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Topic: Truth

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Group: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am your teacher. It is with great happiness that I come here tonight. This has been a special week for our mission because of the California conference. Things are going well.


Tonight I would like to speak with you about truth. Spiritual truths are those things which are found in many areas of your life. Spiritual truth is in the realm of spiritual awakening; that awakening of the soul, of the mind, of the heart, the willingness to be open to those things which make life real. A spiritual truth can only become real when we experience it, as well as knowing it in our hearts and our minds. There are many levels of awareness. In truth you must realize all of these levels for it to be real.

Truth is that everlasting, eternal law which applies to all things in the universe. On a mortal sphere such as this, truth is often distorted and is not realized because of man's own input. Many of the laws which man deems to be truth are in actuality man made. They are not of universal order. This you are aware of. The difficulty stems in knowing and perceiving that which is real.

The perception of reality comes to you through your desire and willingness to allow it to. Truth which is real is something that you will intuitively know when you perceive it. It feels right, it is right, it calls for proper action, proper thought, and it stems from proper motivation.

The last few weeks I have asked you to come to terms with higher spiritual reality. You have been asked to make a commitment to doing the Father's will. In this commitment to the Father you are opened up to more spiritual truth. That which seemed dark will become light. That which seemed confusing becomes clear. That which you fear no longer holds you in its domain. Striving for truth is a daily on going aspect of your life. All of the things we have discussed previously bring forth, when done to follow the Father's will, brings forth fruit. This week in your quiet moments then, I encourage you to seek the truth, to ask for guidance and know that in doing so you will be answered.

Truth is only found in compliance with the Father's will. Do not be induced, enticed by those whose reality is not founded in His will. It is so easy to be persuaded by those things in the outer realm. You must seek the inner life. Seek the truth and the doors which have been closed will start to open for you. Know that God's love is part of this truth. This is, perhaps, the greatest truth of the universe. God truly loves you and reaches out to you. When you reach back, clarity and truth prevail.

Know that in seeking truth you must also project truth, the truth of who you are and be truthful in your own being. If you are deceiving yourself about any of your motives, any of your thoughts, actions, then truth becomes relative and not of substance. So again, my dear pupils, this week strive for that honesty about yourselves. Seek the higher truth and we shall move forward. Am I making myself understood.?"

Group: "Yes."

Daniel: "I will now answer questions."


B2: "Uh, this is B2, I have heard no feedback about what is happening in California. Can you tell us..I assume you were there...can you tell us your experience, what happened?"

Daniel: "The meeting in California is, has progressed well. Time is needed on our part to disseminate information. As this is made clear you will know. For now, know that things have gone well."

Natural Law

B6: "I would like to know the distinction between a spiritual truth and a law of nature?"

Daniel: "Yes. Spiritual truth and laws of nature often go hand in hand. A law of nature is something that happens according to the pattern set by the Eternal Father. The spiritual truth lies in personal interaction and discovery for each individual. While all spiritual truth is part of the overall plan that you will go through, not only in this life, but on the morontial worlds as well, these spiritual truths are not always recognized by the individual and so what his view of spiritual truth is may be limited. A spiritual truth such as God's genuine love is only understood by the individual at his level. If you feel that God can only love you on condition, then your spiritual truth in that regard is immature. When you come to the realization that God truly does love you, when you know this not only intellectually but in through your whole being, then this spiritual truth is broad and all encompassing. As mortals you have limited understanding of God's true love. However, your understanding is substantial for your needs on this plane.

A universal law is that which is more physical, that which holds all in place, that which has consequences if it is not followed. On an earth sphere an example is simple cause and effect. Need I elaborate on that?"

B6: "Please!"

Daniel: "Man in his eagerness to make life more comfortable, brings about changes within the environment. Then because the environment is dependent on a....the environment is an ecosystem within itself. Things go together to make a system workable. When things within the environment are changed, then the working of the individual components is upset and other things happen...mutations is one example of this...changes in gene structure, changes in life support systems. All things need to have a balance, and when this balance is upset, say for instance, by cutting down of the rain forests or excessive carbon monoxide, these kinds of things throw the environment into a state of chaos an the effect then is often disastrous. In cutting down the rain forest we can foresee that the oxygen level in the atmosphere is upset. Then locally there is the problem of erosion, but globally the oxygen will be upset which will have disastrous consequences on the whole planet. This would be an area where the natural laws have been tampered with and the consequence then would be the effect. The consequence could be global warming, and or...one moment please...the natural law in this instance would not be . .excuse the delay...because of D3's inexperience in listening carefully, this discussion has fragmented and has many loose ends. Cause and effect are those things which result from natural consequences in any given situation. If you abuse the planet through things such as cutting down the rain forests then the effect will be disastrous for mankind on many different levels. As these communications become easier for D3 we will discuss these kinds of things. Know for now that universal laws differ from spiritual truths in a physical nature. Are there any other questions?"


