, yet each of us has our own unique role. Be creative and rest in the assurance that you have the support of Michael and myself and a host of ministering spirits. The fields are ripe, and you are ready for the harvest.


Mark: Thank you for your words. As one who attempts to look for signs, I am at a loss as to why this one has taken me so long. The game is young. I will pick up the ball and run, as I feel I should. Thank you.

Machiventa (Ginny): Good morning, this is Machiventa. As you ponder ways to be of more service on this planet you can rest assured that, if there is any great event coming your way where we would need your service, you can be assured that we will let you know. It is important for you to stay connected in your times of stillness, to stay open and receptive to the promptings and urgings that you have, and that what we have planned for you and your welfare will take place.

As mortals, impatience is a great barrier to your service, and we would urge you to remain calm. As you can see from this group as you look back over the years of formation, as each of you recalls how you got here, I think all of you would be extremely firm about our part in this whole event. It has been planned for a long time; it has worked. You have responded. Even these short years of your transmitting sessions you have responded greatly and enthusiastically to what we have planned for you. It shall be so in the future.

So, what we need from you now is the great trust that all things are very much in our control and proceeding as they should on your planet, your evolutionary world. It is good to hear you discuss your plans about further service, further outreach. I encourage you to keep the momentum going and to keep yourselves open to our promptings and to become more alert to the services of others, for there are many others who wish to do the things that you wish to do, many others who are not in your group or have never even read your text. You have been urged to continue your times of stillness on a regular basis, which can insure that when the time comes for you to report to duty, so to speak, you will be ready.

I thank all of you for your cooperation and for your enthusiasm in the uplift of this planet, for it is mightily felt. Thank you and good day.

Darid (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Darid. I wish to contribute to your discussion regarding a group project or projects and to use a gardening metaphor to illustrate my purpose.

Seek projects which will grow in your hardiness zone. Look about you for the conditions and the needs in cycles, for they will signal what will be successful. Then soak your seeds, your projects, to see which will sprout. This you do as you gather together and share ideas, discuss the possibilities. Here is when your seeds sprout. Then plant them. Then only water those that continue to grow. Be unconcerned for those that don't. Do not attempt to safeguard a project that is not working. Pursue the abundant, lush, rapidly increasing, result bearing, projects. If none emerge for you, begin again and be not discouraged, for in this realm of spirit ministry winter never comes; the growing season is all year.

That is all. Thank you.


Merkaba, Supreme

Tom: Jared, it is nice of you to visit our group. You are known for your counsel on the merkaba energy. Could you give a review of the technique of refining and focusing of that energy?

Darid: I must let you know that I am Darid. However, I would be more than happy to entertain your question.

This procedure that you are learning about is a function that is best experienced with a collection of personalities, for it is very much a circuit function. However, as you are always reminded that stillness is a prerequisite to your ability to partake in a collective encircuitment for that personal power, but it helps to boost the energy input of all involved. That is the contribution you make singly and as a group. This connection already exists from the divine side. Trust that the down-reach is complete. All that remains is your effort to reach up. This reaching up in this case is a collective encircuitment with one another. I encourage you to share your understanding with your fellows so that all may have a common platform on which to function one with another in this manner.

This is a function of Supremacy. It is a minute example of the eventual attainment of grand universe Light and Life. The Supreme in completion will be the full revelation of the merkaba. It is through this force and personality that the Father is revealed and that all creatures reveal themselves to God and usher in the new reality of unity and oneness. By practicing this encircuitment today you are contributing to the overall unfoldment of the divine throughout the universe.


I hope this has been helpful.

Mark: Thank you, all of you on the other side of the curtain. We rely on your guidance and trust your judgment. Thank you so much.

Darid: And we thank you, for as you discipline yourselves, brighten your lights, you make that curtain more sheer every day. Contact becomes clearer and understanding grows stronger. On behalf of all present, I wish you all a good week..