2010-04-26-Arcadia TeaM

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Topic: Truth, Agondonters, Extraterrestrials

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Prayer: Donna: Dear Heavenly Father thank you for this night and this time. Thank you for these folks gathered here. Thank you for the teachers that you provide for us; the teacher JarEl. Help us to have ears to hear the message and hearts to understand it and please give us the wisdom we need to carry out your will. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and welcome to those who have not been here for a while.


I do enjoy our little conversations that we have. The distance by which I transmit this message is perhaps something that you are unfamiliar with, but I would like to emphasize how enormous the universe truly is and for this message to arrive to you by your current technology would have taken a thousand lifetimes for it to arrive. But by our standards and how we operate, the message is received instantaneously and, hopefully, undiluted. But there is always a chance of something getting lost in the translation and so must you all be aware of this type of difficulty. And so, in all things, should you scrutinize the actual message and try to understand and comprehend its validity by the Spirit of Truth that is inside all of you.

Truth, Seekers

Every one of you has the ability to understand truth and to accept it. And when something doesn’t sound quite right to you, you should question it and you should look into it. But there is much truth in things which you do not currently follow, so be open-minded as well and accept truths that are elsewhere in this world. In the end you will realize that all are striving for truth. All are receiving messages and all are moving forward in an honest attempt to find God. And it is not your place or time to make any judgments on those who truly strive to find God. It is your duty to help others in this search for if you also search for God you expect it your duty to find truth in every corner of the world and to uphold it and uplift it and cherish the truth that exists everywhere.

God is not just one truth, He is many truths. God is not just one religion, He is in all religions. He is sprinkled around on this world just as all the people that exist on it, but He is beyond the current thoughts and ideas of this small planet. His truth reigns throughout the entire universe and the ideas about God differ just as much. So you will find that once you leave this planet there will still be disagreements about God. Truth will never be solidified and crystallized; truth is ever evolving and ever growing. So do not settle down to an established idea for the idea should be allowed to grow and to mature. You should even allow an idea to die when it no longer serves its purpose.

In your life you will discover that you will change your mind more often than once and that is perfectly normal for you should be open-minded. And you should be willing to change your thoughts based on new evidence or new ways of thinking. You cannot stop growing and you cannot stop learning. You must allow this process of maturity to take place in you if you are to be a true representative of a truth seeker. Truth seekers do not deny others the opportunity to find God in whatever religion they are in. Truth seekers do not put down people’s ideas just because they seem outdated or immature. Truth seekers promote the highest ideals of any religion and search for truth everywhere. Truth seekers do not just conform to what they have found and what they have at hand for they know there are other truths out there that must be discovered. Truth seekers do not settle down at the late age of their life for there is still much more to do, there is still much more to learn.

On this planet you live and die and that is the reality, but you continue on afterwards. And you start off like a child and you grow into the universe and become part of it. Just because you are old in this life does not mean you are old in the universe. It is just the beginning for many of you. Life will go on for all of you and there will be plenty of opportunities to learn more than you can ever imagine. The universe is full of hope and full of wonder. There is excitement at every turn and just when you think you have discovered the ultimate truth, you realize that there is something greater beyond it. And that is the excitement that you will embark upon once you leave this planet. So cherish the time you have now for there is no more of an exciting time for your experiences than now. You will look back on how you lived your life here and there will be a part of you that will always treasure this life.

It is a rare opportunity in the universe to be an Agondonter and all of you are living this experience. And you will move on from here with that status intact. And it will forever accent your life. So do not stop searching for the truth in all that you encounter and everyone you meet and everything you see and hear and read. Be open to new possibilities in your life; be ready for new opportunities, new presentations. Be aware that sometimes in your life things happen for a reason; they are not just coincidences. Then when you allow this or when you are aware of this, you will give yourself back an opportunity to learn from it and to grow.

Are there any questions here tonight?


Stella: Well, are the problems that we have here the same throughout the universe? Do they handle them the same way we do? It isn’t very efficient.

JarEl: TR, George: The planet is unique and so your problems are also unique. The history of your planet predicates how these problems would be handled. And there is really nothing much that we can do to solve your problems. It is up to the people of this planet to solve each and every problem that arises. There are some problems that cannot be solved until a later date, but there are others that are solvable here and now. And if the right people were to put their minds together, things could happen.