B1: "This is B1, Daniel. As I was listening to your original teaching before you started answering B6's question I was getting the sense that spiritual truth involves, has to involve us in the spiritual dimension of wanting and choosing God's will, that it isn't truth that can be obtained unless that commitment is made. Did I understand that correctly?"

Daniel: "Yes, and no. Many people understand spiritual truths on many different levels. In order to have clear understanding of these truths requires commitment, desire, will, faith. Many people who have not even heard of God as you have, know spiritual truths. It's the degree of knowing."


B1: "Thank you for that clarification. Since we are talking about truth, one of the questions that I talked about with the study group, I believe it was the last time we met, or the time before, had to do with the question of the cosmology of the Urantia Book and the apparent contradictions in the way it describes the Universe of Universes and that which our modern scientific outlook perceives the universe to be. Since we are reading in the paper of that title, 'the Universe of Universes', I believe, and some of us have study aids which are science books, etc., we wondered if it is in the purview of appropriate questions if you could tell us anything about why there is this conflict between our sciences' understanding of the universe of universes and the Urantia Book's. My assumption is that our science is imperfect and the Urantia Book cosmology will become more, uh, or our science will come more in line with the Urantia Book, but is it appropriate for you to discuss this topic? Can you give us any help with this apparent contradiction?"

Daniel: "Yes, it is part of your growth intellectually that will bring about this truer understanding. Man has progressed through the ages in coming to terms with the universe he lives in. With each new discovery and as your technology increases you will come to know more about the universe from your scientific perspective. The Urantia Book has those truths and as you come more, as you gain knowledge in these fields of science then they will come in line with the Urantia Book. Know that the universe is always in change and flux and that even things written in the Urantia Book over time will be different. The importance of many of your questions in regard to the cosmology of the universe are not absolutely for spiritual attainment and fulfillment, it is more in line with intellectual curiosity. However, this does help you in your understanding of who you are, why we are here, and it makes the understanding of God's universe easier on a mortal sphere. Mortals need to have picture representations or some concrete way of addressing the issue of life. As you experience the concrete aspects of it, then the spiritual will take more precedence. It is part of growth to need concrete evidence. Once it is obtained then other areas, like the spiritual, become clear."

F1: "Daniel, this is F1. I would like to ask permission to have a private session with you at D2's convenience."

Daniel: "This is verified and she will let you know."


L1: "Daniel, I would like to ask a question about the process that happened last week. A question was asked about the 'Course in Miracles' and you said you had to scan D3's mind in order to get a concept of this writing. Is this a process that you can only do with a transmitter/receiver or can you do this with anyone?"

Daniel: "With you here in my presence I have access to knowledge, access to your thoughts. I would not and could not change any thought patterns, but with you being here I am able to perceive your thoughts."

L1: "I would like to ask another question in that area. Our memory seems to be influenced by our experiences and experiences we have after an event occurred and when it's recalled. Are you able to discern whether we have manipulated with that memory ourself or do you receive a reality of how it happened?"

Daniel: "I perceive that which is clear to you if you are so willing. If you close yourself, then I do not attempt to search further. You are a willing partner in this. If you are closed, then I respect that."

L1: "What I was wondering was, if we are willing to have you scan our memory to maybe recall an event, but our memory of that is clouded, are you able to discern a truth about that..a spiritual truth?"

Daniel: "In some instances, yes. I am perceiving that you would like some question answered. My duty to this cause is to bring about spiritual growth. Any question which is more curiosity or entertaining is not one that I am at liberty to talk about. Questions are welcome and they are answered in these guidelines. Often questions need to be researched on this side and with other beings involved. If your concern relates that a spiritual truth has been perceived, then that is all that is really necessary for you to know, the spiritual truth. How it is perceived or comes about for you is not as important as the realization of the truth, the accepting of the truth, and the action that you put into this once it is perceived. Does that answer your question?"

L1: "I need to do some research on this, thank you."

B1: "Daniel, when Ham began his teachings Thern tells that there was a meeting which we are not privy to because it is not recorded on any tape, I guess...in which he gave the group guidelines for appropriate questions. And I think you commented on that here now. Should we know more explicitly what sort of things we shouldn't be asking about or are you just going to tell us when it is not appropriate that you either don't know or you are not permitted to reply, etc.?"

Daniel: "Questions come in many forms and often need to be thought about by the person asking. My mission as I said is to reveal higher spiritual truths. I welcome questions and so long as these are within those guidelines and not just human curiosity they will try to be answered. I have faith and knowledge that you already know what could and couldn't be asked or answered. If a question is asked that cannot be discussed you will know, I will tell you."

