2003-02-09-Universal Law

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Topic: Universal Law

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. My heart is full just watching you with one another. Your kindness, compassion and offerings are truly touching. Millions of dollars are spent each year by those seeking assistance, whether it be medical, psychological or emotional, when right here you have a wonderful resource for comfort and well-being. Father is always our best counselor, and yet many times we find Father in one another. Well done, my friends.

I realize that mortal circumstances take us to places we do not want to be. Always remember everything moves toward an ultimate good. You are revealers of the light and as life happens to you, you will certainly set examples for others who also strive for meanings and values in this mortal life. As your acceptance of truth is strengthened surely will Father assist you in putting that truth into action. I am always amazed by the resilient spirit of man.

This week I would keep our lesson short so we can receive questions. In our recent lessons on truth we have studied our own levels of what is acceptable in our lives and what we are demanding to receive from having lived a spirit-led life. This evening I would again speak a little about universal law.


No one in mortal life actually reaches perfection. On rare occasions it has happened, but not usually. Even those who profess to live a spirit-led life find that they can justify certain personal behaviors. Still some can find that the truth can bend. There is not that level of commitment to integrity that it takes to have a close spirit connection.

Truth is a living universal law. It cannot bend. It cannot be molded to justify one who lives a life without honor and integrity. Your thoughts, your actions indeed return to you. Those individuals who are particularly judgmental of others hide in their own knowledge of the fact that they live not up to high standards of integrity. What in your life are you hoping to receive? What message are you putting out to the universe?

To live a life of truth is to receive the universe gifts there from. A life lived with goodness also reaps goodness from the universe. This is not to guarantee a life of ease or bliss, no. This is to be prepared to advance in spirit levels.

This week take time to prioritize those things in your life. What is truly important? What really matters? What is long lasting and building toward the future? A garden left unattended will surely wither away. Are there questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, we have a large crowd just for the record. My garden feels like the weeds are growing faster than that tiny hoe I have to keep up with it. Is that a good thing or is it like I can’t see or acknowledge something that is causing this?

ABRAHAM: My son, every garden takes a great deal of work. You are perhaps still preparing the soil for growth. You do not see the expansion you are embarking upon. All lasting work takes many small steps to prepare. You are doing well in the eyes of our Father. You are not seeing that with your own eyes. You are judging life’s success by someone else’s standards. Those things that are truly important you are attending to. Nothing is passing you by. Take joy in those small but meaningful things, and know that the small steps of today are laying ground for the greater work of tomorrow. Is this helping? (Yes Abraham, thank you very much.) You’re welcome.

SIMON: Abraham, I feel like there is a lot of decisions’ going on in my life right now. (Inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I see you Simon as an artist of sorts and many artists tend to work from whatever mood they are in at the time. You are quite creative and are filled with many ideas. Not all of those ideas need to become reality. You simply take on too much. You have high expectations of yourself and this for the most part is good, but when you can’t fill those expectations you are feeling disappointed with yourself. This again is not so much the spirit driving you but the artist in you. Always a little balance in life goes a long way. Decipher for yourself those things that need immediate attention and allow yourself some time to relax or find a creative outlet that does not have a deadline. You do well, my son. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) You’re welcome. Another question?

WILLEENA: (Inaudible) Suggestions to return to spirit????

ABRAHAM: I cannot invade your thoughts or understanding, but perhaps I can say a few words. You, Willeena, my daughter, have always had connection with Mother and Michael at any given opportunity. Any understanding you have received is certainly of your own willingness to be open. I can say that you know this purpose of our Brother/Father Michael. You are in full understanding of the Correcting Time and Teaching Mission. You know me and without a doubt I have full faith in you and your ability to understand and live a spirit-led life. Yes. Is there more I can offer? (Inaudible.) Understood. This is common and bound to happen from time to time. When in the midst of this distraction you can only ask yourself: ‘What can I do right now? What can I do for today?’ The spirit within will no doubt answer back. ‘For today I can accept the fact that I am the child of God and worthy of His love and communication. For this moment I can relax and know that while I am down in the dust there is one above me who can see all. I am never lost. I am never alone. For today I can believe that my life is in a state of constant evolution and I am not going to crumble.’ You have been through these moments before and always have you found your hand back in Father’s. You have always been one to help others reconnect with Father and this is your best method back to Him. Remember you each have one another when mortal life seems to be overwhelming. Know that your fellows long to help you and also need your help. Is this answering? (Absolutely. Thank you.) You’re welcome. Another question?

ELESHA: (Inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: The feminine energy is your own. It is simply your personal circuit on which divine energy travels. No, I see no resentment toward masculine energy as far as the spirit goes. You are discovering which methods are more comfortable for you. By all means--use them. Father desires your comfort because this is His connection to you. Have not worry. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

LUKE: Two questions that have to do with my sons and the distance we have between us. (Inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: You mean through mans technology or spirit? No, not at this age, no. Children even those with Thought Adjusters still need material forms of communication. This is not bad, Luke. A phone call as often as possible to them would surely keep you in their hearts and memories. Letter, pictures, etc. would also aid them in their transformation. Many times parents can indeed feel the spirit connection with their children and children can at times be made to receive thoughts and this is good, but children need more. In spite of the differences in spiritual understanding between you and your wife it would do well to make a plea to her to put first the children’s welfare. Keep them out of your politics. In time those children will be able to decide for themselves what path to God they want to take. For now--be their father. Put their welfare first. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) You’re welcome. (Inaudible question.) This is the best that I can say for right now. What you put into the group you will for the most part receive back. If you make effort to reach out in ministry surely you will be ministered to. I cannot so much comment on announcements, for that verges on providing proof that I am. I cannot do that, but indeed always has Michael’s Mission partly been about the Brotherhood. Individual’s lives do become consumed with busyness and it is understood that some are not as involved as other. This is understood and acceptable, but definitely participation and commitment to one another softens the harshness of mortal living. Is this in understanding? (Yes. Thank you.) One more question.

MARSHALL: Yes Abraham. A lot of breakthroughs and a lot of changes recently. Anything that you can give me that might be helpful?

ABRAHAM: I realize that everyone is in a state of constant evolution and it is difficult for me to speak freely about ones personal life. I am not to invade or interrupt in the personal lives of my students, however if I am called upon I make effort to be available. I can say to you, Marshal that the spiritual life must also become a living reality, something you can see, hear and feel. It must be made clear in everyday living. It must bear fruit. You are indeed enthusiastic and have good intentions. It can be overwhelming at times, though we must remember to live a practical, spiritual life. My recommendation is to take things a bit slower. Allow more time for absorbing those meanings you receive. All is as it should be. Have not worry and take note of that spiritual fruit.


And with that I will bid you farewell. Know that my deep and abiding affection is with you always. I thank you for your commitment, participation and support of this our Brother/Father Michael’s Mission. Until next week, shalom.