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Topic: Faith

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Rutha



Opening Prayer: Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good evening. I am Daniel. I am so very happy to be here with you today. I am pleased that so many are able to attend for as I was watching I heard say many time times, 'What a beautiful day!' and I concur that the weather you are having is very conducive to you. You enjoy it very much.



This evening I wish to present a lesson on faith. Last week's lesson on hope called for its partner, that of faith. And during this last week, you in your own hearts, your own minds, needed to stretch further in hope; for this country was and is in a civil conflict which calls for you to be more hopeful. And so the lesson tonight on faith is a continuation of that of hope. Faith is the key, for you the individual. For it is the faith that you get, this gift from the Father, that insures your eternal journey to Him.

You see faith is on many levels as are all things in life. It can be viewed from different perspectives. I wish tonight to speak with you about faith and how it has through the increased knowledge, through the increased wisdom, through revelation, changed for man.

Faith has always been that key that has brought man to search, to wonder, to grow and to reach out to some greater being than himself. And the faith that was first on this planet evolved out of an understanding felt, that if through faith man appeased some deities, some form of power he viewed to be greater than himself, he would be in a protective mode, he would be saved. Faith initially, then, formed around many ceremonies, many traditions. Blood atonement, sacrifice, these kinds of things were part of the faith. And unfortunately these things held man in a very restrictive, limited view of the Father. For when these individuals thought on faith they thought on the rituals, the things they had to do to appease a fearful god. And when the teacher of Salem, Melchizedek, came to this planet, he brought forth new revelation concerning this faith; that faith alone, simple belief and desire to follow the Father was all that was necessary; that there need be no ceremony, no strict enforced dogma, no sacrifice, no pure self denial, but rather a desire, a wish to follow the Father, to know this Father and be of service. And this is the simple act that faith is. It is that gift that the Father gives to all of personkind so that you may be a part of His sonship, His daughtership.

And know that as you continue to wish, as you continue to be in a desirous mood to seek His will, your faith increases. And the gift that the Father has given to you grows many times, manyfold, and you then give back to the Father through this faith. The faith you have rests on the hope that there will always be a better tomorrow, and that in faith you will be ever able to move forward despite the appearances, and adversities of life. In faith you are one with the Father. And it is through faith and the working of your Indwelling Spirit that you shed many of the material outside layers, that you grow in God-consciousness. You seek to follow one path. Faith is the gift of the Father, which when you recognize, when you continue to let it unfold and grow in your life, will bring through and carry you through your journey through eternity. If you refuse this faith, if you shut it off, it will, like a fire, lose all of its momentum and dwindle to where there are a few embers, and eventually coldness. So hang on to your faith. Feed this fire. For as you feed this fire you spread not only the light of the Father, you provide warmth. You provide those things which bring comfort to others.

During this week when there has been so much hatred, so much violence, so much uncertainty, so much confusion; during these times you need to fall back on your faith, on your hope, and know that behind all of these activities there is a loving Father calling to you to come forward, to help to heal these wounds of discontent. It is through your faith, through your really coming to understanding, through your firm commitment to follow the Father's will that you grow to the point that in your material life you can make decisions that will help heal all wrongs. And again I say to you my friends, my students, it is exactly this kind of situation that you have experienced in your country this week that will continue, that will become more global. And this can only be rectified when you, the individual, come to the realization of your personship with God the Father. If every ascending mortal on this planet understood the Indwelling Spirit, could feel this love, this beautiful gift from the Father within themselves, then there would be immediate Light and Life on Urantia. Realistically, this is a long way away. But there needs to be a starting point.

So I say to you, let your faith build. Let your faith be that which others see, which others desire to be a part of. Know that faith should be an individual matter. Faith should not be tied to a religious institution. When you speak to others and inquire, 'What faith do you belong to?' know that this is erroneous, that the faith that you have is between you and the Father. It has nothing to do with institutions. It is your knowledge of your sonship or daughtership with the Father. It is your commitment to following His will. It is your understanding of a continuous life after this. This is faith. And when you the people of God come to the realization that true spiritual faith persists, prevails over all adversities, over all trials, over injustices, all greed, all hatred; when you come to the realization that faith prevails and you can through hope carry your faith to the outer realms, then change will come about, when others see you being strong in the face of adversities that come into your life; then your actions speak louder than words.

And so I say to you, be thankful. Show gratitude for the faith that you have been blessed with and continue to feed the flames of faith, so that your understanding, your personal relationship with the Father grows, and in its growth brings others to their own relationship with the Father; that they too will know faith; that they too will know hope; that they too will know the Father's love.

