2010-01-03-Enlightened Justice

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Topic: Enlightened Justice

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Cathy Morris



Monjoronson: In the spaces between moments of time exists spirit and the spirit connections. The gravity circuits are the framework but it is more than motion and matter, it is the action of Spirit and the intention of the Father, or more correctly, the action of the Son combined with the intention of the Father that really forms creation. Some people on your world have had a small inspiration about the workings of the system. When you are still in "time" it is a foreign perspective to find that the Universe does not act in a linear progression. As you move towards the center, Havona, Paradise, your knowledge of the action of the Father will increase as well as your ability to participate in this action with Him.


As to the pressure that is being applied to Urantia, it is correct to visualize a blanket action with the Spirit pressure being drawn more tightly and pressed deeply into the planet itself. This visualization will be helpful in adding your intention to augment the action of celestials and other participating mortals. All intention works to bring the pressure closer and deeper into the planet.


The concept of forgiveness will be of utmost importance in the near future as this process works to bring forth hidden and ancestral animosity so that the action of Love can be used to neutralize the lingering emotional attachment to past wrongs committed by many parties. The action of love and the concept of real brotherhood will enlarge in your world and all of this will work to bring mortals in this realm into a consensus, a shared concept of the goodness of sustainable life systems and the ability of all to have an adequate living that will enhance spiritual development. The concept that we have a limited amount of resources is valid to a certain degree but lacking is the power of creativity and intention to enlarge the "pie", increasing the availability of necessities of life so that all can find sustenance without depriving any in a larger way.


Some on the planet view justice as taking away from those who have much and giving it to others on the planet. This is a flawed view as it creates more dissension by the action of forcibly taking away the fruits of the labor of one to give to another who has not the capacity to utilize or develop the resources. A better model might be that the ones who have plenty be increased in empathy and compassion leading to individual right action towards their brothers and sisters in need. This action has always in the past come forth voluntarily from a secure place of plenty, reaching out a hand to personally lift the brother to a higher level of skill and ability to create for himself (or herself) the real building blocks of a new and larger life.

As the experienced has always taught the beginner, so the economic and material gain will be had through the sharing of the knowledge and the means, like seeds sent out to multiply. All this will lead to an expanded "pie", a more sustainable and adequate life for all on the planet. This "justice" is not a taking away, but instead a spreading of seed for new crops and a loan, if you will, of resources freely shared. As the spiritual pressure increases, there is an increasing desire for this sharing, this seeding, so that all will be uplifted on the planet.


As this begins to occur, there will still be conflict and inequality but the demonstration of this principle will lead to a greater understanding that this is the real way to proceed, not strong armed stealing from one party to make a "present" to another party without the support needed to preserve and increase the resources. Knowledge and compassion will be the key elements needed to move the planet forward. All right action will include forgiveness and compassion. Those that view justice as forcible leveling of the playing field by pushing the topmost down will not succeed in this action and will be overcome by the inertia evident in the system as a whole.

Each individual will be led by the Spirit of the Father to share some that all may grow and fulfill their portion of the Father's grand plan. Rejoice in the increase of all action that leads to compassion and unity. This is much needed on the planet. We will always work to bring you opportunity for sharing of knowledge and resources. It is your choice to participate with intention to further this plan.