2003-08-31-The Presentation of Stillness

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Topic: The Presentation of Stillness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Lantarnek

TR: Jonathan



Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Lantarnek. I visit you today. I express love, a fondness for fellow workers so dedicated to expressing in your lives the message of Michael. It is an art of living to re-demonstrate the manner in which Michael lived on this planet and to do so defined by the culture of your day these thousands of years later.

I have planned to speak to you on the subject of stillness, but I wish to address the topic from a slightly different angle so as to encourage not only your practice of stillness, but also your presentation of stillness.



It is a quality of humbleness to regard your engagement with the Father in solitary meditation as an act which you do not flaunt or parade before others. This divine intimacy is for you, each one, to experience as creature to Creator without spectators. While such spiritual modesty is noble, it does not prevent dedicated ones as yourselves from assembling in fellowship as a family experiencing collectively the presence of your same divine Parent.

The presentation of stillness I speak of has to do with the outward living of that inner experience found in quiet time correctly, so you regard this mindfulness, heart- centeredness, of stillness as a pause from the dynamics of your lives, such dynamics that often wear you out, cause you to feel disconnected. So, stillness attracts you to the time for re-collection, to return to square one, to refresh the soul and quiet the mind. There is, however, the perspective of "stillness" the word, as synonym to "duration", to "continuance", and this is the presentation of stillness I speak of: wholehearted dedication, absolute resolve, sincere pursuit, your willingness to die that the truth may be proclaimed, unflinching; ever aligned to God, to goodness. We may speak of this presentation of stillness as a manifestation of your having made the Supreme decision, that choice of human will that is eternal in its consequences, earning you life everlasting, an eternal life given by Father even before you chose or even knew of such an opportunity; yet your spiritual hunger, your thirst for truth, and your diligence in pursuing the answers, your willingness to expand your awareness of life and its implications, have been your contribution. Therefore you are granted the reward of having earned your place in the kingdom of God. The gift was given, and you actively reached out your hand and took it. This choice is forever; it is still-ness, ever remaining.

There is only one reality point in the universe which changes not, the abode of the Father, stationary, ever-present as is God Himself. All around this Paradise location is dynamism, constant change.

You are all too keenly aware of the ever-present transformation of your mortal vehicles as the years roll by. You are also understanding of the expansion of your knowledge and the uplifting of your awareness as you continue to incorporate your life experiences into a conceptual framework which describes reality as you can only limitedly perceive it at this level in your ascent. You know from your textual studies of The Urantia Book that you will one day leave your body behind, and further, you have come to know that even your mind is released and you are re-incircuited into a new mind function, a morontia mind; that while your experiences are safeguarded through this transition and bestowed back upon you subsequent to your resurrection, you will not have the same mind. Even the mind vehicle is new, just as your morontia physical form is different from your current physical form.

All things change beyond the periphery of Paradise except one thing, and that is your resolve to be about the Father's business, to ascend to the Father on Paradise, to become perfect in your soul capacity as He is in His universe standing. This stillness is what the world hungers for today, the demonstration of endurance, of duration, a never changing devotion.

It will not be revealed to the world through any religious organization or any movement or cause, for these all will change as well. Such structures do not demonstrate stillness that I speak of, rather they often gravitate towards fixation, a stagnation. This presentation of stillness can only be revealed singly through the radiance of each personality engaged in a relationship with the Creator.

You practice stillness to refresh the soul. You practice stillness to further your relationship with God. You practice stillness so that you will function spiritually when tribulation comes your way, and you practice stillness so that you will present the results to others. Michael when here on Earth devoted his entire life to this mode of living, ever and always seeking the Father's will, even to the point of saying, "My hour has not yet come", willing always to adjust to the time flow of the eternal will.

While I observe that at times you are disappointed with your discipline of practicing stillness, I assure you that you are looked upon with favor for the fact that you are all more diligently pursuing the presentation of the stillness, of constant devotion to God, and ever and always seeking to refine and improve your ability to live in alignment with truth, to become ever more good in your nature, to radiate that spiritual beauty that will minister to the souls of all in your life. This I perceive to be even more important than an interval of time of meditation, for when you do -- as you will -- enter into an experience of Paradise, it will be a fully encompassing experience of embrace. The interval of engagement and release will not be; the practice will have disappeared, and your presence will be what your practice sought.

