1993-10-31-Rage & Fear


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Topic: Rage & Fear

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am Ham and I am your friend and also your teacher.


Fear, Rage

Our lesson tonight concerns our understanding of the human emotions of rage on one side of the coin and fear on the other side.

The depth of every human emotive pattern consists as though a graph between these extremes were drawn and the pattern of fluctuation increases with unpleasant external stimuli. The effect on the electrochemical system is a wildly fluctuating vibrational pattern and this in turn effect chemical balances including, however not exclusively, the blood sugar levels that effect comfort levels. Also, there are chemical substances which are balancing and reacting in accordance with the emotional vibrational level.

The human animal body consists of material which is itself composed of elemental substances or molecules which are all on a certain electrical frequency. And this frequency also responds to cohesive factors that maintain the material integrity of each element. Each molecule has an electrical vibrational frequency together with other elemental structures and with the influence of the Universe Mother Spirit, living cells always conform to physical vibrational parameters. Mind also reacts within parameters of the levels, which all though are contained within these parameters, can effect damage on the physical body.


Both of these extreme emotions of fear and rage, are mindal polarities causing aggression or flight. Animals are motivated through the mindal circuits along these lines. Instinctive animal behaviors are in this way triggered and motivated until the animal has completed its behavioral pattern and then the vibration pressure is removed. Human beings have the freedom of will and this will can choose itself to a certain extent one's motivation. As one mentally thinks about an unpleasant incident, either past or imagined future, one can work up this rage and or fear frequency which is extremely uncomfortable not being released through action. This stress eventually causes cellular weakness and if engaged in enough, can eventually create abnormal cellular functions such as over excretion of certain chemicals or the opposite, or the invasion of viruses or bacteria will be more damaging than otherwise, or it can cause cellular abnormalities like tumors or other growths and so on. So, the point of this discussion has been to let you understand as you do that your emotional imbalances create chemical imbalances which can result in the disease and destruction of bodily parts and functions.

Centering one's consciousness upon the living source of peace starts the process that eventually results in better health and mental tranquillity. Not to say that the entire responsibility for health is with you or that when disease becomes apparent that you are to blame, no, rather contemplate the fact that your general well-being, physical, mental and spiritual is intimately connected, and that when one truly finds a spring of living water, it is also a spring which eventually bestows health and the freedom from want and fear.


This living spring that I have often spoken of has your greatest gift within its nature and that is faith. For it is only through faith that this fountain is tapped. Through the living faith that each of you possesses comes greater faith, the certainty of eternal life and the assuredness which this gives. Grant your faith open channels within yourselves that you may become entirely saturated with living light and allow each physical cell to become radiant from the tips of your toenails through the strands of your hair. Allow each individual cell to exist within this light.

Allow the Father to increase your health and your robustness of human that you can live long in order that you can fulfill all of your divinely chosen path through this life. Don't any of you cut your lives short through indulging in the stressful feelings of rage and fear. You'll have interesting and varied emotions without self-indulgence in the disease inducing stressful spheres of anxiety.

Cultivate subtlety in the emotional responses to life and its challenges allow your emotional depth to develop various reactions and the intricacies of emotional delicacy can greatly compensate for self-indulgent anxiety. Emotional maturity is largely a measure of this exact self-restraint and your happiness and health also increase proportionally as you practice this same self-restraint.



  • November 02, 1993

QUESTION: There is a passage in the Urantia Book that talks about a new and greater John the Baptist.(170:5.19) Can you comment on that? Is he living now or is he still to come in the future?

IAN: Yes, always does the flame of desire propel forward humans with forward vision. Always are there those who come before one in time, and always are there those who come after. You are, even as our discussion takes place, laying down a foundation in the understanding of men as will secure the future building which shall in, future lives be completed. Yes, and not yes. You are, and yet, are only a part of this future John the Baptist. He is many.