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Topic: Crossroads

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. It is always with great joy that I return to you each week. I am touched by your welcoming embrace. I feel truly blessed to be a part of your lives and what direction they may go.


I am your BROTHER/FATHER. Long overdue is the time for me to meet with you in this format. Many sweeping changes are occurring on this world at this time. This always brings great confusion. I feel it is time to rally my children together to go forward on the path that we had set out upon some years ago. Having lived a mortal life, I am indeed in understanding of the hardships that may befall you. I realize the busyness of life can take your attention away from spiritual realities.

Our Mission is at somewhat of a crossroads where many must choose what they are to put their faith in. Many must choose who is their God; what is their God. My Mission children, you are my earthly counselors who will aid many in their decision. This takes not special effort, no, not even any skill--only to live your lives as an example of one who knows me and our Father. If you have committed yourself to the spiritual life--then be committed. Live not halfway between faith and doubt, love and hate, light and dark.

One who has vowed to live the spirit life really must choose to live with integrity and honor at all times. This is not to say there will be no mistakes made. This is to discover what you believe in and live that life. Be that example who will draw the masses to an age of Light and Life. I have gone before you. I have lit the path. Walk therein. Be not discouraged by personal or even worldly events, for these are the results of evolution. Natural evolution of all things is our Father's way. This is not to say everything is with chaos, no. Everything is carefully monitored and guided.

In your personal evolution, your life's events will aid you in growth, in making changes leading you to me and to Father. I assure you that I will always go before you if you should so allow. I will light your path. I will make the way clear. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All you need do is have faith. Look to me. Know that I love you with an unceasing affection. Be strong, my children, for the changes to come will be your specialty and you will be the calm in the storm. Rally together. Love one another. Uphold one another. You are Father's love made visible. Carry on.

I am ABRAHAM. Our gratitude to our Universe Sovereign. We are made to be more merely through your presence. Thank you. How easy it is to love one who seems so magnificent and yet so real--so much like us.

This week, children, ponder the words of our Master. Take notes on where you may be lacking in integrity. How might you be living between faith and doubt, love and hate, light and dark? Take time this week to be with the Master. Absorb His loving presence. Are there questions?


INARIA: Abraham, I just have a comment. Rachel and Honoray loved this time of year. Not a curiosity question, but can you tell them hello for us?

ABRAHAM: I can, yes. Wonderful sisters. Absolutely. Another question or comment?

CALVIN: Abraham, I just want to say thanks to Michael for His address to us. I think it is the most awesome thing we could ever experience. For me personally it is something I probably take it so easily for granted. Do we really realize that our Sovereign has spent some time with us? I just want to say thanks. His words are very helpful to me. Thanks to the TR for stepping up to transmit His message.

ABRAHAM: It would be so wonderful if everyone realized that Michael is at hand at all times. He need not address large groups when His Spirit of Truth is available to all each and every minute of everyday. Truly blessed are we to have Him. Thank you for your comments. I also take Michael's words to heart and will do my utmost to live and serve one who so loyally lives and serves me. Another question?

MARSHALL: Abraham, I am so honored that you are meeting with me everyday. My son is coming in and he has been practicing stillness. He is coming in tomorrow and I would very much like if you would agree to meet with him as Calvin being the TR.

ABRAHAM: Granted, absolutely. I always look forward to spending time with you each. Your honorable intentions are admirable.

RITA B.: Abraham, does sexuality in anyway hold back spiritual evolution or can it in fact enhance spiritual evolution?

ABRAHAM: As with any aspect of the mortal make-up, when taken to an animalistic level can certainly be damaging to spirituality. On the other hand, mortal living can be enhanced when Father is at the forefront of your mind. Sex was not ever meant to be a negative experience. Nor was it meant to be used without integrity or become imbalanced in mind. Imbalances from sex are usually because they are taken to an animal level. God in all things is truly enhancing, truly beautiful. Good question. Another question?

ELESHA: Abraham, when I asked the meaning of my name did I get it clearly? Is there anything else you can say about it, anything that would be fitting for me at this time?

ABRAHAM: I believe you are in full understanding of your spiritual name. I would recommend to you at this time to know that those things you are truly desirous of will happen, but to push or rush those things along could cause delay. Have not fear, my daughter. Know that you are carefully tended to. Is there something more? (No. Thank you.)

SIMON: In have been enjoying feeling and sharing the confidence, faith and love of the Father, of the infinity and universality especially lately. I am grateful to the degree of being pushed to the edge in some respects to even having more faith and seeing how that is all working. Do you have any comments for me or my sons? I would love to hear it.

ABRAHAM: I have not too much to say other than you have a remarkable attitude. You have experienced some difficulties and you have not let it bring you down. You are becoming stronger. Your attitude is key to opening those doors that Father is taking you through. Was there another pressing question?

SARAUNA: Yes Abraham. Thank you so much for asking. As I am sure you know, I am just wondering if you have some words of encouragement for my daughters, and of course myself and Harrison would love to hear what you have to say to us personally. I have been especially concerned about my daughter Hillary and her intrigue with the idea of the Indigo Children and herself possibly being one? I don't know if you have anything to say on that account, but perhaps offer some words to help us with the new year?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. As there is growth with the human body, also is there growth of the mind and soul. Each one person will explore many areas of interest, and like a bridge, you do not want to stop and build a house there. I am not to comment on the Indigo Children. I am certain though that Hillary is very open, bright and enthusiastic, and simply just discovering life and who she really is. You are indeed a wonderful mother, as Harrison is also a good father. Have not concern for these discovering stages of life, but be there for one another as an open spirit channel. You have each done quite well and now that life appears to be changing and the children are grown there maybe some anxiety, but not to worry. You and Harrison shall surely keep busy with your own personal ministries. Know that you have each done a great deal to enhance our Mission. Well done.


I am slipping. Know that I am honored to walk this path with you, my friends, my co-workers, my brothers and sisters. Until next week, shalom. [[Category: Michael