2002-11-03-Spirit Capacity

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Topic: Spirit Capacity

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR:) I bring you warm greetings to this my special group of friends. I applaud your efforts each and every one to your spiritual careers and to this process which involves our engaging together and watering the fruits of your spirit that they may burst forth out into the world and sweeten the reality that you are engaged in.



It has been said and it is true that perhaps the most accurate and greatest prayer an individual can make is not for any specifics but rather for an increased capacity wherein spirit may reside within you, within your zone of jurisdiction. The more you petition for this increased capacity the greater your available space, and I speak of your true interior space, yourselves, devoted to spirit. The more capacity one has, the larger percentage of their being is devoted to housing and accommodating spirit. As you know, spirit fills any willing vessel, and each one of you in your spiritual career learns to turn over more and more of your vessel to be filled with the spirit and in doing so become more spiritized and less material until there is a giving over of the material altogether and becoming an endless vessel for the incorporation of this love spirit.

Right now your capacities are dictated by your environments and experiences and your desires. All these act upon your ability to develop capacity for spirit indwelling. As you proceed forward you are aware that more and more spirit fills the vessel, and less is restricted or contained by the material. These are principles that you have heard and are aware of, but you know not in this life except through your act of faith which enables you to accept this eventuality as fact and act accordingly. While this is not your current reality, the knowledge that it is your future reality dictates how you react to your current environment.

You who are graced with an increased perspective, enhanced spirit capacity, are wont to be eager about getting on with the spiritual progression, even to the point of overcoming the fear of your transitions along the route. Those with limited spiritual capacity are more inclined to put their faith in the material that can be touched, smelled, tasted, and otherwise experienced. The more your petition for increased spiritual capacity is granted you the less important this level of reality becomes to you, and the more willing you are to engage in faith based practices because of a long term sense of stability and security gained through your personal insights; again a result of your spiritual capacity.

I applaud each of your for making room in your internal self, for providing the vessel wherein spirit can fill. It is an active pursuit that you do in this life to clear a space in your garage, as it were, of your being to house spirit, eventually giving over more and more of your internal domain to a higher reality and reaping the rewards attendant upon such a faith based activity.

Your lives truly are rich in the reality which sustains and exists long after you have left everything. Your attitudes of acceptance can even turn to joy, as we have witnessed with our sharing today in the transition mobilizing the individual to a new enhanced level being a positive experience for the individual and one to be welcomed, albeit not necessarily pursued. You have learned well that there is much to do while you are in this form, while still living true to more eternal value beyond your present condition. We are indeed lucky to enjoy this perspective at this point in our ascension career where we may actually engage the game and play this game with an increased sense of enthusiasm, expectancy, and even joy in the unfolding of this long term process before us. I enjoy this game we play together, and we play individually among our spheres of influence and look forward to the many layers upon layers of reality levels to be introduced and embraced along this glorious path before us.

I withdraw to allow for others but remain in attendance. Thank you. This is Elyon.


Malvantra (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is Malvantra. It is good again to be in your midst to attend this one of my several collections of students. I have spent many years with you and have enjoyed the progress that has taken place over this time. It is rewarding to observe your continued enthusiasm as well as your persistence. My other troupe that I attend regularly likewise has applied themselves with keen interest and have observed well the lessons and applied their meanings. I am going to speak a bit about growth, as it is a fitting topic to follow my opening comments.

When you initialized your spiritual career, whether you did so at a time notable to you consciously or, alternatively, subtly transformed from one who sought not to one who seeks diligently; you soon noticed your growth. You noticed the acquirement of new perspectives, of shifted values and meaningful contact with the spirit, something seemed to be added or being added to your life and to who you are. Much like a tree that bears fruit you received as a flower and began to develop your fruit. You became greater than you were, more valuable in the eyes of others for what you bore in the demonstration of your life, of your happiness and your peace. It is this accumulation that feeds the aspiring soul. Your enlargement as a spiritual being demonstrates to you that your efforts have results and are real and not merely a fantasy of your mind.

Then there comes the time in the development of the fruit wherein size is attained and ripening begins. It is a level of maturity in regard to your spiritual advancement. Each level in your ascension career will undertake this same pattern of receiving growth and ripening. Much of the excitement of discovery that occurred during your enlargement appears to disappear, for that long phase of ripening seems to bring no noticeable change, at least to the observer. You who monitor your inner climate perceive the transformation that is subtle, that is below the skin, the maturation that brings about your morontia reality and identity. This is the ascending actions of a human being.

There is another element that I wish to bring into this perspective, and to do so I will shift my imagery to what may be a little too soon for those who live in your northern climates, and that is snow.