Happy am I to be with you, and willing I am to receive your questions.


Evelyn: In light of last week's session on expectation, we can expect that resolve will solidify; we may fluctuate now; we haven't hit any stillness presentation yet that's unwavering, but we can hold the expectation that someday and eternally afterward we will maintain that. Anything involving eternity is so hard to think about.

Lantarnek: You have studied and developed the understanding that while the soul grows and you are re-incircuited at new mind levels and take up new patterns of form such as your current physical bodies, that your personality changes not. That presence of the Father bestowed upon you likewise is absolute in quality. These are the two key elements of your makeup which engage in stillness and are themselves unchanging. So, while it may be stated that you have perfected this enduring condition, perhaps even asserted that it has always been, it is the challenge to all to develop the ability to present it. There is where a lifetime of work is before all, for that begins the reorganization of your thoughts, a deeper understanding of your aspirations, a refinement of your ability to express love and serve your fellows, and attention to the importance of the growth of your soul.

The presentation will change. It will become more refined, but you can always hold to the truth of the stability of your personality and of the absoluteness of the Divine Indweller.

I will attempt to illustrate that ongoing endeavor of demonstration refinement wherein you learn better how to love and how to serve by using the example of one of your sport pastimes, surfing.

One who loves such an undertaking has already developed the skill, has learned to execute maneuvers to stay on the board to ride a wave. But that accomplishment is not the end, is not the fulfillment. A successful ride is sought over and over and over. It is the continual process of surfing that thrills that athlete. There are falls; there are mistakes, and there are maneuvers to learn, and such is the case with your spiritual life. The waves come, they go, they rise, they crash, and you learn how to surf through them. While you become a master in your skill, that never diminishes your love for continual surfing.


Evelyn: This weekend Michael's bestowal as a Melchizedek was mentioned and how it inspired all Melchizedeks. Would you be willing to share something about Michael as a Melchizedek that inspired you?

Lantarnek: It was his ability to coordinate many of us; he improved our ability to harmonize with one another. You know we are a self governing body, an order of Sons without a boss. So, it becomes the challenge of each melchizedek to work coordinatedly, not only self-governed, but selves-governed as a body, as an order. Michael demonstrated a superb quality when he took up our form and worked among us and with us and as us. This I found inspiring and have taken this model into all my relationships, be it among my Melchizedek brethren or among any order of being that I am assigned with or that I simply seek recreation with.

On earth Jesus came to do the will of the Father, and that was his single purpose. Underneath that overriding cause he assembled his apostolic corps, his evangel group, and ministered to as many as he could in his short life. But his single purpose was to live for the Father, and you all benefitted because, as you have learned from his life, you saw that he lived as the Father. Among us his purpose was our collective enhancement. It had an effect of a Supreme quality, of a synergy, of a greater interweaving of each melchizedek with one another. In so doing we have developed a bonding as a corps that collectively pursues the missions and mandates of Michael. Each one of us is highly individualized in character and skill, but we are now more profoundly harmonized, meshed; and it is the result of his work among us that has made this great step forward in our order of being.

I hope this has provided you an answer.

Evelyn: That's very interesting, thank you.

Lantarnek: A further note: Our order of being is a descending order that seeks out the other forms of life in Nebadon which are rising up and through the universe schools. We reach down to draw those toward Michael and prepare each one for the journey on beyond to Paradise. Michael's life among us improved our downreach just as his life among you has improved your upreach to the Father.


I express my appreciation for your work in this mission again as it cannot be said too often. Each one of you is very important. There are very many tasks to undertake in helping this planet, and, even more important, in helping every personality who dwells upon this planet, for it is the personalities that make the planet a better place to live. You do well in your circles, in your spheres of influence. I applaud you and I pledge to ever assist you. I now withdraw.