2002-09-23-Faith and Trust

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Topic: Faith and Trust

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your faith brings me here each week and your trust brings the lesson. Know that I also hold you in faith and trust as my universe brothers, sisters, friends and coworkers. I am also inspired to be witness to your weekly discussion. You each generate a comfortable energy that invites all to participate and be just who they are.

I so loved the story about the Master's mindal reconciliation with the Father's inevitable cup. It was obvious to see the Master's human side being put to the divine test. It should give comfort to the mortals who also struggle and are challenged to drink the divine cup. The Master experienced to the fullest everything that you experience. This is quite reason enough to go to Him in all your life's daily experiences.


I am your BROTHER/FATHER. I am with such joy to be invited to share your path with you. I am grateful for my time in the flesh so that I can better understand you, my children. I have complete understanding of the struggle between the mortal and the divine. I experienced fear, anger, despair, hopelessness and loneliness. Doubt not that I was overcome from time to time with the spirit poisons.

The one thing I held above all else was my trust in my Father. Through experience I was indeed shown that He was there with every step of my mortal adventure. Faith and trust was my saving grace. It was my key to the Kingdom. Being born in the mortal body is not an accident or a wrong that you spend a life time to make right. It is what it is--a journey from the animal to the divine, a map toward attaining your key to the Kingdom.

I knew without a doubt that Father knew me, my struggles, my frustration and concern. That was the belief that empowered me to carry on. I felt not shame at my humanness, because that was exactly why I indwelt a mortal body. It was all part of my experience. I was supposed to know the mortal life, the spirit poisons, the spiritual fruits, the good, the bad and still keep finding my way back to my Father in Heaven--no matter what had befallen me. With time and experience I knew that He was my place of safety, encouragement, confidence and any knowledge I needed to carry forth my work. I know you. I have experienced with you. I would be overjoyed to help guide you toward self-mastery. The Heavens truly look forward to that day when a mortal child is able to really hear and feel a part of the universe family. Mother, myself and numerous associates find it their greatest joy to bring you Heavenward. You do not merely work for the Kingdom--you are the Kingdom. You are well within the universe family and you have available your universe Parents assistance, comfort and encouragement to always carry on. If you can know this for yourselves, truly know this, then the battle of self-mastery is half won. You dwell not alone. You are known and completely understood. We judge you not, but truly understand your needs.

Self-mastery and reconciling the human mind toward the Father's will is allowing time to have its place. These things happen not overnight. They happen not with the ease-seeking mind. The fruits of the spirit and self-mastery take tremendous effort, but believe me, the joy therefrom is well worth it. I am in your midst always. Mother is also at hand. Our goal is to bring our children--all of our children--closer. You are my children. I am in you and you in me. We have naught to fear, only love to gain from our co-creatorship. In joy and peace, carry on.

I am ABRAHAM. Our gratitude to you, our Master, our Brother/Father, in whom, if we set our eyes upon, we cannot fail. This week think about your levels of allowing Michael and Mother to truly be your Parents. Ponder you status as a child of God within the Kingdom. Consider if you fight the mortal ways with shame or embarrassment, or can you simply learn from experience and allow time its place in the reconciliation of your mind with the will of God. Journal how you would see yourself as a person who has attained self-mastery. In all your decisions to take action this week ask yourself 'how does this serve?' A few questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome tonight Rita B. for the first time tonight and I don't know if Warren S. was introduced a couple weeks ago or not. We are glad to have Claireesa's health good enough to have her back with us.

WARREN: Abraham, it is a joy, a pleasure and a honor to be here. I have read approximately two years of the past lessons here at this meeting. I find how balanced and how much they coincide in even greater detail with the tool I have been with quite a number of years now, the Urantia Book. It is so artful and so balanced the way you have expressed these lessons. One question--actually it is twofold--an assessment and a spiritual name. I am curious. If that is not asking too much--either way--thank you.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Thank you for your kind words. I do know you, but we shall become better aquaitnted over time. It is an honor for me to meet with a scholar like yourself. I am in understanding of your enthusiasm and good intention to be of use as a child of God. I do perceive some fear of lack within your personal being, which causes you to have certain behavior patterns. You are learning well though, my son, that this fear is a product of your own mind. You are daring to step forth to change your patterns and with that your fear becomes less. You feel more fulfilled, more accepted, more heard and understood. Allow the great tool of the Book to come to life within the heart also and not just the intellect. The Correcting Time/Teaching Mission tempers the intelligence of the Book with the actual living love of the Father. You are known. You are safe and well loved. At this time focus on the origin from which this fear of lack stems from. One moment. In the closest possible use of the English language, you are known On High as Marshall. Welcome to the Correcting Time. (Thank you.) Another question?

SIMON: Abraham, I feel like gliding, yet being of service, focusing on worship and learning more all the time. I am grateful to be here and wondering if there is a new personal teacher around for me or if you and the others I have been getting are it? If not that question--whatever you would like to tell me.

ABRAHAM: Simon, my son, I am not aware of new teachers, only the one who was assigned to you for assisting in the healing ministry. You have a kind heart, my son, and your good works are well appreciated. Remember that our Mission is based on the Master's idea of spiritual reality. He could have easily gone toward mysticism to please the people of that day and age, but He always waited upon the will of His Father, yes. Have not worry Simon. Work with joy. Another question?

CALVIN: Not a question, but thank you for your help with the struggles of life and also thanks for Michael's lesson and being here with us tonight.

ABRAHAM: You are welcome and thank you for your courage to carry on with these Mission tasks. You do well.

AMROLANE: Abraham, as I am going through this phase in my life, this transition, I guess what I am looking for is counsel and direction for the next step (inaudible).

ABRAHAM: One who is balanced in joy and logic always finds it is best to serve as the moment arises. I perceive you to have had some disillusionment and that has been somewhat disappointing, but now you can really begin to serve within the fullness of the Father's reality. Your next step--I do not know, but with Father's guidance you certainly will. Have not worry, my son Amrolane. Allow this humble countenance of yours to be a doorway into the further works of the Father's Kingdom. One more question.

SARAUNA: Abraham, I just want to thank you very much. I just feel so grateful you are our teacher and that you guide us no matter what stumbling students you have on your hands. I just want you to know we are really grateful for you. We will do better.


ABRAHAM: Sarauna, my dear, I was, and possibly still am, one of those stumbling students. I see you not with ease seeking intentions, but as being fairly disciplined. I am honored and overjoyed to know you each. Be at peace in your learning. You each do quite well. That is all. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.