2003-01-27-Nel Has Arrived On Mansonia

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Topic: Nel Has Arrived On Mansonia

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer by Donna: Thank you Father for the quietness and the peace that is here as it descends upon us as a pleasant cloud of serenity. As we gather together with our friends, thank you for your love. Please open our minds and our hearts to receive all that you have for us. Let our spiritual eyes and ears be attuned to receive all that you have. Thank you for our teachers, please help us to be good students and to learn what you would have us learn, in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to see all of you once again. Although the group may be small now, it still encompasses all of its outside members who have once come through the hall of this Teaching Mission. In spirit, everyone is still here. So do not feel alone, do not feel small and insignificant, for you are not, you have friends among you. You also have many celestial beings sitting by your side sharing this moment with you. If you were but to let your mind go and feel their presence, you would feel their energy right by your side. You would begin to feel the subtleties you would begin to feel the presence of your friends, the angels.


Transition, Mansion Worlds

No doubt you are here to hear word that your sister Nel has arrived on the Morontia Worlds and I tell you that she has arrived, she is most happy. She is no longer a mortal, her mind is new, she is still getting accustomed to all of the new senses that have suddenly arrived. She is like a baby, just beginning to crawl. Although she has many years of experience walking, with this new mind it is overwhelming at times. The first couple of days you learn how to control all of your new senses. Although many of her senses are familiar to her, one of the senses she has felt is love from her relatives who have graduated before her. She is now reuniting with them, many have greeted her, her mother was there. There are a lot of things that she is doing right now, there are a lot of new emotions and new sensations. She knows that you loved her with all of your hearts and that feeling is sent out by her constantly. She sends out her love to her loved ones, Rodger, Enno, Ernie and to your group here in Arcadia. Her love is consistent and it is always there. She says, “its wonderful,” although I have not spoken to her personally.

So where is your mind at this moment? Do you look forward to seeing Nel or shall you deal with what is at hand? Although I am sure that you would like to do both, it is important that your mind stays focused and that you complete your work before your time has come. There is certainly much work that needs to be done, although some of you have already done enough, as did your sister Nel. The important thing is to love one another as you see them here and now. Cherish them every day so they know that you love them and care about them, so when they go, they leave with a good memory of you and you of them. Then the next time you meet, you will only have good feelings for each other and none of the previous misunderstandings which you commonly have with one another.

Although Nel’s transition into the next life was somewhat painful in the beginning, towards the end all the pain ceased and a stillness came over her. She was enveloped in the love of God and taken up by her angels. For they so lovingly enseraphimed her and transported her to the Mansion World. As she came out of that deep sleep, Nel, for the first time opened her eyes to the beautiful grandeur of the halls of resurrection where she was greeted by her Morontia Companion. She admired how beautiful her Companion was and began to admire the beauty that surrounded her. Her heart began to beat, (although she has no physical heart, it was a similar sensation as she regarded it) energy began to flow through her body. She marveled at the colors, at the sounds, at the music and at the sea of glass. Her only words, her only thoughts were, “it’s wonderful.” She could say no more. The embrace that she had with her mother was indeed very touching, for they had not seen each other for many years. It was on Nel’s mind before she left this earth that she would see her mother, that she should hug and kiss her. So they did, for her mother was waiting for her and she had nothing but love for her. Later Nel met with her other relatives. Now she is looking up some friends. Although Nel will not stay long on the first Mansion World, she is taking full advantage of everything that she sees and does. She loves the new reality, loves it more than anything. She looks forward to this new adventure which she has just begun.

I am glad for her. I am glad that Nel has made this transition as smooth as she did. I am glad that she did not go into shock or denial as some people do. I am glad that Nel prepared herself adequately all these years. When the time came, she was able to make the right decision for herself. Most of all I am glad that Nel had the opportunity to touch all of your lives. She touched each and everyone of you. I know that all of you here in this room will make the transition as smooth as possible when the time comes.

