2002-07-02-Soul Searching Questions

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Topic: Soul Searching Questions

Group: IC 02 TeaM


Teacher: AhmaNiden

TR: JoiLin



Greetings, friends, students. It is I, AhamaNiden Melchizedek. It is great to be amongst you once again; it has been a long, long time and I welcome this opportunity. Not just to challenge my student, but to challenge you as well. This conference, all of the conferences that you attend throughout the year and throughout the years, helps you to grow in so many ways, on so many levels.

Oftentimes you are not even aware of those "faith steps" that you have been able to take with the underpinning of the love and support you gain through these conferences. From our perspective, these conferences are as much about the inter-connection between God and His people, and the inter-connection between each of you.

And now I would like to leave you this evening with some soul-searching questions, and no, you are not going to be graded on them, and no, you don’t even have to answer them now, unless you are comfortable doing that. And if you are comfortable doing that, then I would much enjoy hearing your answers.

In what ways do you, as an individual, support the Kingdom of God, here on Earth? Within and throughout your lives?

In what ways do you promote the Kingdom of God, through your life vehicle?

How do you come to recognize that every single person, every man, every woman, every child, that comes within a close proximity of your person, is an opportunity for you to allow the Father to reach out and touch their lives? Have you come to that realization, that everyone, no matter their culture, no matter their economic station in life, no matter their age, their gender, no matter what—every man, woman and child that comes within your life’s arena is there for a purpose, either to gain something from you, some piece of knowledge, or perhaps, love and understanding that they might not get anywhere else in their lives; or, they are there to teach you something, to give you a gift. Have you come to recognize that within your own lives, at this point?


Do you know when the Father is working through your life? Can you hear His still, so small voice within the chaos of your own minds? Do you understand what it means to seek the Stillness, to go within, for truly it is within, where the Kingdom can be found? You each, have within you a Divine Adjuster, He who spends all his hours loving you, supporting you, guiding you, teaching you, would you but be still and listen. Do you listen? Do you "still" your minds each day, to just listen?

There are those who believe that "seeking the stillness" means I must "sit," every day, in "this" easy chair, and close my eyes and be still. And for many, this works.

Are there any here, for whom this does not work? When this does not serve you, due to time constraints or the chaos within your own minds, let me give you, perhaps, a different direction, a different idea that you might take on within the construct of your own day: Do you speak to the Father within your own minds throughout your day? What do you tell Him? Do you share with Him the delights that fill your lives? The joys that you behold? The inspiration that you may gain through a movie, a book, or simply in looking on one of His sunsets, or within the eyes of one of His children? Those are, in essence, "mini-stillness’," although perhaps, they are not so still. You play a more interactive role in that kind of stillness, in that kind of worship.

But during those times, let us say that you are sitting at the riverside and listening to the tumbling water, watching the birds, the butterflies, looking at the flowers; and it’s sunset, and as you watch, the sky becomes a beautiful panoramic of color—purples, mauve, orange, yellow, blue, green even sometimes—and you are uplifted by the sound and the sights that He’s given you. Surely, an inspiring sight! Most, if not all of you, have spent time with Him like this, and are uplifted and inspired by the peace and the beauty that you behold. Do you share your feeling with Him then?


This one was given an analogy a number of years ago, about why it is important to share with the Father, these special times, these special moments; not just our sorrows, not just our challenges, in these times we seek His understanding, we seek His support, and His love. But in the periods when you are not being bombarded with the onslaught of challenges, when you are given that space in time to take a mental, emotional time-out, and fill yourselves with His inspiration.

The analogy goes something like this: There is a young boy and he’s standing outside a baseball diamond, he’s outside the fence. One lonely little boy (or little girl) and they are watching a ballgame take place. It’s just a neighborhood ballgame, it’s not a "big deal," but he/she wants so much to be a part of that ballgame. He can see the game, can he not, through the wire fence? Certainly. He can enjoy the game as he watches, but how much more enjoyment would he gain, if the boys on the playing field were to open the gate and say, "Come in. Come in and play with us. Share the game with us." And that’s the analogy that I would leave you with.

Share with the Father. Take a snapshot, a mental snapshot of all of the beauty that you see, whether the beauty is in the baby’s face that you are looking on, or the flower, or the sky, or a ninety-five year old woman who is sitting, smoking her cigarette, as this one recently saw, and understood that there was someone in pain, next to her. This woman was on oxygen, she had pneumonia, and she asked this woman if she could pray for her? And while she was sitting there, puffing her cigarette, doing herself mortal harm, if you will, she put her arms out and held the woman’s hands, and prayed a prayer for this woman, the like of which she’d never heard before.

And this ninety-five year old woman took on a persona, was more beautiful than anyone in her life that she had seen that day. These are the important things to share with the Father—Oh, He knows they’re going on, certainly—it is because of His Spirit in each of you, and in each person on this planet, that these kinds of moments happen in your lives; they are intended to support you on many levels, they are intended to be catalysts for you to step out of your comfort zone, and do the Father’s acts. Not being concerned with the outcome, but simply allowing Him the move through you and touch the lives of those who are brought before you. I challenge you, each, to think on these words, on these questions, over the next days of this conference, and endeavor each day to touch in some way, each person that comes before you. Allow Him to move through you, and allow Him to move through them to you.


And I thank you for your patience and your understanding, and for allowing this one to challenge herself, one more time. Shalom.