My message to you this evening, then, during a week of much strife, is to hold on to your faith and be evermore mindful of the necessity for you to be, through your faith, in communion, in communication with the Father; that it is your ability to follow this beautiful inner guidance that will carry you through many trials; this beautiful gift, this faith from the Father. I will now accept questions.



N1: "Good evening Daniel. A couple of things. Earlier today I was thinking about the lesson and I sound sort of like my father here. The thought went through my mind that you would be talking to us about faith and I guess what I am asking is, was that an intellectual thing on my part or was that a knowingness, intuition? Which sort of leads me into my second question, about the distinction between intuition and Thought Adjuster activity, and maybe now faith. Certain things come to me real easy, such as where an empty parking place is, or where I can find a particular gift. But when it seems to come to difficult events in my life I find it a lot more difficult to hear responses. I guess I'm wondering what the intuition is. Why it is easy to know where to find a present? Does it have to do.. and its hard when it's big issues, and I'm wondering, does it have to do with self will and not wanting to hear or are they different processes? I don't know if that question is clear. So I would be glad to clarify it more. Thank you."

Daniel: "Good evening N1. Question number one. You're wondering about the thought of faith for tonight's lesson being either intuition or a message from either your Thought Adjuster or myself. And this is a combination of both. For you are very tuned in to many individuals. And you were most probably feeling many who were thinking in terms of faith. And I did send out messages to you all that I would be discussing this tonight, so that when you came, you would be receptive. And some of you may have received the message on an awareness level as you did.

In regard to your second question, that of being able to find parking spots or gifts, is again involved with your psychic ability to perceive things. Your awareness is very acute and the problem you wonder about is why you can do this in outer realms and then when it comes to significant problems; personal relationships is what I perceive you to be saying; that you do not possess this sixth sense, as you would call it. And this has to do with your shutting down channels, your fear for what may happen, your anxiety, and often then your lack of faith. Not faith in the Father, per se, but lack of faith in the particular situation. Do you see? And when you are more ready to risk, and I say this for you all, for you see, all of you, as I have been many times, have been afraid to take the next step, to risk. You are afraid of failure, are afraid that what transpires may be more than you are ready to handle. And so when this happens realize that faith is that measure that is just a little beyond what you understand; that if you understood everything, there would be no need for faith. But because you have faith, you are continually brought up to a level and then faith asks you to take another step, and another step. And you need to know that the Father is always guiding you, the Indwelling Spirit is a part of your being and this Indwelling Spirit will never lead you astray, will never set you in situations, that if you will be but open, if you will but trust, have faith, know hope, that you will not be able to work through. Albeit there will be pain. There will be sorrow. There will be joy. But know that as you all come to terms with your being, with your ability to let go and let God, to have that faith that He is there, to really know true spiritual faith, then you will be sure footed. And the road you are taking, no matter how rocky, will not be one that causes you to fall down, to turn ankles on, so to speak. Rather, your path will be one that has an end goal. And you then will know intuitively, as you call it, this inner guidance, this spiritual divine guidance that is part of your being. Is this helpful?"

N1: "Yes, it is very helpful. I still have a question on what I call intuition and the divine guidance. I guess I'm wondering, it seems to me that God the Thought Adjuster wouldn't care about parking places, and what I'm wondering is when you refer to acute awareness and psychic ability, what is being tuned into? That's not Thought Adjuster activity, is it? Or are there guiding beings that I'm not aware of that are helping with things like that? Or is that an unnecessary thing to know?"

Daniel: "In situations as this, it is always possible that a Thought Adjuster can speak to the mortal on mundane things. However, this is not It's purpose in life. If however, by speaking on mundane things, the Thought Adjuster is able to bring about more revelation of spiritual truth, this is possible. Your question on what is the difference between intuition and spiritual guidance is a matter of labeling. Often what you perceive as coming through as intuition is spiritual guidance. And this can also have an opposite effect. That many, many humans have been led astray by thinking that what they were feeling was spiritual guidance when, in effect, it wasn't. This is the core of the question, then. How do you as ascending beings know the difference? And for each of you it has to be a personal question, one that throughout your lifetime you will continually struggle with. Know that so long as you are in alignment, so long as your faith is in the Father, that you are seeking to do His will and not your will, that you are in clear understanding of your personhood with the Father, that you are in understanding of His Indwelling Spirit, and as long as you maintain open communications with the Father, that which comes through will be guidance that will lead you through life, whether it comes from a spiritual direction or comes from you own 'psychic' awareness. For you see, as you become more in line, as you are able to shed those outer things that are part of your mortal being, you become more morontia in being, and you do this first through your awareness. So it should not be a question to you of which is which. When you are in that oneness, that which comes through will be what you need for the moment, whether it be divine guidance or intuition. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. Thank you."

