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Topic: Animation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Evanson, Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Evanson (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Evanson. I am here to acknowledge your attention and to welcome you into this encircuitment wherein we all benefit from fellowship. The experience of living enriches each soul in a manner which is unable to be experienced by any other individual. It is in our association that we share this enrichmentand bring blessing to other souls. While you look to myself and others for input into your spiritual arena, we also gain by receiving your expressions of insight, your struggles for discernment, your victories in realization. I will now let you hear from Elyon.


Life, Free will

Elyon: Hello, my friends, this is Elyon. Today I am going to speak on animation. This word in your present culture easily conjures to mind the image of a cartoon. While I do not plan on addressing your life as a cartoon, I will speak about its animated qualities. Prior to the development of your media which brought about the ability to imitate living sequence, to animate a cartoon, this word was primarily thought of as the infusion of spirit into being, thus giving life. That which makes up your entire self has many factors, as you are aware. The bestowal of your current mind, the genetic configurations of your physical vehicles, the area upon this planet where you have chosen to live, each factor may be likened to that which makes up a stillframe of a cartoon. Over time your circumstances shift; factors within any stillframe change. Mechanistically, when you sequence each frame, there is the appearance of movement, of activity, even the sense of living. This animation even takes on a sense of reality, for is it not true that you now celebrate the 75th birthday of your Mickey Mouse when in reality there is no Mickey Mouse?

It is the deliberate sequencing of the artist that appears to create the entity. God has drawn up your initial factors that compose your primary frames in the animation of your life. This is the gift of divine grace. These elements are bequeathed to you absolutely free of requirement of return of debt owed. When Father gives, Father gives up, for you each have free will. This point of sovereignty within yourself, granted, given by God, eliminates the requirement that you give to God in return.

It is and must be entirely your free choice to give to Father. You are infused with the Divine Presence. You are actively, daily, drawing closer and more refined to this Divine Presence. As you live, you adapt and adopt to and from that which is this Presence that is becoming wholly you and less part of you. The opportunity and responsibility upon you is that you are now wholly in charge of animating the potentials of your life, of developing its sequence, of rolling the film. You are at liberty to shift some, though not all, of the factors that bear upon you. That which you are capable of altering is the broad arena of your creativity wherein you present to the universe those very potentials within you and reveal once again the beauty of the multitudinous manifestation of God's creation.

That which you cannot control has been established in divine wisdom to bring resistance, to offer constraint, to develop persistence and endurance within you. Substance of this nature stimulates the mind, challenges the will, and fosters an even hardier form of creativity in the freewill personality. The animation of your life is not a cartoon; it is the supreme privilege you each have.

As it is yours and yours alone it is a solemn and sacred privilege. No other entity in this broad creation is juxtaposed identically as you are to all that comprises reality. When you begin your day once again you have the opportunity of a lifetime. The requirement of life expected from Father is simply your determined and conscious effort to unfold these potentials within you, around you, and upon you, and to do so uniquely. Your individuality is as a gem to the divine. It is the stringing together of many gems that makes a beautiful piece of jewelry. When your daily events appear to create a monotony of similar events which seem to hold you in a pattern that feels stagnating, that hinders growth, assure yourself that all the factors that play into this condition are not absolute constraints but merely items from which you may apply deliberation, you may choose, you may animate, infuse, disciple with life-changing volition. Forces of the universe have conspired to create around you and to establish within you all the conditions necessary for the outpouring of your own creative choosing; all assembled dynamically by you is what gives life its forward movement, its ascending growth. I hope I have offered thoughts for you to consider that may inspire you in times of difficulty and strengthen you as well and encourage you in your forward ascent. I will receive your questions or comments. Thank you for hearing me.


Gender, Language

Kirk: Thank you, Elyon. You referred to the Creator as "Father". Is that something we will always do? Father brings gender to mind, but we know that God is not gender. So, are you referring to Father for our language or will we continue to use that phrase?

Elyon: This phrase will eventually fade from usage as you continue your unfoldment. Its use on your world is beneficial, for it is representative of affection coupled with authority, of ancestry that is invested in you in love. It has a drawing power that is more attractive than would be the word "employer", or "coach", for "Father" as does "Mother" assumes an already existing life bond. In the ascending realms as you expand in your awareness and come to grasp the intricacies of universe relationships with the First Source and Center, Father will remain only as an endearment of relationship that you may point to as access of creature consciousness to divine presence. This Creator we speak of is more than a creator and is more than a father and is more than a mother. But the ease of approach through love is found in this familial relationship. You may use "mother", and it does the divine heart a delight. God is love; God seeks love. Love within the context of family ideally speaking is a given, not an attainment. This is why the Master taught "Father" as a word to come into relationship with that all-expansive, highly abstract being that is God. Does this answer?

Kirk: Yes, thank you.

The Teachers

Evelyn: I was wondering why Evanson spoke briefly. It got me thinking that earlier we didn't discuss teachers being personal teachers. Maybe for our newcomers today you could say a little about yourselves being personal teachers as well as group instructors.

Elyon: I will. Within this Teaching Mission outreach program of the Melchizedeks you have witnessed the coming of and the assignment of teachers, and I function as your group instructor. While I do not exclusively address you, as you know, many of my associates attend and speak with you. We are foremost concerned with the Correcting Time episode upon this planet, of reestablishing normal progress and leading this world toward Light and Life. You are also aware of the guardian attendants, your angels. These entities are attached to you in service for the prime purpose of safeguarding your soul, of protecting you spiritually that you may cross many of life's chasms and safely awaken on the new worlds of your morontia ascent. The personal teachers are assigned to each of you with a dual purpose. One, it is to function in association with teachers like myself to assist you individually in functioning more effectively as a spirit ambassador upon this world for the purpose of evolving to the stages of Light and Life.

However, they also have an exclusive orientation to you as a personality in concert with your guardian angels, and they will actively function in your daily routines to stimulate your mind, to open your eyes, to create a condition wherein you may choose that which your angels hope for as you live, such that you may enlarge in soul; to create a stimulus that is for you personally, independent of any projections of planetary advancement. Within this association of beings about you there must never be forgotten the spark of divinity, the divine Thought Adjuster. This presence of God, while the most close and dearest element of your makeup, is likewise of difficult discernment in the materially minded creature. I must make a plug again for stillness, as it is the most direct access to divine presence. But much of your life is social. You are sensitive to the proximity of other creatures. The angels and your personal teachers step between you and your Divine Presence to help make your connection. This task of assisting creature personality in embracing and eventually fusing with this Divine Presence which is your real self is far more beautiful and important than is planetary advancement. While the progress of the worlds occupies the minds of many universe managers, it is the desire of God to draw all creatures unto Himself no matter what world you hail from, no matter what experiences you go through. It is you individually that is the passion of God. The development of worlds, that is the project of many creatures throughout the universe. I hope this helps. Evelyn: Yes, thanks.


Morontia Bodies

Elyon: My friends, one day you will receive a higher physical form, in reality a morontia form, wherein you will be able to perceive energies and circuits not perceivable by your organic eyes. You will have the joyful experience of viewing one another as I view you now: Radiant fountains of light shimmering in brilliance, manifesting an array of color that is spectacular. It is very much like your aurora borealis, for within the chamber of universe existence Divine Presence pervades all. Each one of you is like that electron that strikes the atmosphere. As you engage in your spirit awareness your luminosity increases. Many like myself witness this. We find it awesome, once again a revelation of the Supremacy of God and the beauty and the outworking of God and His universe plan. I will now withdraw, thank you.