2003-10-26-Father's Will

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Topic: Father's Will

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to have you here this evening. This evening let us discuss doing the Father’s will.



Each of you has decided to live in the spirit and by so doing to carry out those things which are our Father’s will and to leave aside those things which are not. During the mortal life, understanding how to do this is sometimes confusing and unclear.

The role of organized religion has been to set clear guidelines concerning what is forbidden and what is required from believers. But these things are human constructs meant for a particular people at a particular time. Those of you who have set out on your spiritual journeys look inward for guidance rather than to religious law. This openness to being led in life, this acceptance of the Spirit of Truth and your own ability to discern truth from falsehood, these things are part of your life. These things can sometimes lead to those solitary valleys of self-doubt and faith.

Human beings have within a kind of homing device, so to speak, consisting of your soul's connection with the Master’s Spirit of Truth. This ability to be led is encumbered only by your own self-doubting, your own fear paralysis, your own unwillingness to change. But, should your soul be open to being led like a trusting child is led but his father then gradually your fears and doubts are overcome by a conviction of truth and it is this conviction of truth which will mold your life in the spirit. Gradually your way becomes more clear and as your fears are lessened your conviction grows.

All human beings have fears and doubts, this is part of life and it is nothing to worry about or be ashamed of, for you are human after all. But, remember that your growing soul is also growing in its secure connection to the Spirit of Truth. Trust completely that truth will guide you and that you will never be abandoned or alone in this journey.

In all things, at every step imitate the Master and affirm that it is your will that God’s will be done. Learn to let go of the old and to embrace the new. Learn to grab firmly with faith those things which are promised to the faithful – peace, serenity, equanimity of mind.

Remember the Master always accepted the world as he found it. His attitude was to keep a perfect poise and acceptance of reality. Rarely did he rail against injustice or the things which should rightly perturb the Son of Man. All his teaching was positive. He made the best of every situation. He spoke the truth and that truth changed many people. But he also allowed that there were some who would be unresponsive, whose hearts were closed and those he could not reach he prayed for.

If you desire to follow him, you must trust him. And if you desire to trust him, you must abandon fear. And, if you desire to abandon fear, you must grasp faith deeply in your hearts and allow this faith to gradually replace the old fears. The Father and the Master are one in your experience. It is not difficult to find him. Constantly does he comfort your hearts and steady is his spirit ever and always.

Do not worry so much about finding the Father’s will for you. Instead, by faith, grasp his outstretched hand and then accept that which comes as part of his will. Accept the changes that his spirit will make in your hearts. Do not worry if this is his will or that is his will for at every real juncture if you listen carefully his voice will speak saying "this is the way".

Are there any questions at this time?

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham May I have a personal message please?

Ham: Of course my son. Rest in calm assurance that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Simply keep putting one foot before the other. You have much before you. Do not be discouraged or impatient but rather let your heart be comforted as you gradually banish those inner fears which can limit your life. Be at peace, that is all.


Q: Ham, I have a question relating to the Correcting Time. There is a lot of discussion and energy regarding the re-emergence of the feminine spirit, the return of the goddess. There seems to be a lot of spiritual energy around this subject. Would you discuss how that might relate to the correcting time, the Mother Spirit?

Ham: Certainly. There are many things influencing this movement. Naturally, the Mother Spirit is constantly operating on your world. Not only this, but the well nigh infinite daughters of the Infinite Spirit are here in force. But, looking at this from our point of view, we believe we are witnessing the emergence of the females of your species out of barbarism and the repression of the old patriarchy and so this liberation of the female is causing a shift in mankind’s view of God. These things all work together and it is of course part of our mission to help shepherd through burgeoning equality of the female. Civilization is not truly achieved, that is the line between barbarism and civilization is not crossed, before there is a recognition of female equality.

Q: Ham I would like to know if you have anything for me?

Ham: Certainly my son. Keep always in mind that you must open your heart to God for him to enter. Sometimes in the rush and worry of everyday life human beings can close their hearts and even to feel that it is necessary to do so. However, the God knowing man must continually fight those fears which seek to close the heart and to continually and consciously open one’s heart to God’s presence. The Master never pushes his way into your heart. Behold, said he, I stand at the door and knock.