Daniel: "You're most welcome."

B1: "Hello Daniel. A wonderful, provocative lesson tonight."

Daniel: "Thank you B1."


B1: "A lot of us hear the phrase, in our jobs in particular, 'cover your butt'. At the expense of being gross it means, of course, be sure that you don't take risks that will get yourself in trouble. And I was just thinking about this risk factor in faith. And I heard you say clearly that it is that step just beyond your knowledge that you feel compelled to take by God's urging you through your adjuster...now on the other hand, crazy, wild, irresponsible, silly kinds of things would be, I would assume, would not be what you are referring to here. So here's another distinction question. How do know, or is the way that we know...this risk thing has to come out of our communion with God, correct? It can't just come from crazy, rash kind of risk taking behavior. A lot of people do risky things. They jump off of towers with bungie cords. They sky dive and do other things that scare the whatever out of me. And so am I correct that it has to be a matter of keeping close in touch with the Father? I am sure that must be true."

Daniel: "Yes, and you see, you are speaking of two different kinds of risk here. The risk that people take that brings a rush of emotion, that brings a sense of fear, a sense of thrill, which is generally accorded to sports/recreation type activities, is different than risking for the Father. Risking for the Father means being able to take that step which will bring about change, that step that will bring the personhood of Urantia in more unity, will bring the scientific community to a better understanding of its role, will bring your brothers and sisters to a greater understanding of the Father's love, that risk which will bring about a better tomorrow, a better planet, a better more stable environment. This is the risk that you are asked to take. Know that this risk taking should only be in alignment with your ability, with your understanding of who you are and know that risk taking should be not something that is done without much thought, that is not within knowledge. If you are in an unstable condition yourself, if your emotions are volatile, if your health is not substantial at any given time, then know that the risks that you take must be in line with your abilities to accept the consequences of that risk. Do you see? And so, my children, my friends, know that as you become, as you know who you are, as you know your commitment, then you will be able to make and take bigger risks. For now take those risks that you are capable of handling. For as you grow, there will be greater ones to accept. My teachings, while they seem to continually go back to certain ideas, are the simple, simple core, and the true words of the Father. And if you are to know Him, to love Him, and to serve, you must be prepared in your whole being to do so. And as you make the preparation, the faith, that bonding you have with the Father, that relationship will carry you through."

F1: Daniel, I just want to tell you how much I love you and thank you for the lessons on hope come into your lives, and I see you ever trying to take that risk, to grow in that faith, I am brought to admiration and love for your beings. Yes, please speak with D3 concerning a session."

F1: "Thank you."


P1: "Daniel, this is P1. Last week we talked about sending love when we didn't want to pick up the hitchhiker, we could send love. So I tried to send L.A. love and I don't know if it was very effective and then I tried to send an individual love that I read about in the paper. Is it worth sending love and if so how do you do it to be effective?"

Daniel: "Good evening P1. And yes, never fail to send love to those around you, to those at a distance. For you see, love is the prayer that is heard throughout the universe. And to be effective it must come from your heart. It must come from a premise that you are truly wanting to help, to be a part of, to love an individual, a situation. And as more people put out into (tape turned and a few words lost) they form a quieting, healing effect. When one sends out hatred or one sends out the message, 'I will get revenge', this feeds into the collective consciousness and needs to be nullified by those who send out the positive message of love, of joy, of forgiveness, of tolerance. And while you, the individual, cannot at this time rectify those problems, you can seek to bring about change by feeding into this collective consciousness those positive attributes that will run, that if enough people seek to do this, will outweigh the negative. In the situation in California..you see I spoke last week that riots do not always bring about those things which are for the best...and while civil demonstrations can bring messages to your government, those people in offices, can bring messages that can bring about change. The problem with civil demonstrations is they often get out of hand and the mentality, the chaos that transpires after that, is readily seen in devastating proportions. Any time you try to rectify evil with evil you run into more problems. The Master himself has always said to rectify a wrong is to give it good, to never seek an eye for an eye, never seek revenge. Know that in giving love you help to curtail these problems. And I admire you for your thoughtfulness, for you care and concern for the troubles of this planet. And I admonish all of you to be that pillar that shines forth, that gives love to situations. So you see, the problems that have ensued this week are so numerous that they do not stem from one incident, but rather from many. And finding the answers, the solutions, can only come from your and others ability to be of such understanding of the Father, that you will then be able to know what to do to bring about change. The hatred, the sad part about this week, is that those who were already of negative feeling, who already held prejudice and hate for any particular culture, race, only had their feelings intensified this week. They were, in effect, given more fuel for their fire, more cause and reason to hate. So you see, this ugly vicious circle can continue, unless those who are willing to look past what has happened, to look to the future, to look to God's love and the overall picture, that there will be a better tomorrow, to look past the personal grief, the injustices, the hate, and take that step, that step of faith in the Father, that all things in the Father can be made possible. Is this helpful?"