Michael: TR, George.

Defenses, Tenderness

Good evening my children, it is your father/brother Michael. I bring you my love, I bring you my light and my peace. You are not alone in this world. You are never alone, even when you feel most alone, I am there. I am there for those who are in pain or joy. I am with you in life and in your death. Understand that I shall never leave your side. Under no circumstance do I abandon you. I represent my Father, one who has never abandoned me and through me you shall see my Father. So don’t despair, don’t be afraid of what the world may do to you, for it has done it to me, yet I am still here. If something were to happen to you, don’t be afraid for you shall be with me.

I saw Nel, she is a daughter of mine. She is well taken care of, do not worry about her. You are well taken care of, as I love you always. In my light you shall live forever. In my heart you shall stay. In my spirit you go and in my words you shall flow. Dear children you have so little time to learn. It takes a lifetime and yet you do dedicate yourself to this work, to this life and to this attitude, you and my other children on this earth.

I praise you for you go about my Father’s business, you go about planting seeds of peace and love. All of this shall be rewarded in due time. Use your minds to deal with the pressures of this earth and stay committed to your work. Remember that I am here to ease your burden, to ease your pain and your suffering. Fall on me and believe in me and I shall be there for you. Never be afraid to ask for help. Put down your guard. Put down the wall you build around yourself. Although this earth will try to make you tough, you know deep down in your heart you are but a child that needs love and tenderness. I know this about you. I know that you put up a false guard making people think that you are strong and tough. I know that inside your hearts you love, you care for people and you believe in the brotherhood and the sisterhood. I am here to help you let go of this fear. Take my hand and find strength within me. I know that you doubt yourself. This doubt makes you weak in many ways. Stop doubting yourself, stop putting yourself down. You are all worthy of everything that is in heaven. You are worthy of all the love that is given to you. You are worthy of this love, you are certainly worthy of my love. Forget about your condition and the way society has made you and begin to believe what the world would be like if we would all just let down our guards. Love and be open-hearted.

I leave you with my peace. Good night my children.

All: Good night Michael.

JarEl: TR, George. This is JarEl. Are there any questions?


Lucille: Is it possible for Nel’s spirit to be here? I have a feeling of her sitting over in her usual chair and yet I know that she is on the Mansion Worlds.

JarEl: TR, George. There is such a thing as projection of essence. Although Nel is physically on the Morontia World as we speak, she is projecting herself into this room. She is viewing everything that is said and done here. From her abode on the Morontia World, although she can not speak to you, she can listen to you.

Donna: Dear Nel, I would just like to say that I am so happy that you have made your transition and we loved hearing JarEl’s explanation and all the details of where you are now; how you had said “it is wonderful”, how you are enjoying your life on the Morontia Worlds and how you have enjoyed your reunion with your mother and other family and friends. I am just very happy to hear about all your wonderful new experiences and I am glad for you my sister that you have happily and successfully made the transition.

Lucille: Nel, I want to thank you for all the spiritual enlightenment that you gave to me. I still have the feeling of you being here. I dearly love you.

Donna Jean: Nel, if I should be so bold to express the impressions that I received, that you didn’t realize the radiance that you encountered and that you were in awe and wonder on how clear it was to communicate with the Father. And also the love that you have for this group and your love that we can connect even closer to the Father, thank you.

George: Nel, this is George, I am glad that you are somewhat adjusted up there and that you are living this new life with all these possibilities and that you are looking in on us. We do miss you and this group will not be the same without you. You are a very integral part of our group and one of the key dynamics that made the Arcadia Teaching Mission Study Group what it is. I am just……..I am sad that you left, but I am happy too. I just want to tell you that I love you.


JarEl: TR, George. Are there anymore questions? I would just like to report that Nel did receive the messages and that she has acknowledged. She is glad to hear from all of you. With that, I bid you good night.

All: Good night JarEl.