You know that when you receive this moisture as it blankets the ground and is fresh, it is beautiful. It sparkles. It is brilliant. This is in the eyes of God the same set of feelings for every creature that comes into existence. You each are as beautiful, as brilliant, as sparkling. Then the tribulations of life come upon you much as the warmth of the sun. Some are unable to grapple with those tribulations and experience a meltdown, but others maintain or attain their spiritual connection, and rather than melting they sublimate. Like the imagery of fruit that appears to enlarge daily and even hourly and then appears to stand still as it ripens, so subtly does this snow disappear.

While you are this day acquiring your spiritual counterparts to your mortal life, accumulating much that represents the divine, you are also transforming into a new creature, a creature not meant for this level of existence, a morontia being. You are sublimating, going from the ephemeral to the ethereal, transferring the seat of your identity from creature to the bestowed Creator Fragment that dwells within you. This is applicable to that succinct phrase of your Master who said that he who gives of himself receives eternal life. He also said as he departed from this world that into the hands of his Father he commends his spirit. To the many looking upon his death it could be asserted that his life was in a meltdown, but within his being he was sublimating, giving over to the Divine Presence, assuming the beneficial grace and the personal care of his Father. Many had taunted him; they had heard his sermons, and now they perceived one weakened and unable to defend himself. This was merely the material observation, for within his soul he had ripened. He was ready to fall from the tree of earthly life and to be born anew in his career as Sovereign Son.

I conclude by encouraging you to remind yourselves at times when you are tempted to consider yourself stagnant. Encourage yourselves with the understanding that to ripen is to transfer yourself from the growth activities of a materially bound spiritual being to the morontia level of creature ascendancy.

Thank you for hearing me today. Elyon remains here as do I. If you have questions if we cannot pass them on to others we will answer.


Jada: I was seeing the apple ripening, and I realize that it’s the seed inside ripening like the soul that continues on.

Malvantra: Indeed, you are quite observant. Likewise the fleshy matter that surrounds that seed, though it is deemed to be nourishment for that seed, when it sprouts is in large part food for others. As you cultivate your soul you provide nourishment spiritually to many engaged in your daily activities.


Mark: I appreciate the years we have spent together. We cherish you as instructors and have developed devotion and affection for you and the others.

You mentioned your other group. Since your other group’s experience and ours have become the property of human wisdom and knowledge through the overall circuit, is there a way to connect with them through that circuit?

Malvantra: Indeed there is. You have at times unbeknownst to you engaged in that connection. My contact with this other group is received well, and one individual in particular has studiously received lessons about this very subject of circuitry. So they are well prepared to be engaged in such connectivity.

Mark: Is it the property of the circuits that we may know the location of this group?

Malvantra: This group is known to this TR, and they reside in Cincinnati. They are part of your Teaching Mission collectivity. I have been with you for nearly all of these ten years. I am their primary instructor and have enjoyed witnessing each of your groups’ endeavors to understand the mission, the mechanics involved, and your position in this program of planetary upliftment.

Mark: Do the different groups build upon each other in that observation and understanding which are arrived at become the property of human knowledge and concept frames become enlarged by that means?

Malvantra: Some of what one group undertakes does have impact upon another, and it is done so in various ways. Obvious to you perhaps I would mention first is the exchange of your written transcripts such that you may observe and remotely partake in each other’s contact with beings like myself and the many teachers engaged in this Correcting Time. However there is also the effect that you each have upon your morontia teachers. I am not the only one who travels, and your teacher Elyon and others including your personal teachers benefit greatly from contacting your fellows, for herein is gained the experience of what works and what doesn’t. If a teacher finds within a group difficulty in presenting some element of spiritual truth, having it lodge and become active in your life, they will attempt to present the same truth to others. When they discover reception and application they begin reflecting upon how that was accomplished and reversely adapting it to those where they met with momentary failure. So you bring into your group greater receptive potential because your teacher has acquired a refinement of the skill of presentation. Therefore you can connect directly to one another through your mortal means, and you connect indirectly by way of our triangular involvement with both of you.

Mark: I want you all to know the peace and joy I look forward to after my transition. I see us as a team which goes on past this level. I picture rolling up my sleeves and finding you all on the other side of the curtain and reassembling to work together. That provides me with great comfort. Thank you all for that.

Malvantra: Believe you deeply that your dedication and devotion is marked well, and you are on the list of engagement, and you are well underway in the training and preparation. One day you will experience the inverse perspective of the difficulty of making contact.

Mark: But I don’t want to be pitching at three, not today anyway!

Malvantra: No, this would not be allowed, for there is much work to be done in the warm-up pen to prepare those others to enter the playing field and to become engaged in this divine game of spiritual upliftment on Urantia.


Nebadonia (Mark): This is Nebadonia. I desire to make known my presence to you, to bring you my spiritual embrace, and to surround you with my affection. As the parent feels for the child the desire to wrap loving arms around you, so I feel for each of you to wrap my loving self around you. You are safe with me, with us, as we march forward together. I simply desire to have this contact with you, to share this moment with you, to share even a spiritual kiss.

My love to you all.