P1: "Yes, very. Back to faith again. And it seems like we really have a potential power here."

Daniel: "Exactly. You see, this is your mission, my children, to make yourselves so in tune that you can bring about change, not only in your daily life, but in the life of the planet, because of your spiritual being, because of your ability to be tolerant, to be loving, to be forgiving, to be understanding of others and their needs. And through your ability to be that way you can slowly get the wheels of progress going in a more beneficial way"

P1: "Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "You are most welcome."

V1: "I really don't have a question Daniel, but I can't help but thank you for your complete answers. After reading another particular transcript I really appreciate the opportunity to listen to you with your complete answers and to interact to ask questions if it is not clear to us. And I appreciate your patience. Thank you." Daniel: "Thank you V1. And I have been concerned about my lengthy discourses and I realize that it stems not only from my way, but you see, the mind that I share during this time has a way of being this way too. We two are very compatible this way and so know that in my over zealousness to help you to grow, I get carried away. I apologize if it gets too burdensome. You are all doing very well. I have found that often in my long answers other questions that may arise are answered for you. So please if I get to be an old windbag,as you would say, know that I come to you in love."

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

Daniel: "Thank you." B1: "Daniel, this is B1. It's so nice to interact with you and to feel...I know that you are years ahead of us in your ascension career and yet, as the time goes on we really are getting to be better friends. And thank you for sharing yourself when you do that, just like you have done now. I think that's wonderful. You're not a windbag in my opinion(laughter and comments from V1 about my long windedness)..maybe because I am one also, but I also type all the transcripts and I enjoy as I type the transcript... it amazes me that as well as we hear you verbally, auditorially you know, like right now; and yet as I type them and I see how wonderfully your thought is connected. And boy do you produce sentences with semicolon after semicolon, so there is a richness there that I certainly appreciate. I want to ask a question about..."

Daniel: "Thank you B1."


B1: "Ok. You're welcome Daniel. I want to ask a question about.. the thought about you communicating with us other than through D3 keeps coming back to my mind..and I brought this up a few months back and . .is it desirable for us to be, in our silence and etc. . ..you said you were working on this and I just want to know...what do I want to know exactly?? What more can we do, if this is your desire to be able to communicate with us individually, as Will says it is her desire with her group. Do you want to tell us any more about this, or not?"

Daniel: "It is my desire that you, the individual, know the Father, enjoy the relationship you have with the Father; that you are so much in awe of the Father and wanting to be His servant that your life grows in spiritual enlightenment, that your life grows so that you not only bring spiritual abundance for yourself, but those around you.

My desire also is that you will have that communication daily with your silent time, so that if not the words of the Indwelling Spirit, then, perhaps I can come through for you; that during those times when you need special help, that you will hear the guidance, that you will not have to just feel it, but actually hear that which you desire to know, that which will bring you to further enlightenment.

I do not know if you will all be able to hear me, for you see, this has to do with free will, it has to do with many other circumstances. And there has to be preparation for you and this is going on through time. I cannot say what the future for each of you will be. Know that you are in complete control. It is your desire, your choices. And as you wish to know the Father, to that degree you will. To the degree that you wish to put forth your effort in carrying out His will, to that degree will you personally be fulfilled. To the degree that you are willing to be of service to your brothers and sisters, to that degree will you be fulfilled.

And so my hope is for all of you to grow, to reach, to feel the Father, to know of your personal sonship and daughtership in the Father; that you are not just a group of intellectual beings spun off in a planet somewhere; that you indeed are part of a universe, a part of many universes, a part of a great and grand scheme of things; that through all your adversities, through all your trials, you. the ascending mortal, realize through your faith that there is more; that the Father is always there. And that His love can always be counted on. This is my desire for you." B1: "Thank you Daniel."


Daniel: "And on this note I must close. For D3's hearing this has caused much emotion and the circuits are closing down. Know that you need to grow in faith. Keep it intact. Work on this and send love to others. My friends, I will be here next week. I love you all. Good evening."

Group: "Good evening Daniel."