But the universe is vastly different; there is a diversity of cultures and species. And they’ve all learned to handle their problems in various ways. Ultimately they all learn to harmonize with one another for the spirit of God dwells in each and every one of them. And so must you allow the spirit of God to dwell in all of you. And through God you can and will solve your problems here on this planet.

Stella: I have another question. There are Thought Adjusters throughout the universe, but the bodies, as I understand it, are different. So, are the Thought Adjusters going to look the same so that when they get on the other side they will look like us or are they going to look like their bodies from where they came from?

JarEl: TR, George: The Thought Adjusters are nonmaterial; there is no telling what they look like for none of us have ever seen them, but we are aware of them. They are inside all of us. There is no body to tell of. The body that you reside in will one day perish and you will get a new one that will look slightly different. And your Thought Adjuster will be with you again. But it will be your body, not your Thought Adjuster’s body. At one point you will fuse with your Thought Adjuster and you will be as one, in which case your Thought Adjuster is absorbed into your body and you are absorbed into the Thought Adjuster. There is no body to tell of because the Thought Adjuster has not yet fused with a body. It remains a separate entity even though it is in you.

Did I make myself clear?

Stella: Yes, thank you.

JarEl: TR, George: Are there any other questions?


Donna: JarEl, you mentioned Agondonter status and that that will always be ours throughout eternity. Is that some kind of an advantage? I mean, how is that going to…? Maybe you could tell us a little more about what that does for us? Is it some kind of an honor?

JarEl: TR, George: It is like a seal of approval in many ways. An Agondonter status is more like something that you did on your own without anyone having to be there to look over your shoulder. It is like you doing the right thing even though you knew that nobody was watching.

Throughout the universe, on various planets, there is a spiritual representative of God. And the people that grow up on these planets strive to do their best to, perhaps, impress this representative. And they do these things to, perhaps, win favor with their spiritual leaders and they are not always wholly sincere in their actions.

On this planet it is entirely different – there is no physical representation of God. And, so, it is really up to you to believe in Him or not. But those of you who do choose to believe and continue to do the right things even though there is no actual proof, you are given a special status that tells the universe that this person is someone who can be trusted in the loyalty of God for you believe without having to see, you did the right thing without really knowing. And this, my friends, is the advantage that you have over others. But it is not an advantage to say that you are better than others. It is more of an advantage that you have proven yourselves to be loyal to God and that goes a long way throughout the universe.

Donna: Thank you

JarEl: TR, George: You are welcome.


Stella: This is something different. Steven Hawking, who is an eminent physicist, who is confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak, had made a statement today or yesterday that there are aliens out there who, if they were here, would attack us. Which, I think, is kind of ridiculous because they’ve been here so many times and they haven’t attacked us. But what do you think of his idea that if these aliens came they would really attack us?

JarEl: TR, George: Just because someone on your planet has a very high degree of intelligence does not, perhaps, qualify them to make emotional judgments on the reality of life elsewhere. His proposal is based largely on fear for he has calculated that there, perhaps, is life based on his mathematical and scientific skills. But this realization has spawned fear in his mind as he realized it. But one should not approach life elsewhere with fear, there is no need to fear.

The good thing, perhaps, that can be derived out of this statement from this man is that he has admitted that there, perhaps, is life elsewhere. You should always look at things in a positive light. People are always (or usually) going to react negatively at first to new ideas. You should allow these ideas to ferment. And later, others who do take up this idea of life being elsewhere, will, perhaps, rethink the possibility of life being hostile, and change their mind and come out with the idea that life elsewhere is different; some hostile, some not. And it will evolve – just like everything. So we look at this as a positive that one of your scientists has admitted that there is life out there.

Stella: Well that’s a step forward.

JarEl: TR, George: It truly is.

Are there any last questions?


Stella: We’d just like to know, are you here or are you far away?

JarEl: I am far away but this connection is instantaneous. It is as though I am here. And, this may seem strange to you, but it is also as though you are all here with me in the room that I am in. There are many connections that are being made here. It is not just one connection, it is one for every one of you. The more people that would be here the more connections would be required. And so, when I come into the room that I am in, I immediately know how many people are in this group by the representations that are available for me.

Stella: Do you walk? It’s a silly question, but I want to know if you walk?

JarEl: TR, George: Yes, we do walk, but our transportation is more efficient than yours. There are faster ways to get to places.


I do enjoy my time with all of you here and I wish you a goodnight until next time.

All: Goodnight JarEl and thank you.