2003-12-22-Together We Live On Purpose

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Topic: Together We Live On Purpose

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always intrigued by your discussions and so very grateful for our fellowship. Over these many years we have been co-workers through life’s many experiences. We have come to understand life through the sheer experience of it. We have some understanding of death from missing those who have gone before. We may have stumbled somewhat over these years, but always have we continued to keep lit the light of faith.


Many of the world's Christians are focused upon the celebration of Christ’s birth. This focus is an opening for new circuitry and new energy to follow. We can only have faith that the Father’s plan is at work in whatever may transpire from this focus of goodwill and the child that brought enduring hope, hence my gift to you.

Greetings children. It is I your BROTHER/FATHER, Parent, Friend, Confidant, Keeper of the flame of faith. My warm greetings to you this day and every day. I am with supreme joy to be with my children. I am an active Parent in our Mission and am well familiarized with worldly happenings, as well as personal. I am overflowing with deep and abiding love to look directly into your eyes. I know you and I sincerely love you.

I see many of you in your struggles and I must summon quite a bit of strength to withhold my desire to rush in and remove your difficulties. My love for you leads me to desire your happiness, your well-being. Your joy is my joy. As your Parent however I realize that to remove your difficulties would not build the eternal soul, which is a part of our grand universal design. We are each to fulfill our required experience to become who we are meant to be. My gift to you is accompanying you in your struggles, your experiences, your joy and sorrow. Together we can endure all things. Together we can build that road that leads to Light and Life.

A good parent does not neglect a child’s needs, but a parent must many times inspire and encourage a child to become a responsible universe citizen. We each must take an active role in all of our experiences. We live on purpose. We live to live, not to have everything freely handed to us without having made any effort. This has no meanings or values. You are living the gift of mortal life. This is not a curse, but should be honored and exemplified to the best of your ability. You stumble not in darkness. You know where the light is. You have committed to showing others.

Be of good cheer. See the good in this life. Learn form the negative, but do not dwell on it. The more positive you can view--the more positive life will be. You are not weak victims of mortal life but empowered spiritual beings. Know that our Mission is on track in spite of what your eyes may see. Concentrate on your own efforts put forth to broaden the Kingdom. Our Kingdom does take great effort, and yet the joy therefrom is well worth it. Forget not I go before you. I am with you. I am the NOW. Know that every time you think of me I will already be thinking of you. Carry on.


Again, I am ABRAHAM. Thank you, Michael, our overseer of all good things. Know that in these days ahead we will assist you in keeping focused on building that road to Light and Life. We can focus on the good. The negative only encourages us to work harder. Children, we can focus on the positive and draw it to us.

This week take time to strength your relationship with our Spirit of Truth. Know that He is to be thought of as in the NOW. Have not worry about past or future. He is NOW. Know that I am with unfailing affection for you each. Until next time, shalom.