2003-04-13-Surrendering To The Father

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Topic: Surrendering to the Father

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I welcome you each here this evening.


Tonight, let us discuss once again the process of surrendering the mortal will for the higher will of God. The Father's will, as it manifests in your lives, is not something which the Father spells out from beginning to end. He does not debate with you the wisdom of his will, nor does he promise if you should do A then you should have B. No, the Father's will is all encompassing. It is manifesting constantly as that which was potential becomes actual. He does not promise ease, but he does promise growth. As you become more and more secure in your trust of him, then does his will gradually manifest through you. All you do is trust and believe. Everything else is gradually surrendered.

Like a child learning to swim, you trust that the Father will hold you afloat, you trust that his mighty hand will pull you to safety should you flounder. Gradually, you trust him to shape your movements and soon you are swimming along side him always trusting in his divine protection never doubting that you will be safe.

As a child, it is not up to you to chart the course or fashion your journey. No, it is for you to do as you see the Father do and trust him for all else. When you can completely relax into his hands, then you trust that your life is secure, you trust that what needs to be done will be done. You trust the direction and even the manner of getting there completely to him. Gradually, you can let go of what you want and accept what the Father wants for you with ease and grace.

Allowing that your lives are in greater hands than your own gives you great freedom from crushing responsibility, worry, and paralyzing fear. But further, as you are freed from these things, you are also free to grow in your potential. You are free in this growth to be wild and wooly for the Father will prune and shape your form. The way toward closeness with Father is ever trust in him. And trust means that you must release your old fears, preconceptions, and ideas of who you are and what your future will be. Growth in the spirit can be painful. It is hard to let go of the old armor, the old protection from the world that you have grown used to. It is hard to release control of your lives. It is hard to trust the Father in ever greater measures. None of this is easy. If it were, it would not be so valuable.

The Master said, "you will know the truth and the truth will set you free". And this is forever so. The gradual relinquishing of that which is old without fear is truly the path to freedom. To be free to grow and to become as the Father would have you do is the greatest blessing mankind can know. Each one of you, in truth, is completely free to become your greatest potential and yet so often we see human beings limiting themselves, limiting their closeness to God through fear, habit, old scars and injuries of life.

Ask yourselves, do you really dare to be the person God wants you to be? Do you really dare to be his will? There is no limit to spiritual growth. There is no time when you say, "now I have it". For growth is constant and you will always be in a kind of flux and experiencing change as you grow. Never be frightened to be yourselves. Be absolutely secure in the Father's love for it is that security which provides all things.

To one who is absolutely certain of the Father's love and his protection, many things earthly can fall away and he will remain unmoved. The Father's love is unchanging, it is never withdrawn, it is never partial. The Father's love is complete, infinite, and eternal. The Father's love is the Father and as you partake of his love you partake of his nature, you partake of his being.

Life then becomes a series of surrenders, a gradual breakdown of your resistance to his love. The Father's love is ultimately irresistible. When you perceive him plainly, then you become him, you actually become his love.

I would like to continue this lesson using our newest volunteer and then will return.

[Changed TR's to Joan]

Yes, my dear ones, I am thankful that you have chosen to come together again this evening. You are all one in spirit and continue to do very well in your understanding and your willingness to open up and to grow in the Father's love. And as you continue to grow, you will do so with open hearts and a deeper love for yourselves and all of those whose lives you touch. As we have discussed the importance of following the Father's will, most of you will naturally wonder if you truly know that will. But you should not be stressed in striving to know that will for if you do not already practice seeking the silence, then endeavor to make that a practice. Try to relax and trust that the Father's will will work through you. Your days are blessed indeed.

[Back to Rebecca]

Yes, what are your questions?


Q: Ham, do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, my daughter, you have demonstrated great courage and great trust of the Father in your life. You continue to show forth the fruits of the spirit, and you are moving with great ease into higher realms of spiritual living. This does not mean that everything will be easy or that there will not be troubles and obstacles in your path. But, you are coming to trust that the Father will help you and guide you through everything that comes. You are a person who has always been a doer, now you are learning to be just a be-er. The Father will continue to hold you in his arms. Have peace and comfort in your heart. You do very well.

Q: Do you have any counsel for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you do very well. You are gradually coming to understand yourself with greater compassion, greater forgiveness. You have walked a difficult path, a path of strong willfulness, strong self-identity. But the way now is easier. There is not so much of a desire to be willful and rebellious. Now, your desire is coming into understanding of obedience and surrendering of will. The Father wants much more for you than what you could imagine for yourself. Allow him to set your sights higher, to follow him along goodly paths of righteousness. Remember the Master's meekness, his complete acceptance of the Father's will. Meekness is not weakness. In meekness, there is the greatest strength.

Q: Yes, Ham, can you tell me why my side hurts all the time?

Ham: Perhaps. Yes, it seems it could be a couple of different things. It is odd, however, that either one should cause pain. One lobe of your liver is damaged and not functioning completely. That is one, the other is intestinal. There is a little distended portion of the large intestine which is slightly impacted. Neither of these things is immediately dangerous, but could over time get worse. It might be wise to consult with a doctor and take some steps to relieve this pressure.

Q; Ham, do you have anything for me this evening?

Ham: Yes my dear. I am very happy to be working with you. You are continuing to gain peace and comfort internally and so you are a source of comfort and of peace to others. Continue your daily stillness practice which has become a place of peace and of great comfort. But also, remember you can reach out and take the Master's hand any time, any where. He is constantly beside you and his love flows out to you always. Rest in assurance my daughter, you do very well.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, my dear, you are truly going through a transition in the spirit and in life. Those things which were difficult for you before will now be easy as your assurance in the spirit increases. Many things will be changing and you will have the ability to adjust and to change as well. Take your time my dear restoring your health. There is nothing more important at this time.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes, my son, you are also finding your way to greater peace. You are coming to accept the Master's slow but steady way. Have patience with yourself, and relax in the Master's hands for there you are completely secure.

Q: Ham, can we have a message for Amalain?

Ham: Certainly, my daughter. You have been through much work and worry that is not always necessary. Sometimes, it is easier to fall into old habits than it is to release them. This week, take the old things that no longer serve you and give them to the Master. Your burden is too heavy. It is time to lighten it.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Yes, my son, you do well. You are also a person who falls into old habits without thinking through what it is you are doing. Allow the Master to help you in this releasing. The way will be plain and will open as you come to realize the expansion of possibility that comes when the old is released.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes. My son, just love yourself. Begin to curb the relentless self-criticism that is just a habit. Release these things and then curb your tendency to go back and pick them up. Love yourself instead.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week Ham?

Ham: Yes. My son, you have come very far in learning to release control, but still you have far to go for the habits of a lifetime are not easily changed.

Accepting yourself with love is still not a complete reality and priority in your life. You are tempted to do in order to push back the task of being. Again, learning to love yourself is not an overnight success of failure. It is not a switch you can turn off and on. All these things are a process and require time. Surrender to the process. Open your heart to the Father's love for you do very well.


Very well, is there anything further? Wonderful, until next week my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.