B1: "Thank you."

B2: "Daniel, I didn't do this last week... this is B2 again..I don't know if it's appropriate. I would like to know if you would like us to introduce new people as they arrive as R1 does for Ham. Tonight T2 and you know him from conversations we have had with D2, and last week C2 arrived. Would you like an introduction at the beginning of the question and answer session?"

Daniel: "Yes, that would be nice. T2, welcome. I hope you will find nourishment and know the love that enfolds those who seek His will."

T2: "Thank you."


F1: "Daniel, this is F1. Do prayers help the ecosystem or the cutting of the rain forest. Do prayers put out a certain energy that will help to bring the earth back and heal her?"

Daniel: "Prayer is a viable way to make your desires known. The Father already knows these, but through prayer you put forth your desire. In these kinds of prayers a certain amount of energy is generated. It is through your wanting to change things that you bring about change itself. Prayers are forms of thought and all thoughts have a reality. Just praying in itself will not bring about change. Prayer cannot bring about these kind of changes on its own. When ever two or more of you are gathered in my name then you will be heard and answered. Individual petitions likewise join in the collective prayer that is echoed around the earth. Prayer for this is a desire to see change come about, and in this desire there is usually action which also is what is needed to bring about change. Yes continue to pray because in this prayer you are also seeking guidance which will also open the door to what needs to be done."

F1: "Thank you."


V1: "Daniel, I have a couple of things that are on my mind. Last week I said in the near death experience people experienced near death and had come back said love and service are the two things. And I realized this week that it was love and knowledge, maybe there is not a difference, but I needed to say that. Then reflecting on your teaching tonight I couldn't help but hear motives because it is such a difficult thing for me to understand my exact motives. Sometimes I have double motives, sometimes 75% out there generous and all this but there is always that little bit that says I am going to get something out of this. So I am not sure that we can have a complete and pure motive, that's where I'm coming from now. Then the other thought that I was thinking about when you were talking about truth is that in the Urantia Book it says that Jesus must be redefined for every generation..B1 is correcting me here saying the teachings of Jesus and that is probably what the book says. But I am thinking in terms of is there ultimate truth or indeed does it become relative to each generation. This is a lot of talk."

Daniel: "Many questions. Motive is, as you say, a two edged sword. When you grow in spiritual alignment your motives become less and less material and become more in line with Godmindedness. For many mortals this motivation, this motive, never reaches spiritual awakening. You are experiencing this awakening or you would not realize that you have dual motives. So my words to you are, 'keep working at it, you will not gain perfection during this lifetime' as we said last week. The desire to do the Father's will is what is important. Human motive, when seeking God's will, becomes in line with it. In regards to the teachings of Jesus, yes part of the work you will be doing revolves around this. Since Christ Michael was on this planet His teachings have been distorted, diluted, and changed from His true intent. This is a time of new awakenings and new revelation brought about through the Urantia Book. In it the teachings of Jesus are brought in line with the spiritual growth and intellect of the mortals on this sphere. Many of the teachings that Jesus did when He was made flesh were not understood by many, even His disciples often did not see what He was saying. As life has progressed life has changed, people have grown in many areas. The time has come to rekindle, reawaken, re-establish and to really know the truth of Jesus' teachings. You are working on this now during you lifetime. His teachings are more real and more clear than in the past. Do you need further clarification?"

Urantia Book

N2: "Daniel, this is N2. In the past were people unable to have properly received a written teaching as we are privileged to have now?"

Daniel: "In the past man has evolved from very primitive states and as this evolution has progressed so has man's capabilities and understandings. In Jesus' time there was very little writing done by most people. It was only for those educated and those who were part of the religious circles of the time. Yes man was not ready for a written book as the Urantia Book at that time. Even today this book is not suitable for everyone."

N2: "Thank you Daniel."

B1: "Daniel. You are getting to know us and we are curious and maybe this is a question that is not appropriate but we do know that Ham when he volunteered to be part of this teacher service for Michael's mission has told us that he was a gardener on Edentia. Are you willing or is it appropriate to ask where you were when you decided to accept this assignment? If that is just nothing but our curiosity than I will accept a no information answer, but if you could share that, I would be glad to know."


Daniel: "I understand your wanting to know. I would be willing to discuss this at a more appropriate time. Right now I perceive that D3 is under much stress and is tiring. Perhaps on another occasion. I will entertain one more question....... Apparently there are none. I send you my love as does Abraham who is pleased with this group. He wants you to know you are doing well. So for tonight I bid you adieu and I wish you well this week. Good night."

Group: "Good night Daniel."