Q: Ham I was wondering if you had anything for me this evening?

Ham: Certainly my son. You are certainly making good progress and you have shown great courage in keeping the doors of your heart open and in battling back those inner fears. Remember, my son, God is completely sure of you. Be sure of yourself, but most importantly, be sure of Him through faith. Allow faith to expand. Allow faith to bring you happiness, contentment, joy. Take each day as it comes and don’t worry about tomorrow. Rest in faith, confidence, and assurance for you are doing very well.

Q: May I have a personal message please? Thank you.

Ham: Certainly. My son, you are doing very well. Your way has not been easy, but you have prevailed through much by holding firm to faith. You must begin to release your tendency to be self-judgmental for you can be your own harshest critic and this tendency can certainly get in the way of God’s love for you. Bring the spirit into your heart more and more and begin to let go your old tendencies toward self-criticism. The Father is not a judge. He is your best friend. He knows your heart and this knowing, this complete acceptance and forgiveness is yours. Accept the Father’s gifts and resist your tendency to push them away.

Q: I will try to do better (just kidding)

Ham: This is always the human reaction and understand it for what it is and accept it too.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Certainly my daughter. My daughter, you are doing well. You are going through many changes and these things are all for the best. You will have all the help and guidance that you require. It is really that simple. Don’t try to make things too complex. Understand that truth is simple. Truth is direct. Keep focused upon what is true and the simple way will open.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Yes my son, you are making very good spiritual progress. You are embracing all that is new and gradually releasing the old attitudes and fears. Grasp firmly the Master’s hand and allow him to guide you. You are moving forward firmly and deliberately and this is as it should be. You do very well.

Q: This is from Wendaring: Ham, I am going thru so many challenges and I know that is part of growth. But as hard as I am struggling to be one with the spirit, it seems at times that I am failing. I don't know if I am handling these challenges as I should to grow to a new level, or if I am fighting the challenges in a circle and digging a hole. I trust God completely and know that He always does right by me. If that is true why do I suffer thru these challenges instead of rejoicing that something new and wonderful is ahead for me. Why if I know this in my mind and heart, can I not do it? Can you please give me some guidance? I feel so lost and alone .

Ham: Certainly, my daughter, the process of growth can be very painful and these challenges you speak of do not let up in allowing this growth. The old fears that keep you digging that hole must be gradually abandoned. Yes, there are problems, yes they are real. But, look again. See your life through the Master’s eyes. See the frightened child within and have love and compassion for this child. Growing in the spirit is never easy. Faith must be exercised to be known. All of these challenges are opportunities to exercise faith, even to demonstrate faith to others. Look again at the beauty surrounding you and the love that is there. Take time to appreciate all these things. Replace fear with gratitude and let your heart be comforted by the Master’s spirit.

Q: Personal message for Norbert?

Ham: Certainly my son, all is well. There is much that is changing in your life and do not resist these changes for they are part of your growth. Have courage as you go forth. Exercise your faith and begin to set aside the worries that can sometimes be quite consuming. Go in peace my son, that is all.

Q: Do you have a message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes, my son, you do well. In fact, you are doing better than you think you are. Relax and trust in the spirit. Don’t think so much about doing as being. The way will continue to open. You don’t need to push.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Of course my son. You are diligent in your work and in your devotion to the mission. Both of these things are part of your path. Remember to open the door wide to the Master at every opportunity. Bring him into your life more and more. Experience his companionship and his love. Keep moving forward in faith and in trust. You do very well.

Are there any further questions?

Q: May I have a message please?

Ham: Of course. My daughter, you do well in all things. Do not be concerned that one way is better than another right now. Seek only after the spirit and the way will be shown. Do not worry or let your heart be troubled with fears. No human life is easy and your life is not meant to be an easy road. But trust in the Father's hand, use all your faith to do so, and he will bring you through.


Very well then, until next week my love and prayers go with you each. Farewell.