2010-04-01-Deepening Consciousness

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Topic: Deepening Consciousness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Nebadonia: Good evening, my beloved children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks.


It is indeed good that you focus on your heart centers and breathe deeply and slowly. Relaxing into the gentle rhythms of your breath opens new places of light within your overall being where your Father Michael and I can speak loving words and bring a heightened sense of receptivity to your mind. As your world continues to open up to the spiritual circuitry that is now connected, you will find that there is a depth to which your mind is capable of achieving, much deeper than your waking consciousness. This depth is truly infinite because it takes you back to the very source and center of all things—to your indwelling Father Fragments that are a gift from the Universal Father at the center of all creation.

So many of your human brothers and sisters neglect to develop this depth of mindal awareness. There are many mindal impediments in your planetary culture that have long affected your ability to open these doors to experience what is waiting for you in the depths of your mind. Yet in opening yourself up, you go beyond the resistance of your body, you go beyond the awareness of your limited planetary culture and you open the door to explore what is available to you as cosmic citizens of all creation.

Tonight I invite you to go deeper, to invite your own vehicle—the physical body you inhabit—to open those doors wherein I may infuse you with more life force to help you achieve one step deeper in your awareness, one thought closer to your indwelling Adjusters, one concept closer to understanding who you are, and to help you experience more of your Father Michael’s love for you. This is an opportunity to relax and to allow your body to open that I may move in you and gently open new places within you for more light, more truth, more peace, and more life force to grow your spirit. Receive me now, my children, receive your Mother. (Pause)

Your world is changing rapidly and the pace of transformation is quickening to aid in your planetary and own transformation by allowing this depth of awareness to expand. You have many places of energy resistance in your body. Sometimes you feel that as physical pain or it could be an emotional stubbornness when you are faced with a situation where you may not want to budge from your mental position. I encourage you to take these times of sensing resistance to your indwelling Father Fragment and ask for more truth and light to prevail upon this resistance. The resistance only needs your willingness to move beyond it for more spiritual energy to pour into this place within you that you may see, experience more truth-light and go deeper into the spiritual dynamics of understanding.

This understanding provides your Adjuster with an opportunity to broaden your perspective on life. As you use this perspective in gaining experience, it discloses a level of wisdom and helps you gain maturity. You move beyond the basic primal emotions and you develop greater refined senses, an emotional refinement you might call it that brings you to greater affinity with the vibrations of peace and compassion, mercy and tolerance. It brings you into a state of being able to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit more actively with your brothers and sisters. It makes you more charming and attractive to them. So it is in your best interest, my children, to move beyond the resistance that you all experience, to use the circuits of your mind in the way they were intended to grow, change, expand and to explore what you have available to you as a child of the universe.

As these words settle into your mind and heart, let them go deep into your heart and settle into those places of resistance. Relax and I will move in you and help you open those places to soften them with my love and bring you closer and deeper to your Father Fragment. (Pause)

In the coming days if it is your desire to expand and explore this dimension of your mind, it is only a matter of turning your attention to me and inviting me to open you, to breathe and relax and say, “Mother, I am here, expand me into your love, expand me to the energies of spirit that I may grow and deepen my connection to what is available to me.” Use this time wisely in your stillness meditation that you may continue to feed upon my and feel my love; to know deeply in your body that your Mother is here and she is opening and soothing you and bringing you what you need to grow. (Pause)

My little children, there is so much for you to explore on your ascension journey. That you have lived on a world that has suffered from being out of step with the rest of the universe in no way diminishes your capacity for spiritual attainment. In many ways you are far more fortunate than others who have lived on more normal evolutionary worlds because you have the most opportunity to see large changes in growth during your human lifetime. You have within you your Father Michael, the experience of one who shared the life you are now living. Go to him, spend time with his Personalized Adjuster[1] that you may gain from the experience that he so richly demonstrated. Let him walk with you, let him share in the experiences that you have that he may share how he perceived those similar situations and occurrences of his own life.

You see, you have many advantages, and now with the added benefit of the circuits being opened and your teachers coming to you en masse, there is no limit to all the help you have available. It does behoove you greatly to open your minds and to go deeper into this growth process to explore your spiritual dimensions—the innermost dimensions of your being—to come into a greater understanding of who you are: your personality gifts that you share from the Father, with the Father in everyday living experience. Let me move in you again and then take some time to address your questions if you have anything you wish to share with me. Receive me now, open yourself so your Mother may expand in you for a few moments. (Pause)

My beloveds, it is so good that you come and receive and use this energy to steady, support and maintain you in your earthly lives. I am here for you. I am available to you whenever you need. I welcome your questions or comments whenever you feel moved to address me.


Student: Too faint to hear but question concerned how to focus during stillness to control mental chatter.

Nebadonia: Training your mind to be more focused is a big step forward in attaining a quality level of communion with me, your Father Michael and with your indwelling Father Fragment. It is helpful for you to learn to relax your mind by breathing deeply and slowly, mindfully…pay attention to how you are breathing. Spend several minutes in practicing this mindful quality of breathing. As you do this, you may also want to focus on the word “Mother…Mother…Mother” and envision that in your mind’s eye.

The purpose of maintaining focus is to control the mental chatter from becoming too rampant and to slow the current of your thoughts to a pace that allows the reception from your higher consciousness to emerge within your thoughts. It is a matter of practicing this mindful attention of focusing that will eventually give you more awareness, not only within your thoughts but within your body…a spaciousness, a lightness, an increased vibratory rate can even be perceived. When you find yourself frustrated or moving off focus, simply return to your focus: to breathe deeply and slowly, to focus on me and do this many times. You will eventually help your mind become more controlled by your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Understood and thanked Mother.

Nebadonia: The more you get it will be the more you practice. The experience of what I share with you will help you and encourage you to keep it up. Nothing is more motivating to an individual than successful practice and to see the fruits of your labors. You will be successful if you continue to practice in this manner. Be in my peace, my son.

My children, the times of renewal of life on Urantia are quickening. Spirit is opening new places to seed ideas that will birth new living energies within your bodies. Spend time with me each day. Spend time with your Father Fragments and with your Father Michael. Allow this time to become the most important moment of your day for truly there is much to be shared with you that will heighten your sensitivity to the joy of life that is all around you.

Life is joyful, it is fulfilling, it is sustaining and nurturing. As you let the places of resistance in yourself fall away, melt away in the breath that I bring to you, those places of joy within you will grow, and you will sense a wonderment of the creation and the creative processes all around you. Take note of this, my children, as much as you can each day and appreciate it will a full savor and you will be growing, maturing and bringing all good to you.


Enjoy your Easter celebration, my children, and remember what your Father Michael achieved in his human life. Allow his presence to move in you on Easter Sunday. I leave you in our peace. Good evening.