2004-01-02-Work Has Tremendous Spiritual Value

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Topic: Work Has Tremendous Spiritual Value

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I always take great interest in your conversations. I see you making effort toward putting your beliefs into action. As I speak this evening you listen with your faith, not even knowing what words may come from me. You diligently attend each week with a faithful heart. Here we dip our cups into the well of Father’s will and make efforts throughout the week to distribute what we have learned. Each week we come together to take in so that in everyday living we can give out, and expand our ever growing Kingdom. Your faithfulness is a rock in which we can build Light and Life.


Last week we discussed the maturing spirit and the courage it takes to truly live. We discussed how the fearful soul may choose to hide away so as to not have the required experience of adversity. This evening I would choose to find it appropriate to discuss forms of escape versus spiritual rest. We each have experienced the hardships in mortal living and understand the importance of rest and intake of spiritual energy, and yet we find it somewhat difficult to devote time.

In the reality of mortal living there are always the material obligations that need to be met. Mortals need to work to live somewhat of an organized life. Working is an experience that holds tremendous spiritual values, as well as putting food on the table. Those you work with are, so to speak, a part of your ministry. Those you meet are literally fertile ground for planting the seeds of the Kingdom. While work can seem monotonous and without glory, numerous possibilities lie therein. Do you see, work is not really work but a part of your spiritual ministry and purpose for serving in the Kingdom? Many mortal functions that you may view as boring are in fact part of your destiny, part of your spiritual growth. Many tasks that you may seek to be free from are opportunities to live life more fully.

The Master found fulfillment in all His undertakings for the Father. He brought Father’s presence in everything He did. He lived to serve His Father. He lived to strive to do His best, to do the right thing the first time. He sought no forms of escape in almost every area of life. There was however a time or two He had thoughts of omitting His cup because it seemed overwhelming. Of course this took meditation, prayer and mindal reconciliation to find strength to carry on. The Father’s cup was not the way of ease, and yet it was definitely the most effective, the best and highest good for one and all.

With the world’s technology ever progressing, it would seem that mans direction goes toward forms of escape. There is nothing wrong with the material life being made a bit more simpler. Technology has its place, and yet all the while man’s weary mind simply needs a few moments with the Father. You can see that the youth of today find many forms of escape. It has been taught that life’s realities are painful and to experience this is not necessary, therefore delaying progression and spiritual maturity. Seeking escape through any form is to gamble with those things in life that are truly valuable, such as good health, relationships, integrity, honesty and so on.

To learn at an early age that adversity must be dealt with on a totally conscious level is indeed a blessing. One learns skills that aids in the life ahead. The mature spiritual individual faces problems as they come at the time without procrastination, hesitation, fear or faithlessness. The Father’s presence is in every moment of every day and one is never left alone to endure, but bravely face the challenges and be open to Father’s will and His unfailing solutions.

Life is busy and tiring, of course you need rest and reversion and certainly does this go a long way in finding a balance in life. Enjoyment that brings rest or clarity of mind is certainly acceptable. Joy is a part of life just as is sorrow or adversity. Balance is what we are seeking here. Before there is temptation to look for mortal escape or ease seeking, it is highly recommended that one spend time in stillness or study or using the creative mind. Art, music and exercise are all forms of energy production and aids in the ability to cope with life’s difficulties.


This week review your daily living activities that seem to hold little value and try to see how they may play a part in your ministry, your efforts to expand the Kingdom. Take time to review your deep inner longings and what you do to find a temporary fix versus an eternal solution. Have not worry what others have to say about your choices. Keep the Master’s living example in the forefront of your thinking. He is your example of one who has bravely faced life’s challenges and lived a perfected life.

That is all for this evening. Again, feel free to call upon me during the week. I am with growing affection for you each. Until next time, shalom.